Mar 27, 2014

British police called the death of Boris Berezovsky suicide

British police concluded that the Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky, has committed suicide. However, the report states that some details remain unclear death of a businessman. 

Thus, the investigators were unable to establish who owned one of the fingerprints in the bathroom where the victim's body was found, and the person remains unknown man seen near the house Berezovsky two days before his death. Also, the investigation has not found out why when the police arrived at the house load radiation alarm signal (in the audit no radioactive substances were detected).

Short, in many mysteries. Note that close Berezovsky - his daughter Catherine and Elizabeth, as well as ex-wife Galina Besharova - cast doubt on the suicide version. According to the ex-spouse of the deceased, he had planned to leave and waited to visit the children.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard businessman claims that in the last months of his life, Berezovsky was in a depression. According to the testimony of the security guard, the entrepreneur has been completely ruined and could not repay the debt, was approximately 200 million pounds. A former bodyguard said that the businessman took antidepressants and talked to him about suicide.

67-year-old Berezovsky was found dead at his country house at Ascot March 23, 2013. Autopsy results showed that the death was the result of a businessman strangling.

Boris Berezovsky suicide