Feb 20, 2014

Beyonce half-brother lives in abject poverty

Beyonce has now established their own little family that she loves above all else. To her father Mathew Knowless (63), however, is the relationship very tense. The had in fact betrayed her mother. From the Affair is a child then emerged to whom the father of the superstar is now apparently no longer cares.

The parents of the singer left in 2011 divorced from each other, since marriage to a fling with an actress by Mathew broke. That the lover then became pregnant, probably put the final relationship between the spouses from dar. Mathew had to then deal with money problems afflicting also be now 4-year-old son. Already some time ago was rumored that he pays no more upkeep. According to new reports from TMZ realize how bad it really is the little one. Accordingly, the food with food stamps his mother has apparently obtain. Because with the support of the father can no longer count allegedly since November 2013. Overall, Beyoncé's father of his former lover proud owe $ 32,000. On the money she waits in vain and must abide instead of government support over water. The wealthy Beyoncé keeps out of the misery to her half-brother.