Aug 27, 2013

Kate Moss told about a secret account in Instagram

For a long time, Kate Moss assured all and sundry that never hear - ever! Not join social networks. According to her, she categorically opposed to someone was always aware of what she was doing at the moment or where:

hard to imagine something as horrible as what people are constantly be aware of what I'm doing. I just do not understand it! Why would someone even want to know? 

"British-wolf" is simply repeated like a mantra in all his interviews emphasizing its cold, if not icy attitude toward Twitter:

I try to stay away from it all, so people never know where I am and what I do. They generally do not know about me!

Recently, however, it became clear that although Moss and no fan of Twitter, it is very partial to Instagram, which it "hoisted" her daughter - a 11-year-old Lila Grace. Kate "split":

Yes, I have to Instagram, but I only have 25 "followers." And I do not want more of them.

On the one hand, the desire to preserve the sanctity of Kate Moss's private life is commendable, the other ... It seems our weekly Instagram-reports would have been much rock 'n' roll, appearing in their photos and videos with your account "queen of heroin chic."

Victoria Beckham gave David a birthday tattoo

Just the other day we remembered how his style of David Beckham and noted that in addition to hairstyles, over the years it became more drawings that adorn the body of an athlete. A recently discovered that the wife of former footballer Victoria Beckham contributes to the number of tattoos husband.

In a recent interview, Victoria said that David's last birthday in May this year, she pripodnesla him a voucher in tattoo salon. Now a collection of wearable jewelry Beckham has 32 pieces, and, according to the designer, you can not say that he is in need of new figures, just like her favorite treat and support his hobbies:
Not that he needed a new tattoo. I just discussed the future gift with Mel B and her husband Jimmy, and the theme of tattoo originated by itself. I turned to the master Jimmy and realized that I wanted to give it to David tattoo. 
How is David and Vicki used the gift that depicted on the body, "the ex-peppercorn" is not specified. However, based on existing tattoos Beckham, the novelty certainly was connected with the family. So, his muscles were decorated with the names of the sons Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz, daughter Harper and Victoria in Hindi.

All of my tattoos are associated with the people I love. So they are always with me, even in separation. When you look at me, you see my tattoo. It is an expression of my feelings for Victoria and children. They are - a part of me.

Pay tribute to Victoria for the resourcefulness and hope that David will be as often as possible to show the public their old and new designs on the body. 

Harper name immortalized on the body of David Beckham on the clavicle

Lindsay Lohan: a new life - new shoes

Lindsay Lohan's life, it seems, has entered into a rut: Actress spends his free time for shopping along the way while you plan your very own TV show.

Among the new projects is better to start in the new boots - LiLo sensibly decided to do, and by estimating the cost of fashion new clothes, started to fitting.

While the actress is trying to get rid of notoriety and establish itself as a professional (judging by the rave reviews of colleagues, she did it), there are those who would like to remind her of the hard times. 

So, gift sets, which were presented by guests channel MTV Award Video Music Awards, included Katy Perry's new fragrance, hoodie fashion brand, as well as ... advertising catalogs rehabilitation center, where in his time, "noting" the red-haired star.

Hopefully, these catalogs - the last thing that will remind her of a time when her name in the tabloids meant just the latest mishap, and crossed thumbs up for that very soon we will see Lindsay Lohan in a new light - a talented artist and witty presenter. 

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick post a photo of her baby bump to forget the scandal Lamar Odom?

While pregnancy rumors Kourtney Kardashian rife in recent weeks, Scott Disick just posted a photo that revives questions on Tuesday on Instagram. A real little Kardashian on the horizon or a way to divert attention from the case Lamar Odom?

Since this summer, one question comes up repeatedly: Kourntney Kardashian is she pregnant with her third child? Hidden belly, wearily: it has not taken over to ask if Kourntey Kardashian and her husband, Scott Disick, would give a little brother or sister for Mason and Penelope. This is also Scott Disick who revived the rumor on Tuesday! Love with his wife, he posted a photo of it on Instagram. We see the belly with air inflated. And the legend only fueled the debate! So real shot ad or smokescreen to distract fans of the Kardashian clan scandal Lamra Odom? 

"It looks like an angel." It did not take more than a few words from Scott Disick to ignite his fans on Instagram ... And they all require confirmation! Apart from this mysterious sentence, the couple did not want to say more. But we know the skill of playing with the Kardashian com. Remember the teasing they did for a week about the first photo of North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian! 

Well, the tribe might have offended! According to Lamar Odom, who has been put at the door by his wife Kourtney Kardashian these are themselves revealed to the press his drug problems! A tool that could embarrass them and they surely want their fans forget as it tarnishes their image perfect family! Then the baby can be one he really forget the other probable divorce?

Prince Harry will offer Cressida Bonas?

Prince Harry meets with Cressida Bonas and a half years, and, given its checkered history with women, it's about saying something.

