Aug 4, 2014

Kristen Stewart is credited affair with Nicholas Hoult

Rumor has it that Kristen Stewart begins an affair with Nicholas Holt, who recently - for the second time! - Broke up with former girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence.

"Official" reason for separation - employment both actors, but Hollywood gossips immediately suspected that it was Stewart became the very "black cat", ran between the two lovers. Heats these conversations and reputation Kristen that after scandalous connection with married director Rupert Sanders believe this razluchnitsam. 
Kristen Stewart is credited affair with Nicholas Hoult

However, we would be surprised if Kristen and Nicholas are not attributed to the novel: both young, attractive, free, to the same loving couple playing in the movie "Equals" about a future world where people lose their ability to feel any emotion.

Filming just started, but already stars were seen together in an informal setting in Tokyo, where we are working on the film, the actors noticed a couple at the sushi bar.

At a press conference the same Nicholas confirmed that some onscreen chemistry between him and Kristen already appeared:

always quite strange when the director chooses two people and says: "Hey guys, probably in this world that I create, you could each another in love. " Sometimes such situations are contrived and uncomfortable, but this time everything has come up with director Drake Doremus - seems easy and natural. Kristen great actress, so I'm not hard to do their job.

See how relations will develop this pair.

Kristen Stewart is credited affair with Nicholas Hoult