Aug 27, 2015

Correspondent Janet: Miley Cyrus asked passersby that they think of her

Correspondent Janet: Miley Cyrus asked passersby that they think of her

For today news about Miley Cyrus did not end yet: the singer besides that came to Jimmy Kimmel's show with a naked breast, took to the streets of Los Angeles "under cover" as the journalist Janet.

She asked passersby that they actually think of Miley Cyrus. Naturally, did not do without the ridiculous moments. So, one of the interrogated men told to the singer that actually Taylor Swift loves more, and with two girls of Miley danced even a twerk and sang a refrain of composition of We Can't Stop.

Miley Cyrus asked passersby that they think of her

I think, Miley simply wants a lot of attention. For this reason she so provocatively behaves,

- one of passersby told.

One of men guessed that the real Miley Cyrus is behind a strict suit and admitted it to the singer, on what she to it suggested "to check, whether is valid at it Miley Cyrus's breast".

It to be necessary to look at it!

Now all is possible: Instagram allowed to publish rectangular photos and video

Now all is possible: Instagram allowed to publish rectangular photos and video

The popular Instagram service for the first time refused exclusively square format of a photo and video, having allowed to load them as well the rectangular. These changes happened for the first time in five years.

Now Instagram allows to load content (including video) with an original ratio of the parties and to display it without white framework.

According to representatives of service, users often refuse the publication of pictures in Instagram if they do not allow to find room into square area for all necessary content - for example, in case of shooting of group photos or high objects. It also induced service to do this function native. It concerns both landscape (gorizonalny) pictures, and portrait (vertical).

The new trailer of Star Wars became Primechayelno that the first roller in Instagram with original proportions 16×9: The Force Awakens.

115 years and billions of cutlets: Kara Delevin and other star fans of burgers

115 years and billions of cutlets: Kara Delevin and other star fans of burgers

To imagine the person who would not know that such a hamburger, quite difficult. Also there is nothing to be surprised here - in 115 years of existence the beefsteak "taken" by two round rolls subdued all countries.

And even adherents of healthy food sometimes "sin", after all to cope with a temptation and not to come into fast food in power not to each, in particular celebrities which keep the figures as nobody else. For example, Sofia Vergara, Emma Roberts and Nina Dobrev do not even try to hide the addiction to burgers.

That there, even the most demanded and highly paid models - Kara Delevin, Miranda Kerr, Behati Prinsloo and others - sometimes can be met with a sandwich popular around the world in hands.

At Birthday of a hamburger of news-4y shares with you a photoselection of the celebrities eating these hamburgers.

Emma Roberts eating these hamburgers

Sofia Vergara eating these hamburgers

Jessie J eating these hamburgers

Miranda Kerr eating these hamburgers

Miley Cyrus eating these hamburgers

Beha Prinslu and Lily Aldridge

Tara Reid

Kylie Minogue and données

Anna Kendrick

Nina Dobrev

Kaley Cuoco

Bella Thorne

Lily Kollinz and Selena Gomez

"I will share its history": the groom of the killed journalist wrote the touching message

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst

A young man of American journalist Alison Parker, killed yesterday during a live broadcast, Chris Hurst shared with users of photographs and wrote a touching letter in which he promised to share with all of its history.

We have always kept it a secret, but we Alison were in love. Just recently we started living together. I'm just in shock. We were together for almost nine months. Those were the best nine months of my life. We even wanted to marry. and only celebrated her 24th birthday.

She was the brightest woman I have ever met in my life. And somehow she loved me. She's insanely loved his family, his brother. It was another family-WDBJ7 channel colleagues. She worked with Adam (operator, became the second victim of the offender-ed.) every day. They were a team. Honestly, I am very sorry for his bride-she is the producer of the morning show.

I will share the history of Alison, which was filled with life, love, dreams and amazing journalistic work. She recently finished working on the incredible story of child abuse. It was a fantastic job. Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to me

-posted by Chris.

