Aug 5, 2013

Chloë Moretz: Sublime and chic, the American star turns into a true fashionista!

Just arrived from the United States, Chloë Moretz has invested the English capital to continue promoting his next film!

And we go for a ride! Today (Monday, 5 August), Chloë Moretz made a very noticeable in the area of ​​appearance Leiceister Square, London. Just arrived from Boston, where she just finished filming The Equalizer alongside Denzel Washington, actress 16 years starts with great fanfare the European promote his upcoming film, Kick-Ass 2. Sports! 

Primed a psychedelic top and gray jeans, the teenager was out all the stops in terms of accessories, sporting a pair of shoes and a Chanel handbag. Stashed behind its solar XXL, the fashionista had the potato, showing a pretty smile to photographers. Escorted to her car, she headed for her first press conference in which his co-star, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, also attended. 

Recently interviewed by Glamour magazine, the which is regularly invited to Fashion Weeks reaffirmed its taste for fashion:.. "Fashion is my thing Go to Paris and talk about clothes, it is a royal moment for me I'm lucky that the fashion m ' dress, so I can carry things, very, very, very mad! But some houses have still told me that I can not wear anything until I was 20. They did not want to see a dress $ 50 000 . to a 16 year old ", she had dropped jokingly 

Do not worry for her, the rising star of American cinema has a good career started: something tells us she will soon luxury all afford ...

Lindsay Lohan: 'Kristen Stewart hates the paparazzi!'

Captain Obvious to the report! Enjoying a television appearance, Lindsay Lohan has effused few minutes about Kristen Stewart. The rehab seems to have made more clear than in the past ...

Less than a week after his release from treatment, Lindsay Lohan scum TV shows and a string of interviews at breakneck speed! Always talkative, the 27 year old starlet has a lot to tell. Indeed, in recent months have been somewhat hectic for her, and after completing 90 days of forced rehab, she now feels the need to open up the world to share his experience. Recently, she decided something in-cro-ya-ble: it no longer wants to see one alcohol bottle painting! On the road to redemption? 

Invited on the set of Chelsea Handler on the show that will air Monday, August 5, the actress has fallen advantage of his time to talk about ... Kristen Stewart. You will admit, there is absolutely no cause and effect. Asked about the recent argument that the Twilight star had with a photographer Lilo balance: "I'm just really happy that it is finally showing some emotion." Realizing that this reflection could be misinterpreted, the young woman quickly caught the branches: "No, I love it, it really is great I am a fan of Kristen Stewart (...) Just as obviously!. she hates the paparazzi! They still had a picture of her kissing a married man in a Mini Cooper. " And bam, Lindsay-The-Two-Feet-In-The-Plate, second! 

Last week, a video of Kristen Stewart in full hysterics had been put online. On it, the actress 23 years settled its accounts with paparazzi a little too sticky, "You're a shit and you do not deserve to breathe the same air as me," she'd said tenderly. 

Meanwhile, if Lilo finally savored his freedom, but it will remain on probation for the next fifteen months! According to TMZ, in fact, the starlet will make regular therapy sessions that have been ordered by the judge. Go Lindsay, you're on the home straight!

David Beckham about to get his first film role!

David Beckham will soon take its first steps in the film The Secret Service, a film directed by Matthew Vaughn.

And if there was a step between the football and the cinema? A retired for a few months, David Beckham is not one to rest on its laurels. Always with projects in mind, it is for example open a restaurant in Las Vegas with chef Gordon Ramsay, the former PSG player will soon embark on the seventh art. 

Indeed, The Sun reveals that British actor Colin Firth (The King's Speech) had asked David Beckham to play in his next film, The Secret Service, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass). "Colin Firth Becks asked if he would be part of the cast" a source told The Sun. "He loves movies and would love to appear on the big screen but only occasionally. This will not be a full-time career." 

Matthew Vaughn already had the intention to give a villain in former footballer of 38 years. The director would be delighted with the participation of the athlete. "Matthew feels with Beckham in the team, the wait will be so strong that everyone will want to see the film." If he landed the role, David Beckham will make his first steps alongside Samuel L. Jackson (who also embody a villain), Michael Caine and of course Colin Firth, best actor Oscar in 2011. Nothing much .

Harry Styles: ultra-generous brother!

