Apr 4, 2014

Greenpeace activist who was arrested in Russia poses for 'Playboy'

Ana Paula Maciel posed for the April issue of men's magazine.

Ana Paula Maciel, who was imprisoned for two months in Russia, posed for Playboy April. The biologist of 32 years is an activist with Greenpeace and became known worldwide to be detained after a protest in the Arctic. In an interview with G1, Ana Paula said he would use the cache to finance the construction of a sanctuary for animals. "I think the message I would like to spend became clear [in the magazine], represented quite what I've lived around the world and from what I'm fighting," said the site.

In the interview for the magazine 'Playboy', the biologist told about his history of environmental activism and protest against oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean that led to the prisão.A Paula got stuck for about two months in Russia, along with other Greenpeace activists linked to. Currently, the young lives in Porto Alegre

Ana Paula Maciel for Playboy 1

Ana Paula Maciel for Playboy