Apr 7, 2014

Really? Russell Brand is the children's book author

The fans love Russell Brand for his crazy way and his quirky sense of humor. The comedian seems to seriously address a few things in life, but now his new project, it is quite important.

In a video, the actor revealed that he is now the children's book author. Regularly he posts on his YouTube channel recordings in which he explains how the world would look better - to them, including the clip with the new world improvement plans. "Once we begin to change the world view of children, then we can achieve anything," he explained. "Russell Brands Rogue's Tale" you mean work for children.

With the stories but the actor wants to achieve not only the little ones, because their parents have indeed read the fairy tale. So they also may be converted and share Russell's views. Soon the book will come on the market, but is still not clear whether it is with us already be available shortly.

Here you can yourselves even look the same the video in which Russell Brand his book imagines.