Jan 7, 2015

Blake Lively has given his first interview after childbirth

Blake Lively has given his first interview after childbirth

No sooner had the MEDIA to report the good news about an expansion of the Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively, as already today the actress gave a first interview to People that shared the feelings of motherhood.

I always teased the children the sisters because they are mine, and I always try to take care of the children of other people. In the end I always felt my mom and myself. Perhaps all this is because I have never had younger brothers or sisters,

the 27-year-old lively.
The actress was asked whether something has changed with the birth of her daughter?

I don't feel the global change. I've always wanted to have a big family, so quite clearly understand that feeling after the first child. I just want to enjoy this moment. But at the same time, understand that my firstborn will always be older than these, and this is going to change every year. You not only to educate them, they also educate each other-Oh, how many things I learned from my brother Eric. He had a strong impact on my life. So now I look forward to having my kids will influence each other, as well as for the rest of my family, both in General and in particular,

- She said.

The actress said that the inspirations and role models in matters of child rearing has become her mother:

I was raised consistently upbeat woman. Almost every day, my mom left me a voice message with the words "life is a bowl of cherries" (idiom, indicating that life is beautiful-ed.), or singing a song. Beginning her life was not easy, but if anyone told her that she had a very difficult life, she always answered, "nothing of the sort!". She taught me to be happy every day.

But happiness is not only for Blake her worldview.

This is the happiest moment in my life and I can talk about it every day. I often find myself at the thought: "I can't believe I pass through it all",

-shared the actress.

Today it became known that the stellar pair was born a girl. According to the Twitter name of the babe could be Violet. However, the actors did not confirm this information.

Ksenia Borodina shows new lover in parts

Ksenia Borodina went to Daria Pynzar birthday with her new man and first showed his fans.

Ksenia Borodina shows new lover in parts

Yesterday, in one of the karaoke clubs in Moscow celebrated its birthday Daria Pynzar. At the celebration was invited and Ksenia Borodina, who came not alone. TV presenter was accompanied by her new man, which until that time, she hid from the eyes of the fans. And now Xenia is laid out these photos that her lover is almost impossible to see. Xenia explain such secrecy that her new man does not need the publicity, he did not want to climb to the pages of gloss, and just live their lives. However, one of the joint group photo with the birthday girl Daria Pynzar new man Xenia still show the public.
Recall that with Michael Terehin Xenia broke a couple of months ago, and she soon began receiving bouquets from a mysterious stranger. Name new lover Xenia does not name, but said that they celebrated the New Year together. TV presenter with her daughter, friends and her man went to the Tver region in the complex "Zavidovo" where noted fabulously offensive in 2015.

Ksenia Borodina lover