Sep 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus will not rain enough to spoil his stay in Paris !

In full promotion of his new album entitled Bangerz , Miley Cyrus went to Paris , where she met her fans as well as the climate of the capital.

Always strongly criticized in his homeland for his controversial performance during the MTV VMA , Miley Cyrus finds solace with his European fans . Blacklisted by Vogue Anna Wintour not really a fan of the twerk , the young singer mocks reviews and focuses on promoting his new album, Bangerz . After a stint in Germany , it was in Paris that Miley has settled , to come and talk about his new album in micro NRJ .

Photographed at the exit of the hotel in the morning, Miley Cyrus does not look very comfortable to fall on the rain. Escorted by several guards armed with umbrella body , the singer rushed in his car without losing his smile. A good reinforced later mood , when she was able to meet his fans around the studios. Fingers in the air and gab is a true to itself that made the show with Miley fans . On Twitter, Miley has posted several pictures of the Eiffel Tower, proclaiming his love for Paris . It will be tonight in Le Grand Journal de Canal + .

Wentworth Miller : 'I tried to kill myself before my coming out' !

The actor revealed by Prison Break told this Saturday , in a speech during a gala for the rights of homosexuals , including Seattle , have tried to end his life several times before his coming out last August.

Wentworth Miller has chosen to reveal his homosexuality to light at the end of last August . A coming out applauded by gays and lesbians associations but also by other U.S. officials, including FBI actor : very special duo , the beautiful Matt Bomer . However, this has not been easy for the actor Wentworth Miller. Invited to a dinner hosted by the organization Human Rights Campaign , which advocates for the rights of gays and lesbians in Seattle this weekend , the actor gave a moving speech about his journey and the difficulties he faced , pushing it several suicide attempts.

" the first time I tried to kill me, I was 15. I waited for my family to go away for the weekend , I was home alone and I swallowed a bottle of pills , " he said to the audience before adding : " I do not remember what happened two days that followed, but I'm pretty sure that on Monday morning I was on the bus to return to school , pretending that everything was fine . " And the actor with beautiful blue eyes continue: . "When someone asked me if it was a cry for help , I said no, because I had talked to anyone you call using only when we can help you . I wanted to go. "

for most hard - apparently he was hiding, do not be yourself in public " I had many opportunities to speak my truth - I'm gay - but I chose not to do so ," said Wentworth Miller. For him, it was absolutely necessary to look "normal ": " Talking about the right way to keep it right (...) Every day was a test and there were a thousand ways to fail a thousand ways to . . betray . not to behave as what was acceptable for someone else , normal. and when you fail, what happens of course , there is a price to pay, emotional , psychological, physical ... like many of you , I paid the price. " At the time, it seemed to be the only solution , because, he says , he was " so scared that it impacts the career that I worked so hard. I was filled with fear and anger ."

Clara Morgane uncensored and transferred to Facebook , she's angry !

250,000 fans saw the official account disappear Clara Morgane on Facebook ... Then she unveiled it cover its timing, the social network has censored. Deemed too sexy, the picture was reported by users become critics.

No sooner had she unveiled the cover of his schedule that Facebook undertook to remove the Official Account of Clara Morgane preventing its 250,000 fans to fantasize . But the young woman , angry, fought back and fought as real Zorro 2.0 ... Unlike the masked vigilante , she prefers to strip to entertain us and refuses to be censored.

Creating a new account immediately , the beautiful was quick to express his disappointment and annoyance in a clear message . "Let me introduce you to my new page Official Indeed, the cover of my 2014 calendar which will be sold everywhere yet in supermarkets (Fnac , Carrefour , Auchan, libraries ... ) was reported by a minority shocked people ... Yes, in a world where DSK is invited with great pomp in the Journal of TF1 , Cohn -Bendit MEP author is outrageous and Zahia is elevated to fashion muse , a chest hidden behind hair may shock ... I share the misunderstanding as many pages as some are worse but sometimes malice and jealousy of some people is harmful. "

Anyway , she can count on his Twitter page that was recently certified and where his sexy tweets are not censored.

