Sep 24, 2013

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac: Love in Paris

In this couple, seemingly ordinary tourists, it was difficult to see the Hollywood star and her fiance, but paparazzi still knew Scarlett Johansson and Roman Dauriac.

After a couple of weeks after the news of the engagement of the actress and a French journalist in love came to Paris - and, quite possibly, for a reason, and in order to start preparing for the wedding. In fact, according to rumors, it was in the French capital Scarlett and her fiance are going to arrange the ceremony.

Recall that the 28-year-old Johansson and 30-year-old Dauriac together for about ten months. A mutual friend introduced them - French tattoo artist Fuzi - where Scarlett spent their holidays in France. View

Lifeless sound: Rihanna accused in the performance of songs to the soundtrack

After a long rest of Rihanna's native Barbados, she returned to work, people: the singer is promoting her collection, released in conjunction with River Island, and is currently in Asia. There, in Singapore the other day was a performance star in the Grand Prix, "Formula 1".

So, the recent celebrity concert provoked a strong reaction from the public: reportedly spectators, Rihanna "faked" and sang some of his hits mime. In addition, fans argue that the girl was on the scene intoxicated.

It seems that Riri is not aware of the harsh and very cruel laws of Singapore on drugs: the rule of law violators can pay with their lives for the use of illicit drugs.

Remarkably, the story of the lifeless performance and drunken mind - not all that the star was criticized during his Asian trip. The fact that shortly before the Singapore girl visited Thailand, where we enjoy the ocean, the sun and the local flora and fauna.

Rihanna is published in its Instagram photo with lemurs lorises, which is under threat of extinction. This frame is a good deed: thanks to him, the police were able to catch two locals who offered to tourists to take a picture with the animal for the money.

However, despite the obvious good consequences, which resulted in the picture, there were those who did not approve of passion star to pose with endangered lemurs. Woman accused of ill-treatment of primates that are protected.

Hopefully, that's all Rihanna's misadventures in Asia will end and she will continue to think well, who pose for the cameras.

Britney Spears concerts in Las Vegas in jeopardy

Last week, Britney Spears has started to promote its series of concerts in Las Vegas, which starts in late December. From the announcement of the sales made a big show, widely covered by the press, but this week it was reported: while the special interest of the public to star performances are observed. Even the regular return of Britney with new hits, it seems, does not help the case.

According to Radar Online, until tickets are sold out only three of the first sixteen show "Britney: Piece of Me". Given that the room where Britney will be performing, designed for 4,5 thousand people (by the standards of Las Vegas quite a bit), and a total of nearly 50 planned concerts, it is not surprising that the organizers and sponsors are sounding the alarm.

portal quoted an informed source, who says:

Many believe that this is a disaster. It is necessary that ticket sales literally took off, otherwise investors and other people associated with the show will be sorely disappointed. Once on the promotional campaign were spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, organizers expect that immediately sell out tickets for all 16 concerts. But in the end they failed even close.

The same source cites the concerts of Celine Dion and Shenayi Tueni, who also acted in Vegas, and the first to get their show was very difficult - so great was the demand.

Angels in: Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel on the set

While ordinary mortals have to put up with the bad weather of autumn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel prolong the summer on the Cote d'Azur: Saint-Tropez has recently passed a new advertising campaign shot Victoria's Secret with models.

Girls demonstrated in front of the cameras eminent collection of new items brand and their ideal figure. Of course, babes in bikinis could not go unnoticed and attracted the attention of the paparazzi.

With fresh images, we know that during the photo shoot blonde and brunette ride on a yacht, sunbathe on a gentle sun, lie on the beach and made a little jog the pier.

can only once again the envy of the everyday work "Angels" Victoria's Secret and luxurious forms.

Pure Honey: a new fragrance by Kim Kardashian

New from Kim Kardashian - the scent of Pure Honey, which has already become the fifth of her perfume. Yesterday the reality TV star, socialite, and now the baby mama North West, published in the first frame of the tweet campaign flavor, where the main role, of course, she takes herself.

Photoshoot took place even before the Kim became a mother for the first time, and up to her recent transformation into a blonde.

