Mar 20, 2014

[video] "Big Butts!" Miley Cyrus sings drunk karaoke

Miley Cyrus: She brought the term "Twerking" in the Oxford English Dictionary and reminded the world of the dance style which has its roots in Africa, and in the eighties and nineties its way into the American hip-hop culture was.

Miley took on St. Patrick's Day a short break from their "Bangerz" tour and visited the karaoke bar "Cats Meow" in New Orleans a little visit. A video surfaced on YouTube now documented their fun rendition of "Baby Got Back", which consists largely of newly rehearsed Twerking moves and laughter. Yes, even if Miley sings about alien butt, is her own but in the middle of the action. The bystanders's happy, and yes, the visibly intoxicated singer and the cheering audience have a certain entertainment value.