Rita Ora : all smiles , she has not scrolled for DKNY !

She could not scroll but has not scrolled ... Rita Ora was chosen to represent the famous brand DKNY Sunday during Fashion Week in New York.

What will this Rita Ora ! We do not know if Cara Delevingne , his BFF , gave him advice for parade DKNY Sunday but one thing is for sure, the singer assured on the podium where she showed up at his smile . To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand , the designer, Donna Karan chose the young English for a lap and darling Jay- Z wore a navy skirt and top with the image of DKNY . This 80's inspired look perfectly closed this colorful parade.

Taking poses repeatedly , the beautiful 22 year old and 1.66 m competed well with larger models. In the audience, including one found Kelly Osbourne (front row ) who Donna Karan is the designer who was able to " invent what a powerful woman in the world of fashion ."

Rita Ora , proud of its path, hastened to publish some pictures on his Instagram account, but she was so upset that she wrote " Donna Keran " instead of Donna Karan . If this small fault is not so severe , his fans did not hesitate to call to order . But no matter, she has committed no fashion faux pas and let you admire her stint on the catwalk .

Fergie and Josh Duhamel : between mom and dad, baby made ​​his choice !

Axl Jack, the son of singer Fergie and American actor Josh Duhamel, will experience its first football season in the NFL ... And if mom is undisputed Miami Dolphins fan , dad, he prefers the Minnesota Vikings . The baby is shared between the two sides and the choice is difficult but his wonderful parents agreed to a compromise instead of conflict . Public explain ! 

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are the proud parents of a little Axl Jack was born on August 29 ... And if it has not yet had time to grow, it must already choose between the Miami Dolphins , the team 's favorite mom and the Minnesota Vikings supported by Dad. The little one is already bathed in the deep American football and if the choice seemed agonizing , his parents were able to agree .

In fact, on Sunday , Josh Duhamel, the daddy , posted a picture where plush mascot wearing a Miami Dolphins hat Minnesota Vikings can be seen . In legend, the American actor says: " Our first compromise parenting It's not so hard. " Before the dolphin , there is a football ( American) foam where Axl is registered , the name of the baby and the number 11 is that of Mike Wallace, a recipient of the Dolphins that Fergie is a fan .

 I must say that the 38 year old singer grew up with his team as his grandfather and his father had been quarterback on this team and she spent every Sunday in the stands. It should be noted , moreover , that this young mom is also a part owner of the club ( franchising ) .

If the match between the parents has ended in a draw , the Vikings , they have lost yesterday, their opening game against the Detroit Lions while the Miami Dolphins were victorious against the Browns Cleveland. Fergie should rejoice and could taunt her husband.

Right hook : Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked Wladimir Klitschko

Arnold Schwarzenegger has demonstrated a great sense of humor in a verbal skirmish with Wladimir Klitschko. A few days ago, Ukrainian boxer posted on his Twitter a photo where he poses against the background of the poster with the ex- governor of California . Klitschko copied " brand position " actor and boasted that he himself may not be worse .

Try to imitate you , starting at age 12 .

Arnold returned the favor and a few days later and said the boxer in " retaliation " showed a great sense of humor. " Terminator " is also photographed on a background image of Vladimir , but in contrast to the " instigator " of dialogue, witty comment on the picture :

Great shot, Vladimir ! It's great to look at one of my favorite champions, copying my pose. On that just behind you .

Resourcefulness and wit Schwarzenegger did not take ! A Klitschko now probably several times think before you boast to yourself "iron " Arnie .

Ladimir Klitschko decided to show off in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger
But Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly put Wladimir Klitschko in place

Daria Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov secretly married

In the Russian show business was at a bachelor less than 29 -year-old Artur Smolyaninov legalized relationship with 21 -year-old actress Daria Melnikova , known for the TV series " Daddy's Girls ." For the news of the wedding thank the blogger Gato87.

