Feb 19, 2014

Natasha Koroleva showed 12-year-old son

Son Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan, Arkhipov, was 12 years old. Stellar mom congratulated boy through "Instagram", jointly published the photo. "12 years ago, the greatest miracle happened and happiness in my life! The birth of my son Arkhip! ". The picture shows that the boy looks like both parents at once, but his smile Natasha. Arkhip wears fashionable haircut elongated, like all teenagers prefer sports style clothing. And yet, on the occasion of his age, he was allowed to have alcohol: a glass of pink wine Queen filled almost to the brim, and at Arkhip drink on the bottom.

Note that, though Natasha Koroleva and rarely talks about his child, preferring to protect the boy from prying eyes, the relationship they have quite friendly. Famous parent gladly helps Arkhip with lessons, and when he can not cope with the job itself, asks for support from fans. For example, once Natasha does not get along with his son to solve the puzzle in mathematics, and then she put the conditions in his microblog. The correct answer came very quickly, and the Queen thanked fans: "Thank you! Mothers saved my reputation! "