Oct 2, 2015

Great gesture: Taylor Swift donates $50,000 sick baby

Taylor Swift donates $50,000 sick baby

Singer has a big heart

Taylor Swift thrilled their fans not only with unusual gifts, but also with her big heart. The artist donated all $50,000 for a krebskrankes baby.

It was a shocking news for one of the dancers of the American: his little nephew has a tumor! He posts this bad news on Instagram, without suspecting that would turn the fate soon for good. A huge sum with a loving message to the toddler a day later his boss gave him.
Baby Ayden, I'm very happy to be with your uncle Toshi on tour. We all pray for you and your MOM and send very much love your way!
The colleague of the superstars could hardly believe it and wrote:
She's just a very amazing man! This will certainly help the little Toshi at this difficult time. Let us pray together that he wins this fight.

It is not the first time that engages the blonde for good purposes. It supports already a hospital as well as a charity, and numerous schools. But there are also critical voices who claim that their donation be not high enough - finally Taylor just bought a House for $ 25 million. But anyone who claims that the artist doesn't really care about sick people, is wrong. Keen is located the all-rounder to support cancer patients, after all, Taylor's mother, too, of this disease is affected.