Dec 10, 2013

Julia Roberts will become a mother for the fourth time

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is expecting a baby. Such conclusions were made by American paparazzi captured the star of the film "Pretty Woman" in the backyard. If confirmed, will be the fourth child for the 46-year-old actress.

Julia Roberts carefully hides from the camera views and your belly. She wears baggy clothes or covers it with a bag of groceries.

Guesses paparazzi indirectly confirmed by the fact that at the Award Ceremony BAFTA LA, held in November this year, Roberts appeared in the free black dress. When this star shocked the public, rolled out onto the stage in a wheelchair.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Lady Gaga has once again appeared in a new image

Every day, we have a new reincarnation of Lady Gaga! The last time we saw the singer with some semblance of mouse ears on his head and, as always, in an extravagant dress, when she presented the dolls representing herself in Japan.

Less than a week, and already looks very Gaga differently. The other day star appeared at the Christmas party Jingle Bell Ball, which was organized by London radio station Capital FM. Hairstyle Gaga this time was a mop of blonde dreadlocks.

Regarding attire singer, then there really is his true style: underwear as part of an image and on a giant platform shoes - all we have seen more than once.

But face star was unusually strict: indeed, perhaps this is also one of the components of the new image.

'Jupiter Ascending': the first trailer with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum

The network has the first official trailer tape directors Andy and Lana Wachowski 'Jupiter Ascending' with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum in the lead roles.

In the new film company Tatum and Kunis made Sean Bean, Eddie and Bae Doo Reddmeyn On.

The plot story of Jupiter Jones, which destined to great achievements. But in reality, the girl's life is no different from the lives of other ordinary people she works as a cleaner and wash toilets.

But everything changes when John meets Kane, a former military hunter who came to Earth to find Jupiter and tell her of her true destiny.

Without a love story, of course, will not do: it was clear from the trailer in which Kunis and Tatum kiss passionately. And indeed, judging by the roller, we can expect a lot of exciting scenes and lots of special effects.

Recall that in order to participate in this project of attractive brown-haired Tatum suddenly turned into a platinum blonde, which many of our readers, alas, is not appreciated.

Police denied any involvement in the beating Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton's brother

History beating Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron, which became known yesterday, becoming more confusing. Police said the culprit fight is still not found, and the identity of Lindsay Lohan and did not figure in the investigation.

Recall that Barron Hilton published a village in the Instagram photo of his bandaged face. Press reported that, according to the testimony of a young man, he was beaten on the afterparty in one of the luxurious mansions of Miami, and provoked the attack on him is Lohan.

Immediate culprit fight Lamon called Ray, who rented the house where the party was held .

Today from Sergeant Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Police Department received a completely different information:

We do not know whom to arrest. We need to talk with Barron, he pointed out that beating the culprit, but no such information, he did not give. Lindsay Lohan did not appear in the investigation of this case, her name is not even mentioned.

Now on suspicion of this offense the police are looking for a certain "white American, 25-30 years old, with dark hair, in a blue shirt and blue jeans . " It is reported that the suspect left the scene in a sports car green.

Was it the most Lamon - can only guess.

Barron Hilton and now silent, as the police say, it seems, are does not want to cooperate with the investigation:

from medical care, he refused. We arrived on the scene along with investigators, asked him a few questions, and then he left. When we were going to question him in detail, he refused to meet. Victims of crime behave differently, but this little weird.

Reported that in the following days of the order ministers tried to contact 19-year-old Hilton, but their calls he did not answer.

Paris itself, we recall, was furious to learn about the possible involvement in the attack on Lindsey Barron, and promised to avenge his brother.

Once they were friends, but now Paris threatens revenge for his brother Lindsay

Jennifer Aniston: ' feel like I'm 25 again now'

Over the years, it only gets more beautiful - this phrase about the Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, which a few months later it was 45 years.

Turned out that the actress is not worried about her age, moreover, she believes that her real happy life began Only after 40 years, and what confessed in a recent interview with Parade. Aniston also told its beauty, life, envy, and many other things.

About envy:

I believe that Gisele Bundchen amazing hair. Her mane and can envy. And I love Kate Moss, her hair always looks perfect.

About beauty:

I feel most beautiful when I'm next to Justin. And it does not depend on where we are and what time of day.

On the series "Friends":

Sometimes I watch TV and I found "Friends", then I stop to see some series, because many episodes I have already forgotten. This second kind of fun. Besides, I like knowing that I'm one of them.

About Life:

My life is fantastic. I'm really happy. At the moment I have so many projects on which work makes me feel excited. I am very happy and I am grateful to my fans. I just hope I can continue doing what they love me.

About the upcoming 45th anniversary: ​​

It would seem that there was nothing to worry about. And in 25 years, I really almost did not survive. It all started after 30, it was my most difficult period in life. It seemed to me that my beauty fades. But now, for me it does not matter, because I'm sure that with age can become luchshe.Govoryat that youth is only for the young, but I feel like I'm 25 again now. Only my body was better looking and more knowledge in your head. I live a wonderful life full, with lots of wonderful. I was very lucky. 

