Jul 28, 2013

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children arrived in Japan

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Pax, Vivienne and Knox in the Tokyo

Blogger Lesya22 Report: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the company of children - Knox and Vivienne Pax - arrived in Japan.

Starry family flew to Tokyo (interestingly, the actors themselves piloted aircraft, or have decided to still use the services of civil aviation? ) as part of a promotional campaign fresh Pitt movie - "War of the Worlds Z".

By the way, Brad is currently shooting the drama of the Second World War "Rage", while Angie is busy directing his own project - sports biopic "Unbroken" 

Rihanna always more challenging, she speaks openly about her pubis on Instagram!

Sacred Riri! We already knew that the Barbadian star was the queen of provocation ... status as the beautiful is not decided to give up. And because it is now a post that ultra-hot starlet posted on Instagram ...

Just look at the news about our beautiful Riri to understand that it takes pleasure in recent weeks to undress ... and she decided to enter even stronger! 

The murder weapon is on Instagram. And because earlier in the day, the queen of R & B posted two pictures of her. Visually, we find the starlet on stage in a rather scantily clad ... and the message more explicit! On his clothes, he is registered: Pussy. We trust that you all understand what it is. No need for translation, the message seems to happen in all languages! 

addition to holding still a bit provocative, text accompanies the photographs. It is inscribed: "I prefer my $ could be in pink." But what does she speak? Freshly grizzled Rihanna might be left tempted by a touch of color in the shirt? The mystery plane ..

For once, his fans have not failed to like the publication and each has their own comment! 

Anyway, here's another good prank we can already add to the well filled with beautiful ... 

CV Hopefully the next shot we do will say no more on this message

Rita Ora: pink onto the teeth!

Concert last Friday night on the stage of festival Global Gathering, Rita Ora opted for a pink total look, even down to the teeth.

Pink, latex and a big dose of energy, that's what Rita Ora proposed public electronic music festival Global Gathering last Friday night, the 26th. Always colorful onstage British singer and Kosovar Albanian origin bet before yesterday on a leather and latex look to woo his fans, a pink and black combination Hooded she chose to wear a pair of sneakers . 

Her blonde hair styled in several buns, Rita adopted the pink look into every detail by wearing a pink lipstick that has left few traces of his teeth. 

Completely crazy as much as when she is with her BFF Cara Delevingne, which makes it more infidelities with Rihanna, Rita Ora offered a nice set of faces at photographers who followed her into the backstage

Nicki Minaj : a future marriage in perspective?

Day by day, celebrities never cease to amaze us. Nicki Minaj and could also be part of these figures a bit unpredictable. And because a young pretender did not hesitate to ask the hand of the rapper in front of thousands of viewers!

A wind of sweetness and tenderness is sweeping the world of stars. After the marriage of Beth Ditto and her partner ... it may be the turn of Nicki Minaj to pass the ring finger. 

A force play with fire you get burnt. And the singer seems to pay the price. Always ready to show her bikini-body on his Instagram account of her curves nymph seduced and bewitched DJ Khaled ... to such an extent that he asked the bimbo in marriage! The least we can say is that the suitor has not turned his tongue seven times in his mouth before delivering his message during a video recently aired on MTV: "Nicki Minaj, I'm on MTV, I'll be honest with you, I love you I adore you, I want you, I want you to me (...) I feel that you need a man like me in your life. .. . we both have the same symptoms we suffer both of success If you want to take your time and think about it, I understand, "he communicated before adding his marriage". Nicki Minaj, will Will you marry me? "

While the world thought that was just a joke this video designed to create a buzz, nay. According to our colleagues at the U.S. Weekly, the DJ is very serious in his words: "I want to marry her I was serious!" He repeated 

For now, the singer still has. not respond to this request sulfur. The rapper will she accept this proposal inflamed? Nothing is less certain ... 

Nicki Minaj has always enjoyed to show her independence. However, a turnaround is still possible!

Selena Gomez: Back in Los Angeles, she organized a big birthday party and invites Justin Bieber!

