Aug 2, 2013

Jodie Foster to the rescue of Jamie Lee Curtis, the victim of a road accident!

More fear than harm for the actress Jamie Lee Curtis, taken to hospital following a road accident. Not without calling her friend Jodie Foster to the rescue before!

We had no idea of ​​the deep friendship between the two sacred monsters of American cinema. Jamie Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, Freaky Friday) and Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver, The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room) are apparently very close, as if one was an accident, the another did not hesitate to land in fourth gear.

Yesterday, Jamie Lee Curtis has been involved in a road accident in Venice, California, when she held the passenger seat. Victim of superficial wounds, the star called her friend Jodie Foster to come join it, before being transported to hospital for further tests, according to TMZ. The driver would suffer more serious injuries, but Jamie Lee Curtis quickly left the hospital and is now based at home.

Katy Perry : the evidence that has not slept with Robert Pattinson ... watch, hot!

Singer Katy Perry has her own way to make arguments. The star, she says, a surefire way to show the world that there is nothing else than friendship between her and the beautiful Robert Pattinson.

It is to believe that Kristen Stewart's reign of terror in Hollywood! After Riley Keough, is Katy Perry that is explained in the media to shed light on her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Determined to prove that she is a good friend to the famous vampire, the singer went to deliver unsavory details in an interview with British Elle. 

"Okay, here is the proof that there was never anything between me and Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry begins. I farted in front of him. And a real pet well as it should. And I never fart in front of a guy that I leave this rule "

He added:".. This is my friend I like its big sister the other day was all behind I told him... L One of the things I'm most proud of never having sex with you, Robert. 'And it's true! "
Well now that is fixed!

Shy'm : she pulls the shirt!

No, she does not care less about us Shy'm ... When she decides to sunbathe, there's a dress, wearing his jersey, it gives us warm!

Then she will have to prepare for the new season of Dancing with the Stars where she will sworn alongside Jean Marc Genereux and Chris Maques, Shy'm has a good time right now. It was on his Instagram account that reveals beautiful sexy top his last moments and it does not do things by halves when it comes time for the summer.

On the first picture you can see the body of molded miss in a small white bikini brown stripes she chose to decorate with two leaves ... Conclusion: either Shy'm not wait to be in autumn or she wanted to censor themselves for not showing its forms. Regardless, we all remember what she had suggested in her dress leaving Franck Sorbier show its plastic. Tamara Marthe, whose real name was chosen to be a little wiser. 
This morning, the singer originally from Martinique resumed sunbathing. This time, the shirt was very colorful and sublimated his tan. Lovely natural and upon awakening, we will envy.

Justin Bieber added a new tattoo to her collection!

The darling of teens never stops to daub the body, as has added a new tattoo to his collection. This makes a total of 17 so far!

Despite the ridicule around the world meet its very odd choice of tattoos (a crown on his chest, a tiger's head, an owl) Justin Bieber does not intend to stop there his crazy collection of bodily inscriptions any kind. History link at the feline raptor (and, incidentally, to have a little less idiotic) the Biebs has added new drawing between the two: a red rose. The essential accessory bad boy! 

But despite his attempts to toughen his image, including urinating in the wrong place and spitting on his fans, Justin Bieber is not fooling anyone. The kid is wild rather smile and only his Beliebers fall into his game In fact, they were still many yesterday at the output of the tattoo parlor, where they waited in the rain to get a glimpse of their idol. Good prince, Justin took care to take a picture with everyone and distribute kisses before going away party. Stalk that Justin!

Daniel Radcliffe, the star of Harry Potter is unrecognizable!

Seen growing on the big screen in the skin of the famous Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe is no longer much of bespectacled boy wizard!

It makes you wonder what he's on stage! Since June 18, Daniel Radcliffe occurs eight times a week on stage for the play Cripple of Inishmaan, in London, and apparently it's out! We had already seen not really at his best form last month as he left the theater just after a performance, but this is worse! 

The actor, who confessed to having had problems with addiction for many years, has been photographed around the building yesterday and we can say that not care outright balls! Sweating, haggard and bulging eyes, Daniel Radcliffe is virtually unrecognizable in these pictures, the limit of concern. In addition, many sources report a strange behavior from the star, where it enjoys a nightclub. 

Harry Potter More Susceptible bad unicorn hair?

Rihanna : she narrowly escaped a confrontation with Karrueche Tran!

Output last night in a Hollywood nightclub, Rihanna almost come face to face with Karruche Tran when she left the facility. How could she responded to his worst enemy?

The great minds think alike! Or at least those who crack for Chris Brown ... Back to Los Angeles after completing her European tour, she has a few weeks break before renchaîner next month with dates in China, Rihanna resumed habits. Spotted yesterday doing shopping in Los Angeles (Wednesday, August 1) with a new haircut, bye bye gray, it is ironed black and boyish cut, the siren of Barbados finished the day in club Hollywood Playhouse. 

What Riri probably do not know is that his worst enemy Karrueche Tran, was also there. For years, what are fighting for the same man. Chris Brown 

Super sexy in a transparent black dress in which she was not wearing underwear seen the location of transparent parts, Rihanna was photographed upon leaving the club. Guided by a bodyguard to the torch, the star of 25 years was only a few meters from Karrueche was with friends but did not finally crossed that that is returned in the arms of Chris Brown. Phew, disaster was averted!