A new flavor Kardashian says:

I wanted fragrance Pure Honey was both light and sweet, but it is very tempting. We, women's dual nature: we can be playful and light, but at the same time, mysterious and seductive. I created a fragrance, elegant and desirable, as all the beautiful women.

Pure Honey composition includes notes of red roses, freesia, vanilla, musk, and, of course, honey.

Jessica Alba: Before giving birth, I never wore short skirts

In the latest interview with Jessica Alba Health spoke about his youthful complexes. We have already heard of her critical attitude to the body and the actress surprised by the comments about her appearance. Now we have to find out some more details about the star of the incredible word of mouth.

It's hard to believe, but in a recent interview with celebrity admitted that she had never been happy with my body, even when it looked perfect.

I'm pretty critical of her figure, despite the fact that she was amazing. Why I never wore a short denim shorts? Now it seems this madness, because I was so thin, and I did not have cellulite. That's what I was thinking?

Intersno, but it was after the birth of two children, Jessica has become more tolerant and comfortable about yourself and your figure:

After the birth I had a desire to wear short yubkie. I have never before birth was not wearing them. Never! I was so demanding on yourself. And now I have become more self-confident, because, you know, nobody's the way I look. I have better things to do than worry about someone else's opinion. 

Alba said that he considers himself now quite slim and thanks for a healthy and proper diet. Actress eats only fresh food, and the morning starts with a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable juice, which includes spinach, cabbage and celery.

Take adopted Jessica's secret weapon in the fight for a slim body and look at pictures from the pages of the October Rooms Health - note that for the photo shoot Alba chose short shorts.

Jessica Alba on the pages of the October issue of Health

Jessica Alba on the cover of Health

'Divinely': Laetitia Casta in a new video ad

Following the emergence of the "true Italian" advertising a new perfume Dolce & Gabbana Laetitia Casta became the protagonist of another promotional campaign, this time for the native model of the French fashion house Gérard Darel.

Three-minute film Divine!, Honors the very Leticia and her honor capsule collection of the same name brand, is directed by Thomas Apollo, and the soundtrack to the sensual visuals served as the composition of the team e Blood Orange.

As the official synopsis of the movie, filmed in the streets of Paris, the heroine of Leticia in a hurry to meet his " destiny, desire, freedom and light. " Of course, the video-soaked romance, not without love interest - chosen Caste played a Greek Paraskevas Boubourakas.

In tight rein: Barack Obama does not smoke, because he's afraid of his wife

Public domain was an interesting fact about Barack and Michelle Obama is the U.S. president had quit smoking six years ago and have not smoked in that time not a single cigarette. It is noteworthy that the politician does not touch a harmful habit is not largely because of concerns about health, but because of fear of his wife.

This Barak said Maina Kiai, the UN Special Rapporteur on the official meeting of the UN General Asamblei. The head of the United States asked the Maina if he could defeat the urge to smoke, what to Kiai said that the final part with the bad habit he has not succeeded. After this reporter asked how Obama's situation with his nicotine zavisimomtyu:

I have not smoked a single cigarette in six years ... because I'm afraid of his wife.

That's honestly and with a smile on his face Barack answered the question. The fact is that during the first campaign of the current president of the United States topic of smoking loudly discussed among the public.

In 2009, already holding the position of head of state, Obama admitted in an interview that he gave up smoking, "95 per cent" . This expression has generated a lot of jokes on the Internet, and Barak, in turn, has made every effort to achieve 100 percent result.

And now, it seems clear that served as a great motivator for the president all these years - the fear of the first lady. Well, pay tribute Michelle in her struggle with bad habits.

'You stay in my shoes': Scarlett Johansson in the new trailer

Earlier this month, we have evaluated the first shots of the fantastic film directed by Jonathan Glazer's "Stay in my shoes." Now you can see the extended trailer for the film, where the main role is played by Scarlett Johansson. Recall that the premiere was held in the framework of the Venice Film Festival, after which the actress went to represent his new job at the festival TIFF in Toronto.

Plot of the movie "Stay in my shoes" takes place in Scotland, where the line of Edinburgh-Glasgow travel in his car heroine Johansson. The girl willingly accepts a ride on the road of voting men - though they do not yet know that an attractive person, in fact, - a representative of extraterrestrial civilizations, leading the hunt for earthlings.

In Russian rolled film will be released in December of this year.