Jul 31, 2013

Nabilla Benattia the Hollywood film Girls in Los Angeles

chest to attention up and smile for another day of filming in LA!

The 21 year old starlet knows how to steal the limelight from his colleagues on the Hollywood film Girls in Los Angeles ... 

After lunch in Beverly Hills between bimbos with his girlfriend and colleague Shauna Sand, Nabilla benattia took the road of film sets this Tuesday, July 30 ... 

Indeed, the sultry starlet of the French reality show was spotted in filming new scenes scripted reality Hollywood Girls on the beach Venice Beach, California. 

And who says beach necessarily say little pokey jersey when it comes to Nabi Nabilla! And for good reason not to change his habits, the brunette has devastating curves show hot on the sand in a purple two-piece which could not tear his eyes. 

With its opulent chest to guard you, Nabilla not sit still, eclipsing all other acolytes to pass ... And I must say it was many that day! Djibaoui Kamel, Kevin Miranda, Nicolas Suret and David Golis, not forgetting crisp Carolina Receiver, Laura Coll and Marine Beauty and the princes (which is now part of the cast of HG), all were present to continue with filming new episodes ...

Simon Cowell: 53 years, soon dad for the first time?

The famous Columbia will soon pamper for the first time ... With the wife of one of his best friends!

Simon Cowell has changed the lives of many people through television shows hooks, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent ... And is now on the verge of turn real change with a new experience:. Fatherhood 

Indeed, the British producer and entrepreneur expect a happy event with his wife, the socialite . New York Lauren Silverman, as revealed by U.S. Weekly 

Several sources have told the U.S. magazine: "She is around 10 weeks,"
And this is only part of. history, because technically, Lauren, 36, is still married to Andrew Silverman, a real estate mogul in New York, which is another one of Simon's closest friends. 

But she plans to leave her husband to be with the father of her child. 

"Lauren and Andrew are unhappy in their marriage for some time, and their divorce is underway for some time also," said another source. "When their marriage deteriorated, she and Simon have become close." 

Anyway pregnancy is still very good news ... Finally it depends on who, as Simon Cowell has indicated on several occasions in the past that was not meant to be a dad. "God, no. I could not have children. If I had here and they drew on the walls, I'd go crazy" he explained in 2009. "With children, you have a routine that you can not escape. You must do certain things at a certain time. You must be listening. While all you want to do is sit in a corner and think ". 

However, last year, he suggested in an interview with AOL Music that he had not completely ruled out the idea of ​​becoming a father one day ... 

"Well ... yes," he said when asked if he had changed his mind about the children, before adding: "And no, I really, really like children, because. I can talk to them and listen to them. The problem has always been how much time you need to spend on children's education. I always spent my whole life working, and at age 52, I probably missed the opportunity. "

It is never too late to change diapers, Simon! 

Representatives of the star have not yet commented on this information. But if it is correct, we wish him congratulations!

Amanda Seyfried: doll immaculate tumultuous to promote his new movie ...

The actress gave an interview with David Letterman yesterday, always for the promotion of Lovelace!

Marathon promo for the beautiful Amanda Seyfried who presented yesterday (Tuesday July 30) his new film, Lovelace. 

If she assured morning at a press conference in an elegant gray dress and Tibi the night she shone in Givenchy at the premiere of this film directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, who tells the story of Linda Lovelace (porn actress became famous thanks to the success of the film Deep Throat), in the afternoon, Amanda has not been idle either. 

Indeed, the American actress of 27 years was also expected for a passage on the set of the show The Late Show with David Letterman in New York. And this time, it is in solo she appeared before the Ed Sullivan Theater, but his acolytes Peter Sarsgaard and Sharon Stone with whom she co-starred on the big screen. 

Radiant, the Givenchy muse, embodying particular fragrance Very Irresistible, was displayed in pristine doll, all dressed in white, sublimated to a beautiful set Balmain is a bucket skirt and a long sleeved top, associated with Rupert Sanderson pumps nude ... 

An appearance once again perfect for Amanda, which should undoubtedly unveil a new face of her in this tumultuous film.

Jessica Alba turns geekette!

Mom fashion show a new look of the geeks. Large black-rimmed glasses, camouflage jacket, high pony tail and Converse, but what happens to Jessica Alba?

Do not worry, the super sexy actress Sin City has not lost his mind look side. No, if Jessica Alba sports a style worthy of Steve Urkel is for the needs of a new film in the end it turns July 2013 in Los Angeles. 

Jessica Alba in the film Stretch in preparation plays the role of a teenage geek. A role that plunges the actress in his high school years or early in his career where she did not care for the look and showed mostly the total jeans / sneakers / t-shirt. 

Is rediscovered nerd in a style that completely rejuvenates. Black T-shirt with a lion's head, leggings and mini skirt mat black military jacket ... hard to believe that the girl you see in the pictures is 32 years old!
We ' knows no more for the moment the role of Jessica Alba that we discover on the screens likely in 2014. But we can not wait to see her in this new film even if it is in a hurry to find a role that suits him well: the fashionista ultra sharp.

