Jun 19, 2015

Stanislav Sadalsky conducted an operation "on his stomach"

Obviously, the surgery was not serious, as the actor immediately began doing self

Health problems laid in a hospital bed hospital Vishnevsky actor Stanislav Sadalsky. The actor does not lose the spirit, despite holding on Thursday a complicated operation.

Stanislav Sadalsky conducted an operation on his stomach

According to the "MK" he Sadalsky, surgery lasted 4:00. The actor did not say what specific ailments it immediately, mentioning only in passing, that this was an operation on his stomach.

Friday stellar patient was transferred from the intensive care ward, where he finally came to his senses. Sadalsky even made a "self" in the House, put it into a social network, and then began to talk to the press.

Actor, he said, felt elegant and endlessly grateful to the doctors of the military hospital, which is called the best on the level possession of medical skill. Nevertheless, to remain permanently in the hospital walls Sadalsky not planned - 26 June, it show. Skip it Sadalsky, by his own admission, can not as committed to the principles of the old Moscow Art Theatre School, a performance that can only be canceled in the event of death.