After a crazy week in New York for the release of his first solo album Stars Dance, Selena Gomez returned Friday in Los Angeles. The American singer refects yesterday his 21 years in the presence of her boyfriend Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith.

His 21 years, she will celebrate for a week! Most since July 22, a date that also marks the birth of the royal baby George, Alexander, Louis, Selena Gomez will be remembered for a long time this anniversary. While she did not stop to celebrate throughout his week in New York where she was for the release of his first solo album Dance Stars. 

Back in Los Angeles last Friday, she shipped to JFK New York airport immediately after assuring his outdoor concert for émissionGood Morning America, Selena Gomez first took time to find his parents yesterday (Saturday July 27). The young singer shared with her mother Mandy and stepfather Brian lunch in Encino in the suburbs of LA The gams air to eat with them, Selena used her long hair to hide from photographers awaited. 

few hours later, Selena joined the exclusive suburb of Malibu and the club Revolve The Beach House where the star organized a big birthday party. If his parents went to a brief appearance, one of the guests waited it out for more than an arrival noticed Justin Bieber. A new relationship with Selena, the Canadian singer could not miss this evening when he went to his Audi R8 customized. 

Accompanied by a few friends, including Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith, this is not with them he left Revolve The Beach House at 2 o'clock in the morning, but with Selena. Hidden by their bodyguards, the couple went on the sly. No need to ask how these two ended the evening!

Selena Gomez in Encino

Justin Bieber's birthday party to Selena Gomez in Malibu
Car Justin Bieber
Jaden Smith's birthday party Selena Gomez in Malibu

Halle Berry: no glitch on the horizon for the mother!

It is with confidence and stress that the actress Halle Berry continues her second pregnancy. Invited yesterday with friends, the mother chose to make a big fruit salad, dessert ideal for keeping the line.

No glitch on the horizon for Halle Berry! Back in California after getting married to Olivier Martinez in France, the American actress of 46 years returned to his everyday routine. Pregnant with her second child, it will be a baby boy for Catwoman, Halle Berry continues her pregnancy in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Spotted yesterday (Saturday July 26) at the outlet of a fruit and vegetable store in West Hollywood The actress wore a huge fruit salad in her hands. invited her friends, she poté for a balanced and 100% vitamin dessert, ideal for keeping the line. 

Halle recently said she had to get back to work soon after the birth of her baby. "After giving birth, I go back to work as soon as possible." Has she told Independent Online. "When I had Nahla, I took almost four years. I really want to keep working, so the baby will travel with me a lot," added Hall.

Hand in hand: a secret rendezvous Benedict Cumberbatch?

Paparazzi captured Benedict Cumberbatch leaving the nightclub hand in hand with an unknown girl. The actor new passion? - Alarmed fans.

Rumored at one of London's trendiest establishments modern "Sherlock" celebrated his 37th birthday. Benedict was late with a little celebration (he was born on July 19), as the holiday itself "worked" as a waiter at the wedding of one of his friends, held in Spain.

Western media do not yet have information on who this mysterious redhead stranger. Cumberbatch himself prefers not to comment on his personal life. And yet we can not help but wonder if this young woman - new love of our hero, whether you approve of his choice?

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine spoke about the new season of The Voice

Postroynevshaya Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, whose beard seems to have become even thicker - DobrayaGrust27 blogger shares details of NBC's Summer TCA Tour, in which the "Flag" command The Voice.

It is logical to assume that the reason for the meeting with the press Mentors for the popular television show was approaching the new season: actors, in particular, commented on their not always flattering remarks about the contestants (Maroon5 singer said that "there will always be those who are dissatisfied with something"), and expressed joy at the reunion Aguilera.

Christina was not in debt, noting:

I needed to make a pause. Lord, thank you for Shakira! She has done a terrific job.

However, the break went pop diva benefit - it literally does not know! More recently, actress said her suit her curvy shape, but we can not admit that getting rid of the extra pounds she was looking much better.

Recall that helps lose weight vocalist special diet (it costs her 1,400 dollars month), and regular yoga and strength training under the supervision of a personal fitness trainer.