Oct 8, 2015

FIFA scandal: Sepp Blatter Michel Platini leads in its fall!

FIFA scandal: Sepp Blatter Michel Platini leads in its fall!

Michel Platini has receive a suspension of 90 days on the part of the FIFA Ethics Committee. He is suspected of having been "sprinkled" by Sepp Blatter to support the re-election of the latter.

A few weeks ago, the FIFA scandal broke out in the face of the world. Several international competitions have been allocated to countries against bribes. Main referred personality: Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, whose resignation had been requested by numerous football figures, including Michel Platini who did immediately apply to resume orders of FIFA.

Only the former number 10 of the team of France and current President of the UEFA did not foresee the scandal éclabousserait it. Indeed, Swiss justice revealed that Michel Platini had affected 1.8 million euros on the part of FIFA in 2011. A sum that Platini would have touched just before the re-election of Sepp Blatter. Following these revelations, the FIFA Ethics Committee conducted an internal investigation to find out if Michel Platini had touched this money against his vote in favor of Sepp Blatter.

If the Swiss justice has not yet decided, the FIFA Ethics Committee considered more prudent to suspend Sepp Blatter, Jerome Valcke (n ° 2 of FIFA) and Michel Platini during 90 days. So they have more the right to exercise any role whatsoever in football during this time.

A few hours before the announcement, Michel Platini reacted to the rumors which said that it could be suspended: "it is a problem very serious as the verdict is not yet official (it is now, Editor's note)." This deliberate, insidious leak in its nature and unacceptable in its process, only has another aim to smear my reputation (...) If I'm suspended, I will fight until the truth. No one should doubt it". It also confirmed his intention to stand at the head of FIFA. "Thursday morning, I sent letters of support necessary for my application."