Nabilla: it pays tribute to Bruce Lee on Hollywood Boulevard!

Seen: Nabilla Benattia on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the star Bruce Lee. True fighter, the young woman probably hope, in turn, pick a star and she does everything to get there ...

While filming Hollywood Girls 3 Nabilla Benattia took time to pay tribute to Bruce Lee. Probably follower of The Kid, The Fist of Fury or Enter the Dragon, it would in turn become The big boss and thus see his name up on the main artery of Hollywood. If the film capital of dream, the beauty is ready to sell the dream in the United States. 

Featuring a bra and mini shorts, Nabi Nabilla even decided to adopt the posture worthy of the greatest karate. His fight? Become the it-girl of reference and dethrone Kim Kardashian. Our sexy brunette is on the right path since it is already spot the Atlantic.

And France, success is waiting for you. news You unveiled his book Hello, hello but not, what? has sold 35,000 copies according to our colleagues of Figaro. Suffice to say that Nabilla brilliantly written history waiting to burn in the American soil.

Rita Ora: glamor and architectural lookée, the new face of Donna Karan broke her photo shoot!

Yesterday afternoon, Rita Ora made a guest appearance on the streets of New York on the occasion of a new photo shoot. Elegant and chic young woman resplendent beauty!

Rita Ora is not a loudmouth who likes to post photos of her improbable on social networks! When it comes to represent a brand, the young woman becomes ambassador model, full of chic and charm! Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday July 30), the English singer was spotted on the streets of Manhattan, in the district of Times Square. Primed with a total black look, Rita attracted the eye of every passerby who stopped on their way to see more! 

For some time, while successful in the starlet. After asking a few weeks ago for the new Material Girl campaign, Rita again awash in projects. Thus, it now follows in the footsteps of her famous BFF Cara Delevingne as it has recently become the new face of the brand Donna Karan! On this occasion, a mega shoot was held yesterday in the streets of the Big Apple: fully into his role, Rita chained poses like a real pro. Crazy and serious at the same time, she produced a series of pictures pretty intense. Later, she was even seen in a yellow cab, sitting in the middle of faces! We can not wait to see the outcome perfectly brushes and lipstick final. 

Hair, she sported the products of the new DKNY collection with disconcerting ease. All smiles, she seemed to have had a very good time with the team of photographers. A simple and relaxed girl who never takes the lead, even when it comes to lend his image to the greatest fashion!

Erin Heatherton: spotted with a cigarette in his mouth, the top Victoria's Secret broke his own myth!

Grilled! Yesterday afternoon, Erin Heatherton was caught trying to get a little smoke while returning from a long day at work. So it's relaxing?

We confess: smoking has become commonplace over the centuries and it has almost nothing shocking when we see our friends the stars is a smoke from time to time. However, one can not help but be totally confused face smooth, the angelic, the delicate Erin Heatherton. With a face and body like that, who would have suspected that the muse Victoria's Secret was part of this group of people to poison the lungs? No frankly, we are disappointed. 

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday July 30), the model of 24 years was seen treading the New York pavement in Soho. Dressed in a gown of her favorite designer Herve Leger, Erin enjoying his late afternoon, cigarette in mouth. Exercise is so fastoche it has hardly needed his hands to pull his few lattes! The high class ...
Earlier in the day, the former darling of Leonardo DiCaprio went on the set of Good Morning America to promote the famous lingerie brand. Accompanied by his colleagues, including Karlie Kloss and Behati Prinsloo, the gorgeous blonde beauty had appeared while and had chosen to wear a pale pink dress first. Dolled up head to toe, she stole 

bad we now know one of his hidden defects: with such draws, a small part of the myth Heatherton collapses . Attention to your beautiful skin anyway, Erin!

Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton and Behati Prinsloo at a meeting with fans

Erin Heatherton, Behati Prinsloo and Karlie Kloss

On the eve of fans models Victoria's Secret - Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss and Behati Prinsloo - rushed into the store lingerie brand, located in New York's Soho, to greet their idols at the presentation of the updated line of branded Body By Victoria.

After examining the range of boutique , fans can not only enjoy posing for the camera's top divas angelic beauty, but also to join them on the lens to get the photo right there in the company of the trio as a gift.

Among wanting to take a picture with Carly, Erin and Behati appeared, including a young mother and a "little angel" on their hands - toddler with fluffy white wings on his back. The main heroine of the evening immediately took him under his wing: entertained, amused and posed with him for photographers.

Necessary to pay tribute lucky - because not every man able to go in the arms of these beauties. We are confident that through the years, becoming a serious respectable gentleman, this boy will put your photo surrounded by angels VS somewhere "closer to the heart" - for example, in the wallet. In the meantime, a commemorative photograph warms the soul to us and our readers

Karlie Kloss
Erin Heatherton

Behati Prinsloo

Erin Heatherton, Karlie Kloss and Behati Prinsloo