Aug 17, 2015

Babysitter-tv Star: Kristin Ouzounian wants to star in reality show

The former nanny of the children of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, which attributed a love affair with the father of the family, continues to enjoy universal attention to his personality. Talk, Kristin Ouzounian is configured seriously become tv stars.

In Los Angeles they say that Kristin is looking for a agent and waiting for proposals to participate in reality shows like "the Bachelorette" or "dancing with the stars"

an insider told reporters. According to him, Ouzounian already just will not draw a babysitter:

It is almost sure that more will not return to its past work. Who in Los Angeles wants to she sat with his children? So she is going to use all this hype to secure a career in show business.

The same source added that Kristin certainly would consider the opportunity to sell his story to relationship with Ben Affleck any channel or the magazine, but, most likely, settling for a job, she signed some contract of non-disclosure, so the likelihood of such revelations.

Kristin Ouzounian wants to star in reality show

We remind that the rumors about Kristin and Ben went shortly after Affleck and Garner announced divorce. The actor himself has refuted press reports and threatened tabloidam Court.Ouzounian, however, is in no hurry to reject suspicions, and seems to "hunt", which opened at her paparazzi, she likes.

Recently girl boasted in Instagram shots from a private jet, as well as a photograph of the new machine, which is like saying friends Kristin Ouzounian, she "bought by selling a couple of his pictures to multiple publications".

Babysitter-tv Star: Kristin Ouzounian