Jul 23, 2015

Miley Cyrus discloses photo controversy with corn

In another photo posted at dawn Thursday, 23, in social networking, singer appears nude in the beach.

Miley Cyrus polemizou once again. At dawn Thursday, 23, the singer released a photo controversy that appears sucking some corn. Miley comes up with the cereal in his mouth in selfie posted on their profile on Instagram. The image pulled out laughter of his followers on the social network. Miley also released a photo that appears posing nude on a beach.

Miley Cyrus run the standards when it comes to intimate waxing. On several occasions the singer has already shown that leaves the hair on armpit growing region. Last Wednesday, 22, she decided to change and displayed the result in your profile on social network Instagram. In addition to posting a picture of the moment that appears if waxing with wax, Miley was keen to share an image of questionable taste of by after being plucked from his armpits. Yuck!