Oct 28, 2014

Miranda Kerr: "Look at my mustache," focus on Movember!

Miranda Kerr for his part in a unique way to show solidarity

As the month of October is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, Miranda Kerr is already November against prostate cancer!

Miranda Kerr for his part in a unique way to show solidarity! She posted a photo on his Instagram account unusual this Monday, November 27th. In legend, she wrote: "Look at my mustache." In the photo, the woman's eyes turned to ... a little mustache posted on his ass! Or rather the back pocket of his jeans! The top then states that each jeans sold will donate $ 20 to the Movember organization.

A 7 million - $ - Stay: Jennifer Lawrence gifted themselves royally!

Self-love is still the most beautiful form of love - at least, if you can even make great gifts, then you have not at least wait until someone else does. For although the Hunger Games beauty Jennifer Lawrence has just separated only by Chris Martin, it has now nonetheless a really great place to live purchased in Los Angeles, the almost exhaling the luxury.

As E! News reports, the Oscar-winning actress put more than seven million dollars on the counter to be able to fulfill their dream of a home can. After all, the good are now 5,500 square feet available decadence, true to style are gym, a pool garden, a gourmet kitchen and a pond for Koi with in the price. There are top five bedrooms. Schick!

Bitchy: Kim Kardashian issued Karrueche Tran basket

Kim Kardashian lives her life the way she likes it. After swimming Kimmie and husband Kanye West for some time on the wave of success.

 That's why Kim Kardashian can clearly pick probably, to whom she is friendly and not whom. This had now Chris Brown girlfriend Karrueche Tran experience first-hand. The recently got a more than significant basket of Kim.

When an event Karrueche asked if Kim and Kanye did Chris Brown break up with her and a group photo. "Kim said she wanted no case and gave her a basket," said a source told Radar Online. Finally, it was Chris Brown, Kanye husband again asked for a photo.

Then Kim had with the image, but the Zickerei not stop. A little later she let Karrueche are talking in the middle.