Feb 12, 2014

Sharon Osbourne dissed Justin Bieber: describes his music as garbage

When it comes to scandal singer Justin Bieber has Sharon Osbourne a clear opinion as on 11 February in the American talk show "Chelsea Lately" betrayed. Without any reservations she moved in front of the camera forth across Biebs.

As a former "X Factor" juror Sharon Osbourne knows what matters in the music business and now as she explained, she had her own methods to help Justin Bieber back on the right trac

He would have to go to the hospital to figure out my foot back out of his ass. And after they took my foot out of his ass, we would devote ourselves to the music, "says the 61-year-old.
" If you make good music, I accept everything. If you're a great artist, I'm not being too judgmental. But if you're sagging, doing boring, interchangeable music, I do not care, "added the mother of Kelly Osbourne.

Sharon believes that the manager of the 19-year-old Scooter Braun is incompetent and he would have to embark on a completely new direction: "For me it makes no music that will be successful in the long term ... I'd seriously manage it, I would take him to the studio stuck until he would come out with a great album. "