Nov 9, 2013

Prince William at the operating table

Prince William at the operating table

Among the duties of status of Prince William is not only to visit social events and charity football matches. Sometimes he has to participate in a rather peculiar events. Recently, for example, the heir to the throne, was present at the time of surgery to remove a tumor from an unknown man.

Course, scalpel in the hands of the prince and no man gave, he was in the operating strictly as an observer. William is president of the Charitable Trust Fund Royal Marsden Health Service, and, as part of its work is expected to attend the sponsored clinic.

Kim Kardashian lulls her daughter on the balcony

Now Kim Kardashian is resting with her fiance and daughter Kanye West North in Santa Barbara. The family enjoys the quiet walks and quiet dinners.

Paparazzi for the second consecutive day shoot moving images: Kim Kardashian in a spacious beige coat lulls and kisses 4-month-old North on the balcony. When the dark-haired little girl, dressed in a beige sweater, became a whimper, Kardashian began to stroke her back. After that, Kim showed North favorite toy giraffe, and a daughter smiled.

Note that a few weeks earlier, Kim tried not to show my daughter the public. Obviously, now in its plans something changed. Just a day before the photo sets on the balcony, Kim did not stop reporters do their frames during a family lunch with the West.

On vacation with Kanye 33-year-old mother refrained from make-up and glamorous outfits.

Geri Halliwell has released a new video Half of me

Geri Halliwell has released the first eight years of video for the song Half of me. It is the lead single from their fourth album of the singer, so the output of which are waiting for her loyal fans.

Unfortunately, the song is 41-year-old Jerry has failed: in Australia this week has sold only 393 copies. Music critics have written very negative reviews.

Judging by the numerous reviews, Halliwell clip filmed on too small a budget, and ex-member vulgar Spice girls dancing surrounded by scantily clad women, weird girls, grandmothers and great bears.

Let's estimate new video Jeri.