Jan 8, 2015

Misleading conspiracy | 80th birthday: alien party with Elvis Presley?

Misleading conspiracy | 80th birthday: alien party with Elvis Presley?

Were it to John Lennon, not the 80 would today probably 8 January 2015, but the 8th January. Because nothing was before Elvis Presley for the singer. And the rock ' n' roll icon would have been today just 80 years old. But hold! Maybe he celebrates today also got birthday? Finally, quite a few people in the world hold the opinion: Elvis lives! But that's not the only conspiracy theory, which is connected to the unforgettable singers.
So has the conviction that King of rock ' n' roll still today be among us, many more claims are drawn. Some believes for example that Elvis simply had enough of the show business and himself in a simple life with a job at a burger restaurant have fled, as the image explains. Consistent with the theory that he only staged his death and the writing on his death certificate was his own. Others argue that Elvis was abducted by aliens, while again, others believe that the singer himself was an alien.

Full nicely confusing! The fact is: Elvis has even today a large influence on the people and the music scene. That feels not just Miley Cyrus.

 Elvis Presley

 80th birthday Elvis Presley

Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll

Maddie Ziegler: Singer-songwriter Sia is accused of calling for pedophilia

The other day the singer Sia presented to the public its new video for the song "Elastic Heart". The track was released as a single in support of the album, Australian singer "1000 Forms of Fear". The song also previously included on its soundtrack to one of the parts of the "The Hunger Games".

The protagonists in the video became notorious actor Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler the same one that became famous in the music video for the track "Chandelier".
Performers dressed in a flesh-colored underwear, dance and perform stunts in a huge cage. Despite the fact that viewers of YouTube videos are high enough, there were critics who saw the work of an adult male and a child appeals to paedophilia.

The singer of such charges is not a joke made angry. On his Twitter page that Sia wrote:
 I was expecting some reaction, but pedophilia... 

All I can say is Shia and Maddie are the only actors who would have coped with the roles. They played two warring State inside a man, 
- writes the angry singer.
I apologize to anyone who feels the" Elastic Heart "a call. My goal was to give the clip a kind of emotional content, not upsetting anybody. 

But as it seems to you, whether the charges are substantiated in the direction of a female artist?

Sia Shia LaBeouf Maddie Ziegler video clip

Sia Shia and LaBeouf Maddie in Ziegler video clip