Harry Styles has put the dishes in the large reward for her big sister Gem who won his diploma studies at Sheffield University with excellent grades.

Harry Styles may well have millions on his bank account, he did not forget for all the family. Very proud of his big sister Gemma who Graduating graduation with the highest marks in his Notes university, One Direction singer did not hesitate to put his hand to the portfolio to make it a wonderful gift. 

Indeed, the handsome 19 year old, who had recently bought an apartment in Paris, brought his big sister 22 years in the United States during a few days, a trip all expenses paid. Airfare, hotel, Gemma paid nothing and even had the right to an unlimited credit for shopping. If it is not royal! Currently on tour with One Direction with their Take Me Home Tour, Harry invited his sister to follow him to Las Vegas and San Diego where they had concerts scheduled. 

"Harry gave a great gift to Gemma for finishing first at the University of Sheffield. He is very proud that she worked so hard to get her notes, she deserves to have fun. " said a source working on the One Direction tour at the Daily Star. "He did it come up Las Vegas, was installed in a luxury suite for each of them stop with a pass to give them access to everything they needed. Moreover, he offered him a gift unlimited shopping during their stay in the United States. "

If it is not a little brother in gold!

Lindsay Lohan on the Oprah Winfrey Show: The first teaser candid interview

Lindsay Lohan has left rehab and (obviously, instead of the planned vacation in Europe) immediately set to work - namely, a series of interviews with well-known TV hosts.

Tomorrow viewers will present a new edition of the show Chelsea Lately, where the problematic star not afraid to laugh at his misadventures, and in mid-August, will be aired welcome LiLo candid interview with Oprah Winfrey - the conversation will be the beginning vosmiseriynogo reality TV show dedicated efforts to (hopefully successful) Lindsay start a new life.

Recall for this exclusive Oprah had to pay two million dollars.

Judging by the 15-second promotional video that appears today in the network, the interview was given Lindsay's not an easy thing to explain in box - enough to hear only one question to understand in what manner the whole conversation took place:

What is this - know that your name is both an adjective and a verb for the young stars who have "gone downhill"?
Something tells us, that feeling - not the most pleasant, as in certain paints told presenter heroine herself. See the full version of transmission (which Lindsay also had to answer the question directly leading - if she suffers any dependency) can be had on 18 August, and now we offer watch the first teaser.

Chris Hemsworth : 'I am sincerely sorry that I do not live in Middle-earth'

Chris Hemsworth became the hero of the September issue of the American magazine Esquire. Photoshoot actor performed in a true "office" style - close-fitting shirts and pants emphasized strict jacket - and the interview reveals his views on the phenomenon of popularity of comics and role of the pilot, "Formula 1".

About comics:

You communicate with fans of comics - people who are addicted to them from the very beginning, you know, from the 60's. And you understand that this phenomenon is akin to religion. We have to work hard: you carefully studying comic books, reading is perceived to your character. But while you're on the screen embodies the image of his own hero.

About workouts:

When I filmed as a pilot, "Formula 1" James Hunt, I had little to lose weight - yet the character of Thor too muscular. I first saw the car, "Formula 1" and I thought - I've not got there. So I changed my training program, and still managed to squeeze in a pilot suit.

About childhood dreams:

When I was in school, every week changed his view of his future profession. I wanted to be a doctor, a professional athlete, a policeman, a lawyer ... These ideas came to my head and go, depending on the surrounding conditions. I remember I watched "The Lord of the Rings" and sincerely sorry that I do not live in that world. In Middle-earth.

Good that Chris Hemsworth was born yet in our time, lives and works in today's reality, because "Thor: The kingdom of darkness" - one of the most anticipated Hollywood projects, and his on-screen duet with Olivia Wilde in the movie "Race" has already amassed an army of fans. 

Paris Hilton and River Viiperi: it's Bécotte under the sun of Ibiza!

Currently on vacation in Ibiza, where she had the opportunity to show its (non) talent DJ, Paris Hilton is casting soft yesterday with her boyfriend River Viiperi with whom she always spins the perfect love.

