Jul 25, 2013

Selena Gomez: it never ceases to celebrate his 21 years

In New York yesterday to present the new collection of the brand Dream Out Loud, Selena Gomez was entitled to a little surprise: a birthday cake to mark the occasion of its 21 years since she had earlier in the week .

His 21 years, Selena Gomez long remembered! Finally the eyes of most U.S. law, the American singer has not blown only once this 21st symbolic candle but several times.

If the pretty brunette celebrated his birthday last Sunday with friends in a twenties atmosphere, a few hours before the exact date, July 22, she still had the right to a big cake and candles yesterday (Wednesday, July 24) in New York.

touring the Big Apple, where she continues to promote her new album Stars Dance released in stores on his birthday, Selena presented the fall collection of her Dream Out Loud brand in Kmart stores in the chain.
awaited by fans who made the mass displacement, the girlfriend of Justin Bieber appeared before the public dressed with some of his new pieces. Not bad her little white top and black with lace, right?

Always happy to meet those who support it, Selena was the happiness of a fan of four years which had actually prepared a giant message for her birthday and she thanked her by posing with her. At the end of the presentation, the singer blew his huge cake ...

Robert Pattinson: a strange kiss with a mysterious brunette ...

Robert Pattinson, the Anglo-Saxon attractive was filming in Toronto seems to have indeed forgotten his ex Kristen Stewart to spin in the arms of an unknown charming.

Fans of Robert Pattinson are on the alert! Earlier this week, the actor was in Canada for the filming of his movie Maps To The Stars, and it was not that to work. Oh no! Rob also had a good time, and that's the least we can say. 

Specifically, when we thought more or less torque with the granddaughter of Elvis Presley Riley Keough, the unforgettable interpreter of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga has provided a delicious dinner alongside Mia Wasikowska (his costar Maps To The Stars), the boyfriend of the latter ... and Jesse Elsenberg an unknown to all ... and now the whole world envied charming brunette because "she" won THE grail, a kiss from the actor! 

Simple friendly kiss or more, the debate begins and everyone sees just what he wants to see. But what is certain to 1000%, that is the charm of Rob is still rampant. A witness who saw the four characters has also told the American press: "All the girls in the restaurant had wanted to kiss Rob, even Mia Nobody wanted to kiss Jesse.". In the match between them, so this is Rob 1 - 0 Jesse. Sorry Jesse. 

Kristen And what does she think of all this? We learned it a few days ago that former Robert had not forgotten, on the contrary, it would still be jealous! While Rob is close to his girlfriend Riley and more of a pretty brunette, it does not he could make it hysterical? Attention girls, Kristen is perhaps not a vampire, but she can bite when you attack too close to his ex!

Insider about the relationship Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: 'They can not hear each other!'

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus seems to have broken all records for the separation and rapprochement: the pair met for four years and last year the lovers can not decide - be it together or not.

In June 2012, Miley and Liam announced her engagement to the wedding date a year later, and from that moment everything went "wrong" all the rumors started to appear on the stormy explanation of the relationship, and almost infinite was the news that they then parted, then reconciled, then again quarreled, then put up again. It is not surprising that the timing of the celebration was moved, and at the same time Miley repeatedly seen without a wedding ring, and Liam attributed to infidelity. Then, you guessed it, they fled again, to come together again - and so countless times ...

reasons for such behavior of non-permanent announced one of Hollywood insiders, who said that the couple have problems with communication. Like, Miley is trying very hard to keep these relationships and "very much believe in psychotherapy", while Liam prefers not to deal with the complexities and, after a violent quarrel just throws the phone on and off the phone:

 Miley and Liam are very devoted to trying to make these relationships lasted, but she complains that her feelings, only she really worked on them. That Miley visits him during filming - and he never. She hoped that he somehow gave her a surprise, but the faith in it is almost gone. She is tricky, because there is a feeling that they just do not hear each other - oh, these age-old problems of communication!
According to the source, the cause of conflict has become a huge employment celebrities - Miley continues to produce videos, and is actively working on a new album, and Liam is his work in the films "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Empire State" and "Paranoia":
now their careers are at a peak, and no one wants to miss the point. After all, she loves him and he knows that the feeling is mutual. Just because the situation is very tense work.
Well, difficulties in communication between a woman and a man - quite a common thing: no wonder the book about mutual understanding between the sexes enjoy such success. Let's hope that Miley and Liam will be able to establish a connection, and we are finally able to enjoy the wedding pictures the star couple.

Halle Berry showed the wedding ring

Halle Berry with new husband, Olivier Martinez and daughter Nala returned from France to California, where willy-nilly demonstrated Engagement Ring: paparazzi caught okaronosnuyu actress on the streets of Los Angeles, remembering not only significantly raised Halle stomach, but her new ornament.