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst murdered journalist

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst murdered journalist

Alison's father also gave an interview to one of the publications:

Our whole family is completely devastated. My grief is unbearable. Alison was our Sun, it was such a bright, always shone. And life of such a person was interrupted because of another madman with a gun.

Alison succeeded in all that did was all loved. Us she loved madly and talked every day with each of our families. Our family is comforting only that though her life was short and it was filled with happiness. But her spirit will remain with us forever.

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst

Alison Parker and Chris Hurst

The second killed turned out to be the operator of Adam Ward, who was engaged with the producer of the morning show WDBJ7 Melisoj Ott. The girl was in the room and saw her future husband shot on the spot. Already dying, Ward was able to film the man who shot at them with a colleague.

This shows how Adam was put to work. In the last minutes of his life, he turned the camera so that it was visible man, had shot at them,

one colleague told journalists.

Adam Ward
Adam Ward

According to friends of Adam, he was an amazing man. He and Alison Parker after graduating universities came to WDBJ7 channel trainees. Later they became true professionals in their field and a strong team. Together they managed to develop for about a year, covering important news and removing tags on social themes.

As we have informed, a former employee of American tv channel Wednesday Flanagan Vester WDBJ live opened fire on his colleagues, shot reportage in Monita in Virginia. Reporter Alison Parker and cinematographer Adam Ward from injuries died on the spot. It was earlier reported that Flanagan shot himself on Interstate I-66 during a Police Chase. It was later revealed that after the suicide attempt, Flanagan was hospitalized in a local hospital in critical condition, but died shortly thereafter.

Killer journalists in the suicide note said that thereby took revenge for the shooting in a church in Charleston, occurred June 17. He also claimed that he allegedly suffered from racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work. Video shooting Vester posted his Twitter.

Vester Flanagan
Vester Flanagan

Pamela Anderson told about experiments with Botox and internal youth

Pamela Anderson told about experiments with Botox and internal youth

Increasingly, Pamela Anderson hears questions from journalists related to its age, so in a recent interview with the 48-year-old celebrity talked about why he is not afraid of aging and its beauty-experiments.

I thought that I would be the last person who dare resort to Botox, but at some point, still decided to do so. My eyes had become so lean that I stopped being similar to himself.

It's hard to believe, but at the beginning of his journey on which Anderson in his time, craved by millions of men worldwide, was uncannily zakompleksovannoj and considered itself not sufficiently attractive to work model.

Pamela Anderson about experiments with Botox

Over the years, star has learned to love himself, and finally understood the words mother tverdivšej her "true beauty comes from within a person.

Everything goes as it should go. In addition, I constantly feel like I am becoming younger.

There are things that we cannot change. I'm not obsessed with beauty, but some people go too far to preserve youth and attractiveness. But you just look at the Jane Fund and Brigitte Bardot-they look amazing!

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Erotic novel about Scarlett Johansson will be released in English

Erotic novel about Scarlett Johansson will be released in English

For several years there is a struggle between Scarlett Johansson and writer Gregory Delakurom. Hollywood actress was outraged that Delakur chose her as the prototype of the heroine of the novel of love, "the first thing we look at." Scarlett gave to Delakura in court, trying to prevent French book translated into English, but has made only a small monetary compensation.

Lo and behold, it became known that this literary "Apple of discord" yet translated to English. The novel "the first thing we look" appears in bookstores September 10 uk.

The book tells the story of a village mechanic from France whose life changes dramatically when one night his threshold occurs lookalike Scarlett Johansson. Yes, the book goes even not about the star, and on a certain abstract girl whose image has been decommissioned from the Hollywood actresses.

Delakur not once explained that he decided to make his character similar to Johansson only because the actress believes the benchmark of modern beauty, so much negative reaction surprised him Scarlett:

If I knew what it would take, would react so for example any other actress.

By the way, the author of the bestselling French notes that the plot of the book and there is nothing wrong:

This book tells the story of two fragile souls who try to love one another.

In the uk the novel "the first thing we look" will be released by the publishing house Weidenfeld Nicolson &. We remind that the first book was published in March 2013 years in France, where he immediately became the leader of sales.