Aug 18, 2015

Laure Manaudou totally nude on the canvas: It destroyed me!

Laure Manaudou totally nude on the canvas: It destroyed me

The former athlete is back on the publication of pictures of her fully nude on canvas...

In his autobiography called between the lines and output last year, Laure Manaudou told how Pierre Henri, his companion at the time, had managed to get pictures of her completely naked.

While the distance between them often, supporting more remoteness, claimed it sexy snapshots by texting:
It gives me indications, poses, more daring, advertising in all guises. And as a bitch, I do what he tells me. In tank top, minishort, then slip to string, and finally nothing. I me flakes for the beautiful eyes of a boy that I love more. I reveal my breasts, my butt, my sex.

Once you have announced their breakup, Laure Manaudou sees unfortunately landed on the canvas, famous photos that reveal his privacy.

This episode was the most traumatic for the former athlete. At the microphone of RTL, this morning, Jeremy Frérot belle came back on this painful case:
It was very complicated to manage that it is for me where for my family, necessarily, because they were ashamed,
- she confided. Before continuing:
 I had great difficulty to go out to do as if nothing had happened.

If Laure admits having been destroyed by the publication of these photographs, it nevertheless form a vow for its future:
I hope that one thing is that it will not destroy my daughter.