Now the ring finger of Hollywood beauties adorn just two rings: gold wedding, and "one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable" (as he called the actress) engagement ring with a radiant emerald.

recall two weeks ago celebrity couple became engaged in a picturesque castle Chateau de Conde in Burgundy. The wedding, which was attended only by close friends and relatives of the actors included the wedding ceremony and gala dinner. A few months before the wedding lovers know that their parents will.

Autumn last year, Halle admitted that her daughter (the girl's father - ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry actress) dreams of becoming a big sister:

Every night we pray. She once said: "O Lord, please send me a bunk bed and a baby sister." And I said, 'I can fulfill one of your wishes, that's for sure. But, as for the other, we need to continue to pray ". 
Prayers were answered, however, with a small "error" - in April, it was reported that the actress is pregnant, and after Olivier opened the sex of the baby - it's a boy. So now I will Nala's younger brother. And, of course, bunk bed.

The birth of the son of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez is expected in October this year.

Rihanna jersey in Oslo, she toasts to his arrival in Norway and the rest of his European tour!

Cheers! Salud! Clink clink! Health! To the end of his European tour Diamonds, Riri is found in Norway, where it has not failed to appear terribly sexy.

Raise your glasses, you will have to celebrate! It is nearing the end of his European tour and Riri decided to mark the occasion! No, it does not pay his tour but it gives us some shots ... Caliente! Notice to Navy, the beautiful landed Wednesday in Oslo, Norway for his last concerts that promise to be spectacular. Barbadian has released the big game tonight While she will be on stage, Rihanna had a good time around the pool where it was displayed in a piece swimsuit with a glass of fruit juice to hand. But that's not all, it seems to bring up to date the flashy pink visor 90s and this is it! As sweet as it tasted cocktail, beautiful nonetheless chosen to show us her cleavage before finally licking the thumb to be sure of not letting anything aperitif. In short, this mouthing leaves us speechless. Rihanna should give hers tonight and tomorrow in Norway then join Germany for a show in Mannheim. Finally, it should be able to take a few weeks off.

Beyoncé incident fan .... She prefers to laugh!

While the video of Beyoncé's hair stuck in a huge fan during her concert in Montreal was a buzz earlier this week, the American diva is back with humor about the incident on his Instagram account.

The interpretation of her hit Halo in Montreal, she will remember for a long time! While she was in the live Monday night, July 22, on the stage of the Bell Centre, Beyoncé was the victim of an unusual incident she found herself stuck in the hair a big fan. Undaunted, the American diva continued to show as if nothing had happened, until his staff solve the problem. 

Given the buzz created by this sequence immortalized by fans on video, Beyoncé chose to bounce over with humor. Indeed, the singer posted on his Instagram a video shot during his concert has a nice touch of self-deprecating she pushed a little further by rewriting the lyrics of Halo.

"Gravity can not help me to extricate myself from the fan / I felt that my hair were shot by the fan full of hatred" can be read on a photo she also posted on his Instagram account.


If communication is usually set to perfection, Bee made an exception here
For those who would have missed the worship sequence Beyoncé hair stuck in a fan, small make-up session.:

Leonardo DiCaprio: next only to close

Blogger superdude shared personnel actor Leonardo DiCaprio in the company of his girlfriend Toni Garrn and one of his friends. They set off for dinner at one of the Italian restaurants in Beverly Hills.

DiCaprio, whose most recent work was the film "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "The Great Gatsby", looked relaxed and happy: it is difficult to interpret otherwise thumbs up gesture - raised two thumbs up.

Recall Tony was not the first model in the list of amorous adventures of Leo - before he met with Gisele Bundchen, Erin Heatherton, Bar Refaeli and Blake Lively. Actor is not for nothing called "modelayzerom"!

Mariah Carey: Nick Cannon is a perfect husband

The husband of Mariah Carey became his "right hand" since his accident, literally as figuratively.

The singer was dislocated shoulder and broken ribs during the filming of his latest video for the single # Beautiful in New York earlier this month. The singer suffered a lot and husband Nick Cannon tries to help as much as possible - he even uses her phone for her. "I just try to be to bring him as much support as I can, he told the New York Post. I help dialing numbers on his phone and finish writing his SMS. This is what she does with her right hand. "

Mariah Carey wore a dress and heels, standing on a platform, when she slipped and fell during filming. After his release from the hospital, the 43-year-old star revealed she was "bruised" but she was determined to be courageous in suffering. The interpreter My All expressed the wish that "the show must go on" and has even performed on stage a few days later despite his injuries, for a charity show on the central lawn of Central Park in Manhattan. Nick Cannon wants to present his wife takes his foot during his convalescence. "She was a little forced, he says. The doctor advised him to rest and relax as much as possible. "

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have two children, twins Monroe and Moroccan 2 years. DJ and TV presenter did his best to explain what has happened since the accident. "They understand that mom sores," says the star of 32 years. 