Still no clouds on the horizon for Paris Hilton and her boyfriend River Viiperi ... To believe that the Barbie Girl may have finally found the right one! In Ibiza for a few days, the couple offered yesterday (Sunday, August 4) an outlet at sea So romantic! Always adhered to each other, the two lovebirds have been surprised several times in the process of exchanging tender kisses. Complicity expressed very sober this time ... Remember, while on vacation in Miami last December, Paris and River we had offered more hot kisses sessions to the point that we thought they were doing a remake of Loana and Jean-Edourad in the pool Loft Story. 

For this little boat trip, the American heiress 32 years chose to wear a high-necked dress with a white colored bikini underneath. 

If Paris is in Ibiza, this is not only to take it easy, but also for work. And yes, maybe you do not know yet but miss embarked on a career as a DJ and released a new album soon. The peroxidized blonde particular mixed at Amnesia, a club in Ibiza, July 31. 

His role with Barbie Ken trip suits her so much better!

Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady in love, it ignites at once Instagram statements!

More than four years the fair has said yes to Tom Brady. Always loving and fulfilling the top held to celebrate the birthday of her husband on social networks. Romantic desire, Gisele makes it a true statement ...

For her, the family is sacred and when it comes to celebrating the birthdays of those who are dear to him, the model is at the top. A few days ago, Gisele Bundchen had wanted to send a message of love to his mother, via Instagram, for his birthday: "Today is a very special day, the day the most important woman in my life is born . Mom, thank you for being my angel and my source of inspiration. Happy Birthday! I love you so ". 

This Saturday, the fair has struck again ... While her husband, American footballer Tom Brady, celebrated its 36 years, she did not hesitate to share with his fans all the love she had for him: "Happy Birthday my love Thank you for being the best husband! , father and friend. Thanks for yourself. I love you so. " At this wonderful message, she attached a photo in black and white where we discover the couple ecstatic. The page 

Instagram became the collection of all his feelings, a kind of secret garden she regularly gives us the key.

Kourtney Kardashian: mom lookée and fulfilled ... But not the shadow of a baby bump in sight!

The American star was out with her two adorable toddlers in Los Feliz yesterday and it did not really look like a pregnant woman ...

In recent days, rumors are rife about a third alleged pregnancy Kourtney Kardashian ... But unlike Jennifer Garner whose round belly suggests she expects indeed a happy new event, Kourt, it applies to wear clothes that highlight her slender figure! 

Indeed, the eldest Kardashian sisters was photographed yesterday (Sunday, August 4) on the side of Los Feliz, and the least we can say is that it showed not the shadow of a baby bump ... Where then is very strong in camouflage missions. Time will tell if she is actually pregnant, although we highly doubt. 

What is certain is that the pretty brunette of 34 years was out on the occasion of a birthday, where she took her two children adored, Mason and Penelope! White tank top, orange shorts and Air Jordan's feet for the adorable boy of four and a half years, purple dress and pretty face too cute for baby girl a year and a month, two toddlers were the star to eat! 

And of course Kourtney had also assured look side with the printed culottes, ultra-hip, associated with a white top and black boots, all star accessorized glasses on his nose and a Celine bag worn over the shoulder.

Eva Longoria: it verifies that everything is in place at the end of her sunbathing session with Ernesto!

A Marbella for a few days with her beloved Ernesto Arguello, Eva Longoria did not just play the glamorous hostesses Global Gift Gala but also benefited the Spanish sun to refine its golden tan skin.

Yes Eva Longoria took a little expensive in recent months. Bye bye toned figure, and hello little soft underbelly. But no matter, Eva assumes 100% of its new small curves. A Marbella for a few days with his new conquest she does not loose an inch, beautiful Ernesto Arguello, American actress 38 years was granted yesterday (Sunday, August 4) after a mid-relaxing at his side . Expected the same evening on the red carpet of the Global Gift Gala, she walked with Ernesto but not with the beautiful Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds), the brunette has refined his tan. 

Arrival in a dress white hooks, Eva has moved quickly to reveal a swimsuit two colored parts. If the actress has openly exposed to the sun, Ernesto, he preferred to remain wise keeping his shirt. Perfectly equipped for sunbathing, he had plenty to do in terms of sunscreen, the couple also did not forget to hydrate sipping cold drinks or food. It is with undisguised que'Eva has enjoyed a salad on his recliner pleasure ... 

Once sunbathing session ended, the former Tony Parker has linked its top swimsuit, and took care to ensure that his chest was well in his triangle. Do not get worry Eva, everything is there!