Katy Perry is not ready to become a mother

Katy Perry wants to be a mother, but it was still not ready for that. Singer told about this in an interview with Marie Claire.

Famous singer, who is currently dating John Mayer does not want the relationship to plan now and make plans in advance. Cathy has recently experienced a painful break with her husband. As she confessed later, while she was so hard that she even thought about suicide.

Perry has made it clear that the 36-year-old hunk Mayer - limit her dreams: "He's just a terrific partner. I have long been crazy about him. He is very balanced and reliable, and I can assure you, this seasoned, mature relationship. "

Divorce with Russell Brand Katy fervor cause temporary break with Mayer. But it gave her the opportunity to understand and to get on its feet, "as if I was drenched with a glass of cold water. I just needed time to understand what I want. I realized that if you do not do something selfish, can not love yourself, you can not ever get the love that I need. "

Rita Ora presentation on winter collection Material Girl

Rita Ora

Rita Oru has long perceived not only as a singer and actress, but also as a person of many famous brands. In the spring of this year the star has signed a contract with fashion label Material Girl, Madonna and owned by her daughter Lourdes.

Britain's ethnic Albanian actively PR of new collections that led to her last evening in one of the shopping centers in New York, where she presented the winter range of the brand.

Ora as usual was in excellent mood and happily posed for photographers: actress sat on the lap of Santa Claus, then tried on his hat, well, casually advertise things from the new collection Material Girl.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Britney Spears is about growing up and pregnancy in the new issue of gloss

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has become the face on the cover of the January issue of InStyle. Photoshoot and interview with the singer took a few turns. The reason for the appearance of the singer on the cover of the new album became Spears Britney Jean, who has already been called "the most personal" in her entire discography.

Britney talked to reporters about how she manages to maintain a beautiful shape, about motherhood, about Sex during pregnancy and why she likes to style Kim Kardashian pregnant.

When I saw pictures of a pregnant Kim, I understand her. In fact, during pregnancy your body is especially valuable. In fact, I love being pregnant for many reasons, beautiful sex - one of them.

If you work in show business, we can say that you sold your soul to the devil. You always have to look good - it can be considered as part of your job. So you can do whatever you want, but have to be in good shape. I do it through the hard work of the new concert program Piece of Me. However, with age to keep fit is becoming increasingly difficult. 

Recall, December 3, the pop princess presented the new album Britney Jean. Spears has admitted that most of the songs devoted to relations with former boyfriend Jason Trawick. She also shared her plans for that at the end of a two-year contract is about to leave the scene and start a family - perhaps to have another child.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy preparing for engagement

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy will soon announce their engagement, according to the Western press.

Reason for these rumors is the recent emergence of a girl in one of the famous jewelry boutiques in Los Angeles. First Olsen visited Neil Lane store in mid-November, since we go there a few times, each time looking at diamond rings. Eyewitnesses claim that selects Mary-Kate is an engagement ring.

Told journalists that celebrity does not even look at the price tags, and jewelry is less than five carats do not interest her.

Sarkozy during primerok ornaments beside his girlfriend has not been noticed.

Recall that the 44-year-old brother of the former president of France and the 27-year-old star first appeared together last spring. This year has already been rumors about the engagement when Olsen was spotted with a ring on your finger, but then surrounded the girl told the press that the couple is not yet in a hurry to announce the new status.

Earlier Olivier was married to Charlotte Bernard which is now in an interview calls his current relationship is "wrong" and "grotesque" because of the large age difference separating the lovers.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

50 shades of gray: Dakota Johnson kissed Jamie Dornan

On the set of "50 shades of gray" Seen first kiss. Anastacia Steele who plays the role of which went to Dakota Johnson, gently kissed Christian Gray, played by Jamie Dornan. But kissing, as we know - the most innocent of the filming.

50 shades of gray

Later in the interview Dakota said that she was not afraid of sex scenes. She noted that even during the trial confided film director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

I was his idea of ​​Sam once during the tests. And I totally got an idea about the film before you start working on it. Neither then nor now I'm not afraid of anything.

Recall premiere adaptation of the novel "50 shades of gray," held in 2015. Earlier in the network appeared the first scenes footage featuring the main characters. Shooting films underway in

50 shades of gray

50 shades of gray

50 shades of gray

Halle Berry for the first time after the birth of her son appeared in public

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Just over a month ago Halle Berry Olivier Martinez gave heir, named Robert Maceo. Since then, we have not seen any Hollywood actress, but last weekend the star finally appeared in public.

Berry spouse left newborn baby and went home with her daughter from a previous relationship actress Nala on children's musical "The King Leo ".

photos, on duty near the Hollywood Theater, managed to make a few shots of star pair: Martinez carried my girl who fell asleep during a performance, but Berry was walking with her lover.

Worth noted that the actress looked amazing - just one month has passed from the date of delivery, and the figure of a dark-skinned beauty and not say. For its release Berry chose black skinny jeans, a gray sweater and a warm jacket cut free.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez