Mar 15, 2014

Noah and Miley Cyrus: Suddenly become good?

Selfies a true passion many people have become and many stars have also subject to this trend. A lady who can be called a pioneer well is Miley Cyrus. In the last twelve months she made with so many self-made and posted snapshots talked about, that it is no wonder that "Selfie" was named the English word of the year 2013. So why stop with the many fans gladdening hobby, Miley thinks apparently, and published blithely photos. This time, one that she and her sister Noah Cyrus shows a romantic escapade.

The famous siblings lying on the Facebook photo side by side and have the heads together. And although her styling - Miley with her sassy short hair and Noah with long mane - could hardly be more different, their faces are so similar that the relationship can not be denied. In addition, but still something that catches your eye: as modestly both are tightened. Miley, who can not be unclothed enough for quite some time, or packed in fur occurs, wearing a sweet, pink cuddly sweater and Noah looks to the T-shirt not as if they actually meant in the scandal-footsteps of their older sister occur.

Really a dearest little siblings picture, but certainly appearances are deceptive: At least Miley Cyrus will soon be on the gas again and show usual provocative.