As it turned out , the actors had been friends for a long time , not so long ago, they began an affair . Dasha and Arthur at that time worked together on the set of the TV series " Heterosexual Major Sokolov ," which this season will first channel .

Friends Melnikova and Smoljaninova say that between the newlyweds is complete mutual understanding :

Dasha - a man deep and is able to see the true essence. She Arthur quickly discerned positives. May God grant them many years of happiness !

Photo newlyweds with wreaths of flowers and wedding rings appeared today on the official fan page of Daria " VKontakte " . The actress does not give comments on this account . Its representative information on the secret wedding has not denied , noting that Melnikov is not in Russia itself will speak about marriage when he returns .

Photo from the wedding appeared in a social network is fully

Artur Smolyaninov

Daria Melnikova

Mediterranean chronicles Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy

Beyonce vacation ended : with her daughter Blue Ivy soul diva flew to Brazil. However, the singer's family archive is filled with new paparazzi shots made ​​in the Mediterranean, a few days ago : they Bee, dressed in a white dress , carefully holding a baby , riding on a boat and ustrivaet an impromptu photo shoot with her husband , producer Jay-Z .

way, in a recent interview with actress commented on her difficult situation working moms :

soon as I only see my daughter , I realized that I belonged only to her . So the main dream in my life - a healthy balance between work and personal life .

It seems the task Beyonce cope " with a bang " skillfully protecting the baby from excessive media attention . Perhaps the only European tour allowed us to become better acquainted with the little princess. Now the girl who was not yet two years old , will be more likely to appear in the lens of photographers - not for nothing that its parent star took her with him on tour .

Beyoncé with Blue Ivy

Stewart and Pattinson are no longer communicate : new details of the couple's relationship

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

'Twilight' fans will be disappointed : their favorites Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not just separated, but finally reduced their communication to nothing. This was told in the press inner circle of actors. One of the well-informed sources said that Pattinson is still enjoying life celibate and does not seek a serious relationship with someone , but the loneliness of the actor is not threatened :

Rob no one is found , it is focused on the job, but from time to time gets short novels . Standing girl he does not .

As for Kristen , she is , according to insiders, is not particularly worrying about breaking up with Pattinson , which held about four years. Now the actress is in Berlin, where he acted in the movie " Sils Maria " with Juliette Binoche . A source close to Stewart shared :

Kristen have not been so happy with my life . In Berlin, she is enjoying her freedom , having the time on the set and just exploring the city and its surroundings. Along with it there are a few of her good friends , they are like family to her and did not cease to support it. Of course , Kristen still miss Rob , but it helped that she's far from it. Now she's really happy .

According to acquaintances Stewart, she, like Pattinson , while no one is found . Well, Perez Hilton Whisperer star recently shared with readers of his blog information that Kristen supposedly indifferent to his other colleague in the acting workshop - Zac Efron . Robert , too, now and then credited new novels .

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do not even talk to each other ...

... although they are linked relationship of nearly four years

Fashion Week in New York 2013: Zac Posen show

Molly Sims, Kelly Osbourne , Christina Hendricks , Stacy Keibler

Staging Fashion Week catwalk was Zac Posen, certainly remembered guests - Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks and others - emphasized feminine silhouettes, airy fabrics and luxurious decor .

Source of inspiration designer called Sarah Bernhardt. However, it should be noted and the impact on its collection of Impressionist paintings (note the palette !) , And the work of fashion designer Charles James , whose work was the subject of a new Costume Institute Ball , which will take place next spring .

Himself Posen behind the scenes of the show named his new line of " conceptual " , stressing that bet on sculptural forms. However, critics have interpreted ambiguously model spring- summer season, noting their excesses and even out-of-date .

The only thing that has earned the praise - it's cocktail dresses relatively simple lines . However, rest assured - presented outfits find their admirers , and we have not once seen them on the red carpet .

Zac Posen

Kelly Osbourne and Karen Elson

Christina Hendricks

Stacy Keibler

Leigh Lezark

Molly Sims