Mar 21, 2014

Miley Cyrus spits on her fans

Miley Cyrus spits on her fans

Miley Cyrus continued her brats exemplary behavior continued on Thursday in Milwaukee. There they collected ado Justin Bieber and spat her fans.

In a video from their "Bangerz" concert you can see that it took three successive strong sips from her water bottle, and thus their audience "showered".

Tasty is not that and it's kind of hard to imagine that could have someone like. The action was Bekreischt but still what seems rather strange to outsiders.

Ever since the infamous appearance at the MTV VMAs seem to think that they can get away with every stupidity Miley Cyrus. She jumps in underwear around on the stage, indicated blowjobs and masturbation on her tongue and puts fans in the neck.

Can you stamp these things still under the term "embarrassing," the glorification of drugs is just stupid and dangerous. Four days ago, she posted a picture on Instagram, where she wears a bracelet with the inscription "♥ DRUGS".

A sequel definitely follows ...