Jul 20, 2013

Paris Hilton: Sticks on filming in Hollywood

The Sticks rempilent for a fifth season! Currently in the United States for the filming of the show, the entire team was spotted yesterday on a beach in Miami alongside Paris Hilton. The large class ...

To all fans of Sticks: Gaëlle, Jordan, Vincent and the others will soon return! After Ibiza, Mykonos Las Vegas, W9 hits hard this year by sending candidates to Hollywood. But that's not all because as it was announced a few weeks ago, Paris Hilton was chosen to be their booker and guide them in their professional careers. It promises to send heavy ... 

Yesterday afternoon (Friday July 19), the entire team was spotted on a beach in Miami. For the purposes of the issue, the American starlet has willingly agreed to open the doors of his second home, in which she was seen many times since the beginning of the summer. From the photos, the course looks great pass between the candidates and the French pretty blonde 32 years. All dressed for the photo shoot, the heiress has changed several times to achieve different portraits. 

Excited to start a new reality show, Paris was photographed for the first time in a black together white on the edge of the terrace peas. Smile and hands placed on her hips, she plays her role to the fullest! Later, the whole band is found in swimwear on the beach for group photos. A sunny afternoon busy! We look forward to their new adventures ...

Vanessa Hudgens: pretty brunette exposes her bikini body!

Fortunately, Vanessa Hudgens is here to remind us that the life of a star, it's really not easy ...

After a short stint in London, Vanessa Hudgens flew a few days ago to the land of pizza! Full European promotion for the release of his film The Frozen Ground, the pretty brunette indulgent and enjoy the summer in his own way. Just arrived on the island of Ischia, the actress of 24 years was seen two days ago just in great shape! Smiling and available to her fans, she had willingly taken the game for autographs and photos. Yesterday, she repeated the experience ... Better! 

Indeed, Vanessa was again photographed on Friday 19 July. Enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon, she was accompanied by her team as well as several friends, including American actor Eli Roth. Obviously in good shape, all the little group went on a yacht moored to spend the day. Program: sunbathing, swimming and relaxation session based yoga! In a black sequined bikini, the woman was on top, posting a slim and well-proportioned body! 

Present Ischia to attend the 11th film festival and music of the city, one wonders what will be the next destination of all this merry band. One thing is certain: it did not seem hard bosser ...

Interview with the Vampire: Anna Selezneva in a new advertising campaign

Russian model Anna Selezneva reincarnated into an aristocratic vampire for the filming of the American brand advertising campaign For Love & Lemons.

Photoshoot titled "Interview with the Vampire" invites everyone to tour the castle, where the main character - she walks up and down on his house, looks in the library full of old books and manuscripts, introduces us to his "pet" - a black raven, and then goes for a walk in the garden.

Inspired by the Gothic aesthetic, the designers label - best friends Laura and Gillian - dress up the model in a shimmering black velvet and black lace, a complete image of the vampire and the famous wine lips piercing eyes Selezneva. 

Albert II calls for 'cohesion' on the eve of his abdication

King Albert II said farewell Saturday calling on Belgians to "cohesion" in the face of deep divisions between Flemish and Walloons, and "surround" his eldest son Philip, who ascended the throne on Sunday during the National Day.

After 20 years of rule, Albert II gave a final speech to the sober, serious and optimistic. Belgium can "look to the future with confidence" because it "has found a new lease on both domestic and European" in recent years, he said in his televised speech. 

A 79 years, Albert II is the first Belgian monarch to decide to withdraw voluntarily "leaving the torch" to his eldest son, Philip, 53, despite lingering doubts among the public about the ability of the latter to ensure the royal function. 

In his speech, Albert II asked the Belgians "to surround the future king" and "the future Queen Mathilde" their "active participation" and their "support." "They make a great pair at the service of our country and they enjoy all my confidence," he said. 

The king, whose reign was marked by two major political crises between the Flemish and Francophone acknowledged that Belgium was "not always easy to govern." Fortunately, "the meaning of constructive compromise" of most of its political leaders allowed him to overcome obstacles and become "a unitary state into a federal state." 

"I am convinced that maintaining the cohesion of our federal government is vital, not only for the quality of our life together (...) but also for the preservation of our well-being at all, "he added.

This message is sent especially to Flanders, which has nearly 60% of the Belgian population and whose first political force is that of independence, with a further increase is expected in the general elections of 2014.
"No frills" or crowned heads
The festivities actually begin in the evening, when the royal family will travel to the "national dance" in the popular Marolles in Brussels. 

It will Sunday a very busy with two strong and followed live by television times day. At 10:30 (0830 GMT), Albert formally sign the official act of abdication, before 250 guests gathered at the palace. 

An hour and a half later, Philippe sworn in the three official languages ​​(Dutch, French and German) to the senators and deputies met. It will, as tradition dictates, a military uniform and is seated on a throne, but has neither crown nor spectrum unknown in Belgium regalia. 

The front row will be sitting the four children of Philip and very popular Mathilde, the Princess Elizabeth, who takes in almost 12 years, the heir to the throne. 

The royal couple will then appear on the balcony of the Palace before attending the traditional parade military and popular events, which are expected hundreds of thousands of people in the center of Brussels. 

"There will be a normal side + King + in the day," summed Saturday the daily Le Soir, in emphasizing the small size of this transfer of power "between us (...) without fuss, our way between serious and casual." In fact, its cost, estimated at 600,000 euros, is expected to be slightly higher than that of a regular national holiday. 

No foreign crowned heads were invited as "it is the tradition in Belgium where the king oath before the nation represented by Parliament, "the spokesman of the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo. 

Failing to be present, other capitals began to send messages congratulations. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has paid tribute to Albert II, "has admirably served the Belgian people during his 20 year reign."

Rihanna alongside his girlfriend Cara Delevingne, the singer broke through the night!

The celebrities are agitated in London! Last night, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne have been identified in a hotel out in the direction of a club in the English capital. This is the tour of the Grand Dukes for two BFF!

When it is in London, Rihanna always the opportunity to spend some time with his friend Cara Delevingne. Very close, the two women never miss an opportunity to celebrate their reunion in good and due form. It's simple: together, they become nocturnal queens, real Party Girls who are not afraid to make sure to end the night 

Tonight at 2:00 in the morning, Riri and Cara! were seen in the output of the London hotel Barbadian star. Accompanied by Melissa Forde, the trio made its way among the paparazzi to return the vehicle taking them to Cirque du Soleil Club. Clearly, the night was just beginning! Surfaced again a total white look, the singer of 25 years was in great shape. Featuring a small muscular stomach, she took the trouble to greet photographers, sending them even some big smiles! Closely followed closely by the model of 20 years, the small group was spotted arriving at the club again. One can imagine without much difficulty how the rest of the evening ... 

few hours earlier, the star was offered a small shopping spree in central London. Photographed leaving a Roberto Cavalli boutique, Riri was wearing his best suit red leopard to greet his fans. Between shopping and going out with girl is really broke the English!