Kelly Osbourne : when the young bride plays the chic chicks on red carpet ...

The U.S. star relied on a more flashy look of yesterday to receive an award during the evening the Young Hollywood Awards 2013!

Kelly Osbourne is displayed like a ray of sun (too) dazzling on the red carpet of the evening the Young Hollywood Awards 2013 held at the Broad Stage on Thursday August 1 in Santa Monica, California.

Columnist mode the E! were for the occasion with her fiancé Matthew Mosshart, with whom she did not hesitate to ask a long face for photographers with his flashy yellow dress and mane still violet.
During the event, Kelly, who was invited to the Sunday derrier Baby Shower Fergie, has been honored at Style Icon Award for his trained eye mode. 

The night before, the star of 28 years received a other awards at the ceremony Do Something Awards 2013 for his advocacy and commitment to people with multiple sclerosis, a disease with which his older brother Jack Osbourne currently lives.

Kim Kardashian: it is the buzz about an alleged photo of her baby!

The paparazzi scrutinize any torque output West Kardashian to get the first shot of the baby but it is not counting on Kim who wanted them to play a round ... Missed!

Kim Kardashian, queen of buzz, has struck again! It is on her Facebook account she posted a picture of her cradling a baby alongside her sister Kourtney stating this: "I love these precious moments." A single sentence will suffice for social networks ignite. The fans are thought she had finally agreed to reveal a picture of his daughter North. Since his birth on June 15, nobody knows what this baby looks like. 

This rumor started, Kim Kardashian, probably wanted to play a trick the paparazzi to avoid being harassed but c ' is missed ... Everyone knows that she would never do that so suddenly and especially free. It feels fake, full nose! 

Some of his fans have even suggested the possibility that it is actually Mason, son of Kourtney and Scott Disick. Anyway, look no further, the picture disappeared. Kim was removed! If in 32 years, it is still fun to this game, it is clear to us that she probably had not thought through the consequences of his actions and does not assume of trying to fool his fans.

Prince George: one reveals his birth certificate!

Dad is Prince William who went today to the Civil Status Office to declare the birth of his son. Clarence House made us share certificate on Twitter, it decrypts it for you!

Do we really need to remind you that Prince George was born on July 22 at St. Mary's Hospital? The whole world was on alert while waiting for her sex and her name.

Today's birth certificate is there to give us all the necessary information about the baby. This is the Clarence House who made available on Twitter and said: "The birth certificate of His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis Cambridge was signed" ... By whom? Well, according to the document, it would be Prince William! Dad is moved to the Civil Status Office to complete the final formalities. 

BBC, she was quickly noticed a difference between the birth of William and her son. Indeed, in 1982, the "occupation of the mother" case did not exist, and Lady Diana was not clearly listed as "Princess of the United Kingdom" as is the case (as you can see ) to Kate Middleton.

Aside from that, Prince William signed "Willy" and wait to see new pictures of the baby.

Selena Gomez: a single chic to go to the Young Hollywood Awards 2013!

American starlet shone also in LA yesterday evening at the Young Hollywood Awards 2013 ...

After a walkabout with his fans, the cute Selena Gomez entered with style in the Broad Internship in Santa Monica, California, which was held yesterday (Thursday 1 August) the evening of the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards.

Like many other celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Alyssa Milano, AnnaSophia Robb and many others, Selena had bet on a nice look at this event people!
Thus it came molded in a chic little black cocktail dress and signed Versace, she was associated with Jimmy Choo strappy shoes and Neil Lane jewelry at ... Beautifully coiffed hair in a ponytail, flawless make-up, the brunette, who celebrated his 21st birthday last week, has just been unanimously not to change! 

During the evening, the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber (with whom she remained very close) was invited on stage to receive two awards: the award for Favorite Album and the Public 'award of the tour for his most anticipated album Stars Dance, led by the singles Come & Get It and Slow Down. 

Kudos to Selena for her two new trophies, but also for its fashion instinct always on top !

Kourtney Kardashian : baby, shopping, phone ... It is said enclosure handles all situations!

Output yesterday with her one year old daughter Penelope, Kourtney Kardashian hitting the shops in West Hollywood before joining her boyfriend Scott Disick in Beverly Hills for lunch three.

This is not because she has two young children that Kourtney Kardashian is no longer an active young woman. Mom and seasoned businesswoman, the eldest Kardashian sisters was released yesterday (Thursday 1août) with his granddaughter a year, Penelope. The tender duo first began his day with a big shopping session and is at Fred Segal in West Hollywood, Kourtney Kardashian went splurge. Laden with packages, brunette 34 year old still managed to answer the phone and have the conversation by wedging between her shoulder and her cheek. 

Once this gray blue card over heating, Kourtney went to join her boyfriend Scott Disick in Beverly Hills neighborhood where they go for lunch with friends in front of their daughter. While we rapportions yesterday that rumors of pregnancy are about Kourtney, she is pregnant with her third child, the reality star casts doubt. 

Not have the slightest clue on her belly , Kourtney took care to hide it under a large navy blue lined she chose to wear with jeans. Maline miss! According to a source who confided in OK! Magazine, Kourtney have informed his family of her pregnancy. "Kourtney has announced that she is pregnant. She is very excited but said only a few people at the moment. She could not keep the secret any longer." "Kourtney and Scott (Disick, her companion ed) wanted one another immediately after Penelope." 

He will still have to wait to see if this rumor is true.