Dec 4, 2014

Bari Alibasov met his illegitimate daughter

The meeting took place on the program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk."

Bari Alibasov met his illegitimate daughter

Musician and producer Bari Alibasov first met with his illegitimate daughter, whom he had never seen, and which did not communicate. This will happen in the "Let Them Talk" Andrei Malakhov, which will be aired on Thursday, December 4th. Kinship Alibasov and his alleged successor will be established with the help of DNA testing.

Recall that the first information that the creator of the "Na-Na" child grows, voiced his former classmate Svetlana Bohovchuk. In 2013, she appeared in the "Let Them Talk" and said that in her youth she was a Alibasov short and brilliant novel. The fact that the girl is pregnant, musician never knew, and she did not look for it. Faith raised one daughter, then married, and she had not been called by Pope another person. Now she is an adult, and Svetlana hesitant to change the habitual way.

With Alibasov Svetlana no longer met. One day, back in the nineties she came to the concert of "Na-Na", but shocked the song "Faina", left the show, and have not talked to the father of her daughter. Bohovchuk later divorced and moved to Italy - where she worked as a companion and helper on the farm in a small town near Milan. In 2013 Svetlana Bohovchuk said that it will be very difficult to talk to her daughter, even more difficult - to get her to take a test to establish paternity. Apparently, now mother and daughter finally decided on this procedure.

Bari Alibasov met his illegitimate daughter

Recall that in Bari Karimovich officially have only one child - a son and namesake of the full Bari Alibasov, born in 1985, a civil marriage with Elena Uronich. Fact relationship with his daughter Svetlana Bohovchuk Vera to date has not been proved.

December 4 in the program "Let Them Talk" rallied Bari Alibasov and his first love Svetlana Bohovchuk.

Bari Alibasov warmly welcomed Faith