Jan 16, 2015

After Ian's engagement: Nina Dobrev is shocked!

After Ian's engagement: Nina Dobrev is shocked!
If you believe what want to have observed several witnesses at a Golden Globe party, then Nina Dobrev could anyway not deny that her ex Ian Somerhalder is so unspeakably happy with his Nikki Reed. After all, Nina will eventually abandon the party, because you both well more than the luck went on my nerves. That you has elapsed but apparently actually already engaged to his new, Nina is not only against the grain: How a slap in the face, she is said to have received the news!

Sparkling over joy for a man whom you loved yourself can not really be. More dejection and sadness at the vampire have become wide diaries beauty, as an insider to Hollywood life reported: "is really fixed and ready for the engagement news. At all, she can't believe it all goes so fast. She is completely shocked. She has heard from several friends and simply just incredulous shake the head." Although she would have known that the two together were very fond, but not expected, that everything would happen now so rapidly!"It's a bitter pill, which now have to swallow,"the source also carried out.

But it should however be assumed that the actress will put in spite of the heart and stomach pain that sparked the news with her on a brave face. Arms Nina, but perhaps her personal Mr. Right comes so soon the way ...

Nina Dobrev