Jan 30, 2014

Ozzy Osbourne wife decided to help Zhanna Friske

Wife of a famous British rocker Ozzy Osbourne released a video message to Zhanna Friske, which says that it is ready to help with treatment. It was a surprise for everyone.

Sharon Osbourne said she knows the history of Frisco and wants to send her money for treatment. And when she and her husband will be in Moscow on June 1, they would like to meet with Zhanna Friske. Sharon urged everyone to help in the fight against the Russian singer with her illness.

Recall Zhanna Friske has refused to remove a cancerous brain tumor, which she was diagnosed last year, two months after the birth of her son Plato. Officially, the ailment became known on January 15. Russia had collected more than 50 million rubles for the treatment of the singer. Now she is undergoing chemotherapy in a clinic in New York. Doctors say that the tumor does not metastasize, because recovery is possible. But the fact that surgery does not lead to death, no guarantees can be given.