Mariah Carey is currently promoting her album The Art of Letting Go, due out this year.

Pete Doherty: drugs, his ongoing battle

Pete Doherty was very difficult to get rid of his addiction to drugs. The English singer told the newspaper NME that he would "lose a hand" to stop taking it.

Doherty has been addicted to drugs and do not hide it, but he would like to no longer be dependent. 

After multiple attempts to quit and a series of failures in rehab, the leader of Babyshambles has some insight on his addiction. "I do not think it is possible to maintain a healthy addiction, for lack of a better word, cocaine and heroin, and say healthy by any exaggeration of the imagination, Pete Doherty said in an interview with newspaper NME. You lie to yourself if you think. Arrived after 30 years ... It reached a point of no return. Either we moderates or is stopped, or we will let his health. "

The detoxification process is long and grueling as Pete Doherty. When he stopped the crack, the former Kate Moss went through hell. "To get better, you have to go so well. When I stopped smoking crack, that I did recently - I smoke much less - my lungs suddenly began to produce an infamous shit with a vengeance. This one has no chance to see when you smoke. It is as if the first thing to stop the drug was down in a dirty street fight barehanded with your health. " While making efforts to control its consumption, the British musician is not ready to stop everything. "[For me to stop], it would probably my sexual energy is going. Or I lose a hand, "he says. 

Pete Doherty and Babyshambles emerge the single Nothing Comes To Nothing on August 26, before a new album scheduled for September 2.

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf: intensive training

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf will undergo military training for their new film, Fury. According to The Sun, the two stars should soon result in Germany and England.

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf: intensive training

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf will soon be showing the film War Fury. This film by David Ayer tells the story of five soldiers fighting in a tank against the German debacle in 1945. 

Actors should follow for project needs intensive training several hours a day. Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf may even be sent to London and Germany to discover the daily life of a real military camp. "These camps will include extremely hard physical trainings and lessons to learn to drive a tank," a source told British newspaper The Sun. 

Director wishes and Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf better understand the psychology their characters. "Steven Spielberg has made a similar thing for Saving Private Ryan. The actors have come to feel like real soldiers. "
The Fury begin filming in the fall for a theatrical release in late 2014. Brad Pitt should meanwhile marry his partner Angelina Jolie, a year after their engagement. The two stars, who are currently renovating their castle in France for several months, many would hope to get married soon. "It should happen this time very soon," a source reported to X17 Online. 

Addition to working with Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf will soon be the poster Nymphomaniac alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg.

'47 Ronin': Keanu Reeves in the first trailer

Keanu Reeves finally absorbed the east. In May of this year at the Cannes Film Festival, he presented his directorial debut - hit "Tai Chi Master", a good portion of the screen time is devoted to the spectacular battle scenes, and today the network has the first trailer for fresh acting jobs Reeves - Tape "47 Ronin" (47 Ronin), which tells about the brave war, which came on the warpath in the name of revenge.

The plot of this dramatic and full of colorful special effects blockbuster has laid down a Japanese folk legend "Revenge Ako", telling about 47 samurai who decided to avenge the the death of his master. To confront an army of opponents, the conspirators "gone off the radar," becoming monks, merchants and other civilians, all the while nurturing a plan of revenge.

"47 Ronin" - a feature-length debut of director Charles Rinsha. Together with Keanu Reeves in the film was played by Rinko Kikuchi, Hiroyuki Sanada, Togo Igava, as well as the famous "zombie fight," Rick's wife. Russian screens on tape will be in January next year.

Katy Perry and John Mayer: nothing but assorted accomplices to share a new romantic dinner!

Output in Hollywood last Tuesday evening for dinner with friends, Katy Perry and John Mayer were not quite on the same wavelength level look.

Two outs, two rabibochages and they are still there! While it was thought that their last separation Katy Perry and John Mayer would not affect the cover, and if! Together Again for a few weeks s, the two American singers do not hide. 

Spotted before yesterday (Tuesday, July 23) in Hollywood, Katy and John are offered an output as a couple in The Tower Restaurant Bar & Terrace they left arm in arm. 

In Gothic fashion sexy in her little leather dress and Louboutin heels shiny, Katy Perry wore a dark red lips contrasted with colorful looks she wears in general when playing popstars. If the brunette of 28 years had made an effort to look beautiful for her man, he, for his part, did not look out the great night. 

In blue jeans and jacket, the heartthrob of Hollywood (Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt ... all fell into his net) did not bother to be more elegant but demonstrated complicity with Katy.