Oct 26, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch: As serious as it is with Sophie!

Stands before the engagement?

There are several signs that indicate that a relationship is slowly but surely serious and authentic. If a pair of draws together an expensive purchase like a car or accounts for about one. Or maybe, if the male or female partner parents imagine. And that is now supposedly happened to Benedict Cumberbatch.

The British actor of Sherlock namely to be flown to the Scottish Edinburgh a few days ago. There he met the mother of his current girlfriend Sophie Hunter, reports the Daily Mail. Sophie and her mummy are very closely related. The parents had divorced, as today's theater director was still a little girl.

Of course the supposed visit family provides plenty of opportunity for speculation. Even on a pending engagement of the two is the speech. The fact is, however, so far only that Benedict and Sophie should know since 2009, but have shown for the first time together in public this summer. Whether that means for all "Cumberbitches" that her dream man is now off the market remains to be seen. But at least it is obviously more serious and binding at the pretty artist couple ...