How to tell the "sources close to the Royal Palace," Prince Harry is going to put an end to his bachelor life and is seriously considering making a proposal to his girlfriend. Someone even said that he heard a conversation with a friend of Prince on the phone, where he called Cressida "special" and "unique" and said that the wedding - only a matter of time.

Insiders have information that the official of the engagement will be announced at the end of 2013, and the wedding will take place in the spring of 2014.

way, earlier it was rumored that the Duchess of York during a holiday in Switzerland convince Harry that Cressida - is "the number one option," and that Prince should hurry with a marriage proposal. Maybe he heeded the advice of her aunt? Will soon know for sure. 

Lady Gaga on top of the eccentricity to greet his many fans!

It never stops! Last night, Lady Gaga made a very noticeable fashion appearance to the release of his New York apartment. On departure, the star paid tribute once again his many fans!

Name a wig! After card on stage at the MTV VMA's this Sunday, 25 August 2013, Lady Gaga has once again swapped her long black hair against her light curls. Last night, the fashion show was therefore continued in the streets of New York. Primed a bra and a black lace suspender pants transparent connection, the American star made a splash as he left his apartment! Always much acclaimed, she threw herself on her fans to take a few minutes with them. 

It was the last public appearance for the singer, 27, who flew to London in the evening itself. On Twitter, she says: "! Departing for England My English Monsters have missed me so I can not wait to get on stage at the Roundhouse to play my new music.". Visibly excited about the idea of ​​crossing the Atlantic, she adds: "When I'm in London, I throw myself live on fish and chips and malt vinegar, simple continuation of the pizza and ice of today ". We now know his secret to keep the silhouette ... 

For his part, the artist Marina Abramovic has been sent to MTV yesterday to congratulate the performance of Lady Gaga on stage two days ago: " She is a force. During our work, I noticed his determination, passion, discipline and risk taking. I saw all these qualities in his performance last night. Technically, she is challenged and pushed his limits physically. This was so unexpected! This is what I love, "she says.
Fortunately for her, Stefani Germanotta can also rely on his friends to his Promotion ...

'Let's go!' Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez at the premiere in Los Angeles

Selena Gomez did not have time to rest after Sunday's ceremony MTV Video Music Awards-2013 is an actress and singer had to meet in the next cultural event. Yesterday, the Los Angeles premiere of the new film featuring a girl "Let's go". Company to the Regency Village Theatre was her partner in the film Ethan Hawke.

Actors entire evening talking to the press, signing autographs to fans and took pictures. In addition to traditional posters on the red carpet were present luxury cars that are in the film play an important role. Ethan and Selena gladly posed against the backdrop of expensive sports karov.Takzhe was spotted at the premiere of actor Jon Voight, who also starred in the film.

Recall the plot of the new tape, Hawke's character has to perform various tasks in order to free up the captivity of his wife. To help him come, "mustang" and his young owner, played by Gomez. Will the couple make a number of virtuoso crimes for a good purpose.

Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez 

Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez and Jon Voight

Miley Cyrus has responded to criticism

Enchanting performance of Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards-2013 was one of the most talked about events of the ceremony. About the eccentric behavior of the singer on the stage and costume second day do not stop a heated debate on the Internet. On Twitter, started a real battle on Cyrus.

So many celebrities are considered indecent image of a girl and dance program of her room with Robin Teak simply outrageous. Recall Miley during the song Blurred Lines stripped to his underwear and showed the astonished audience, which means "to come off like an adult".

Latex outfit beige shade in a duet with overt movements did the trick - the audience dubbed a female singer "stritiz show." Many stars did not keep his mouth shut and commented trick Cyrus Twitter. So, the husband of Mariah Carey Nick Cannon wrote:

Please remind me never to send their children into show business. Thank you!

Screen "mother" Hannah Montana Brooke Shields also expressed his opinion on what he saw:

I was the mother of Hannah Montana, where I made a mistake? Just want to know who she posvetoval behave. I think this speech - a cry of despair Miley.

A singer Kelly Clarkson went even further and called Cyrus "cheap stripper." That's the message triggered a strong reaction from the other "camp" - Miley fans.

So, a good friend of the girl Cheyne Thomas said on his page on Twitter: "Kelly's 30 and she's fat ... that's the real reason why She is angry and jealous. " Another familiar star Dominic Riccitiello also spoke out in defense of a friend: "Kelly Clarkson has called Miley stripper. How do you think she is angry because her latest singles and no one listens to her not being invited to the speech?"

Itself is the culprit disputes prefers to remain silent and to the criticism made a quick note on the Web:

My performance at VMA collected 306,000 mentions and "retweets" for a minute. This is more than the Super Bowl finals and Britney Spears album Blackout.

And the next day, when the singer went to the recording studio, she was trying to "keep a low profile" in public and reportedly paparazzi hid her face and looked confused. But do not think that Cyrus ashamed of his behavior. A few hours later, she published a Twitter next series of provocative shots.

Wonder how speech Cyrus took her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth?