Jul 15, 2013

The output for half a million : Rihanna and Kara Devlin on the French Riviera

Rihanna and Kara Devlin relaxing on a yacht 

Not torlko Uma Thurman had a great holiday weekend in France on the Cote d'Azur have been seen Rihanna and Kara Devlin, who, according to the Western press, spent on entertainment on the weekends 500,000 pounds (or about 750,000 U.S. dollars).

300,000 worth renting a luxury yacht, on which he spent most of the weekend star girlfriend - sipping cocktails, dancing and occasionally coming down to the water. Another 200,000 was spent on restaurants and clubs.

And on Sunday evening Kara has demonstrated in his "instagrame" new - his third - tattoo (remember, the first tattoo came at model in May) is now on the heel at Miss Devlin emblazoned inscription "Made in England". By tradition, the author made a tattoo master Bang Bang, which introduced the Karoo Rihanna.

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria noted Birthday

Yesterday Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden turned 36 years old. By tradition, the royal family is satisfied with the annual celebration with residents of the country (details blogger shares Chihiro).

Festival was held in the royal residence Sollinden. In the morning people came to the castle, who wanted to congratulate Victoria to express her love and respect. Their expectations were met: in the morning the royal family in the Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf XVI, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and their daughter, Princess Estelle, came to greet his people. As every year, Carl Gustaf with his subjects to sing a birthday song for her daughter.

Communicating with your guests, Victoria, as always, was charming, affable and courteous. Residents of Sweden charmed year-old little girl Estelle, dressed in white festive dress: girl having a very lively facial expressions, then frowned, looking at the crowd, then with interest looking around, then tried to blow bubbles with my dad.

Evening a concert, where the Crown Princess has demonstrated national dress. The event was also attended Princess Madeleine, who came to the show with her husband, Christopher - this output was their first official appearance after the wedding.

Judging from the photos, the monarchs genuinely enjoyed the concert. They are rewarded with applause and singing stars of Swedish music scene, which included artists Darin, Robin Stjernberg, Emmelie de Forest and Louise Hoffsten.

Good weather, great show and a great mood, what more do you need for a successful, especially as the Royal , a holiday? 

Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf XVI, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estel

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle 

Queen Silvia and Princess Estelle

Estelle Princess and Prince Daniel

Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher O'Neill

Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf XVI

Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria in national costumes

British advise Kate to the education of his child

While the Duchess of Cambridge sits with his parents awaiting the arrival of her baby, the British are concerned about his education and enact the royal couple tips.

According to a survey of readers of a British newspaper, the English advise the Duchess of Cambridge to be a housewife. According to them, a nurse would not be a good thing for the development of the child. The royalist tradition, the heirs to be educated by a nurse. Princes William and Harry were also very close to their nurse and were very touched when he died. 

Of 1000 respondents, more than half think that Kate should reduce "significantly" his royal obligations . But according to a royal source, the commitments Kate fall program is already completed. The Duchess will therefore carry out its functions alongside her husband and his brother Prince Harry. If the young mother actually takes office in the fall, her maternity leave lasted only three and half months. His last official appearance was on June 13 at the opening of a ship at Southampton.

Miley Cyrus : she chose the private jet mode to reach New York!

Miley Cyrus has left Los Angeles yesterday towards New York and is on a private jet that traveled to the Big Apple.

Traveling with strangers, even in first class, very little for it! Freshly returned from Canada, where she went to spend a few days with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus left yesterday (Sunday, July 14) Los Angeles. Expected in New York, before flying to Europe and then London, American singer chose a very VIP transport mode to reach the Big Apple, the private jet. 

Spotted shortly before take off on the tarmac, Miley was not alone but accompanied by a friend. Denim high waist, white tank top and gray hat, the interpreter We Can not Stop did not deem it necessary this time to show its extra-flat stomach as though she knows so well. Just before leaving California, Miley poté a picture of her in front of his jet, so proud to show it has the means to travel solo. 

Once in New York, the blonde Platinum made a call on Twitter to find people who would go out with her. "Nobody that I know and love in New York tonight??" Miley tweeted.

Have the means to jet-private is good, but it obviously did not help to find friends ..

Shakira : Pique holiday with dad and baby!

More than ever in love, Shakira and Gerard Pique have unveiled photos of Milan on holiday ... So cute!

The number one fan of Milan? It's mom and dad Piqué Shakira! A few hours apart, both in love and happy parents were posting on Twitter pictures of the baby seems to have a good time. On a family vacation, it is first daddy footballer who posted a picture of Milan lying on his airplane seat, the little one is "ready" to take off he said. Fasten your seat belts, the film is too cute ... We understand that dad seems completely gaga for his son (piqued now flemmarder) 

As for Shakira, she also took us to share his joy. The singer posted a photo of Milan in the nude but especially in Daddy's arms. Baby is holding the hand of his father and appears ready to go splashing in the water. It is in any case in the happiness bathe these three. As always, the superstar did not hesitate to share his private life and opens the pages of the family photo album. Despite their busy schedules, Shakira and Gerard Pique are ideal parents, they spend most of their time to the fruit of their love

Edward Snowden nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden, who reveals the truth about the illegal actions of American intelligence, can apply for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Proposal to nominate his candidacy in this category made a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Stephen Svallfors.

However, it is too early to congratulate Snowden - firstly, its fate is still in question, and secondly, to get in the ring, it would only be able to 2014.

According to Alexei gun - the head of the committee State Duma Foreign Affairs - disgraced CIA officer (or, as the press calls him, "Robin Hood of our times") will never receive the award as prize has emphasized the political nature.

Recall that in 2009, the Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama, and, for example, in 2012 - the European Union.

Everyday life of David Beckham in advertising sports TV channel

Just a couple of hours ago, David Beckham has shared with fans her new promo: famous footballer talked about his life in advertising sports TV channel, accompanied by the following statement clip
Guys, I hope you enjoy it! 
Of course, enjoy! In the video, the athlete appears in all its forms: the "home" dad of a large family, fan, a businessman, a superstar ... Beckham replaced roles and characters, but one thing remains constant - his charisma, which is felt even through the screen.

I only wish that the clip is not starring household ex-midfielder - his wife Victoria, sons and baby Harper, who recently turned two years. 

By the way, rumor has it that David Beckham is seriously going to conquer Hollywood and maybe even play the 007 - well, judging by the roller, the chance to make a career in the film industry is an athlete, and very good.

Lady Gaga : the real head of the Mother Monster!

Amateur head wigs to change at will, Lady Gaga almost never shows her real hair, except yesterday.

The real Lady Gaga, it looks like this! Mastered the art of changing colors and hair all the time, Lady Gaga almost never comes without a wig on his head. During his last appearances was a few days ago in New York and Los Angeles, a few hours after announcing the release of his new album, ARTPOP, the American singer was photographed in turn with a brown wig and another blonde. This is actually partly shaved hair hiding under his artifices. 

Remember, last September the star of 27 years had separated a portion of her hair to honor the mother of his friend and famed photographer Terry Richardson, died a few days earlier. Still not decided to grow her hair, Lady Gaga still has the bottom of his shaved. 

Spotted hair yesterday (Sunday, July 14) when she went into a studio in Los Angeles to refine his new album , which is scheduled for release on November 11, the singer was not wearing a wig. Low profile mode, she wears her hair in a high bun. Not at all the same effect as when wearing his wig!

So how do you like Lady Gaga? With his real hair or his devices?