Jun 10, 2014

Friendship bracelet, no thanks!: Cara Delevingne is new Tattoo!

Only in May presented itself Cara Delevingne for the Cannes Film Festival with a new tattoo, now there is another new decorated spot on her body: According to the oriental-style decoration in the neck they could now be shared with a friend the initials "DD "tattooed on her hip.

"So happy to have our DDs!" Cara announced euphoric at Instagram and framed the new tattoo very pregnant with meaning with a heart. The letters are likely doing for the last name of Cara and bosom friend Jourdan Dunn are. After the two last British Models in New York were for a campaign together in front of the camera, they seemed at the opportunity and taken their friendship to have perpetuated that tattoos in the form.

Why the connectedness also show only a conventional friendship bracelet? It may be there already for more tattoo fan Cara! After another famous model had to remove the remains of their failed marriage until a few months ago, probably at least have been the better choice a tattoo in honor of a good friend in the case of Cara.

Shortly before the World Cup: Mario Balotelli has become engaged

Mario Balotelli has become engaged

This wonderful, private event is Mario Balotelli inspire safe on the soccer field in Brazil. The striker from Italy namely apparently now actually found the right woman for life and engaged. After last year before a false engagement rumor made the rounds, the footballer but now made nails with heads and gave the news himself on his Instagram account known.

There he posted a collage that shows, among other things, a hand with a ring, and said:
She said yes ... Yes The most important of my life This was the place where I asked her I love you and warm birthday.! ! Je t'aime my WIFE. 
 This Mario chose obviously not the only days before the start of the World Cup, but also the birthday of his bride, the moment of engagement.

Mario's love interest Fanny Neguesha therefore seems to be deterred neither by the only this year have migrated through the media sex scandal messages still believe that her lover is already father. Instead, she plans with the Italians now their wedding.

Mario Balotelli