Feb 20, 2014

Miley Cyrus tour may close

Miley Cyrus tour may close

Miley Cyrus scandalous reputation certainly made the singer more famous, but perhaps the star had gone too far, and now her image can play tricks on her. The tour to support the album Bangerz was in jeopardy because of the numerous complaints of excessive frankness show.

Tour kicked off last week, opened the concert in Vancouver. Photos show instantly spread all over the world, and many seemed too provocative.

On stage, 21-year-old star is not only danced their favorite tverk but candid dancing suit riding a giant hot dog, defile the stage in costume depicting hemp leaves and, of course, do not forget about his habit loll out.

Delighted were not all. As it became known to the media, to the command Cyrus hit numerous complaints from disgruntled viewers concert, as well as those who have already purchased tickets for future shows, not expecting that the spectacle will be exactly.

Particularly concerned parents of young fans Miley: concerts have no age restrictions, so watch saddled hotdog singer can even toddlers.

It is known that some of those who have purchased tickets to concerts in the tour Bangerz, put them up for sale on the Internet, others require a refund. One of the perturbed fathers appealed to the leadership of the company Interscope, stating that he and his family had to leave the concert not to injure a 9-year-old child singer arranged "porn show".

Source familiar with the situation confirms :

After a concert in Canada deluged with complaints management Miley, they mainly come from the children's parents. People demand to cancel the entire tour.

Also found that guide individual venues U.S., where she was to speak Cyrus, is already thinking about how to abandon the show.

Said the team, which organizes tour, gathered for an emergency meeting to consider whether to change the concept of the show.

Miley Cyrus tour may close