Jul 9, 2013

Johnny Depp's: new film, an absolute failure?

Then he thought carton with The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp discovered that the film is an absolute flop across the planet ...

The Lone Ranger was to be the new Pirates of the Caribbean, namely a nice lucrative franchise for Disney Studios with Johnny Depp to ensure the promotion. Unfortunately if the film is a critical success, viewers are not rushing to see it. Experts already predict a net loss of $ 190 million! The figures are getting worse because at the film's release, there was no question "only" 150 million lost. The film is compared to John Carter From Mars, another failure Disney had cost a whopping $ 200 million in the studio Mickey.

 The film will be released in early August in France, you will see it?

Orlando Bloom: he refused a cameo in The Bling Ring!

So he had a small appearance in The planned Bling Ring, Orlando Bloom flatly refused to participate in the filming ...

What is described in the movie The Bling Ring, namely young men who rob movie stars, arrived in real life to Orlando Bloom. So it was not very hot when he was offered to appear in the film adapted from the story and directed by Sofia Coppola. Paris Hilton, she has less stories and did not hesitate to play himself! Orlando has flatly refused the proposal, unwilling certainly not glorify the perpetrators of these burglaries. This does not prevent a part of the film to take place in what is supposed to be his home. Indeed, in the feature film young burglars steal him a collection of watches while he is not home ...

Think Orlando Bloom has denying that appeared in the film?

Elton John: forced to cancel his tour ...

Following appendicitis, Elton John is forced to cancel his summer tour ...

After a series of tests and blood tests, Elton John was finally asked about his health problems. He is suffering from appendicitis and must take the necessary measures as just stated his agent: "Elton is extremely disappointed to cancel his tour dates Knowing he made superhuman efforts to play to his audience even. the disease can only reinforce the fans about his involvement with them. He longs to return to form to play in the shows that will resume in September 2013. "

A 66-year-old suffering from appendicitis that is really no chance you can not find?

Nicki Minaj: Men want to be fed and treated like dogs ...

When it comes to talking about men, Nicki Minaj has not his tongue into her pocket, she gets to express his vast experience in the field ...

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is now 30 years so she knows what she's talking about when she gives advice. To his daughters, in Marie Claire, she makes the following recommendations: "Do not chase guys Pass school first Men love independent women You do not have to be a salo ** but... Nothing wrong with being occasionally And:... men are big kids they want to be fed and treated like dogs "

Oh, it does not pass through four Nicki way to give advice. What do you think of the philosophical thoughts of rapper?

David Beckham: they found his former teammates from Manchester United for an outing with friends!

Now that David Beckham is retired, he has time to wander in and out. This is what he did yesterday with former Manchester United with whom he spent the night.

David Beckham with his former teammates from Manchester United to Manchester

It is not life retiree! When David Beckham is not in Asia to play football ambassadors, the beautiful English kid just enjoys life. It is with great pleasure and inevitably some nostalgia's husband David Beckham last night (Monday, 8 July) has regained some of the Manchester United team with whom he played in the 90s. Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Schole, they were all there to spend the evening with David in a hotel in Manchester, the Artisan Bar & Restaurant. The Fergies's Fledglings "(chicks or beginners Fergies, aka Sir Alex Ferguson) were all reunited. 

When cool for this dinner with friends, David Beckham went there in jeans and a plaid shirt, a look so chic. Earlier in the day, David Beckham went through the fanshop Old Trafford. 

The "old" comrades-wise they stay or do they relive the golden years with Manchester United excess ?

Halle Berry: a quiet and fulfilling pregnancy in sunny California!

The U.S. star who currently lives contiune her second pregnancy appear beautiful when she puts one foot out!

Halle Berry à Studio City, le 8 juillet 2013

While some stars tend to grow well during pregnancy (so absolutely can not blame them), there are some who manage to keep a pretty shapely figure nevertheless, like the beautiful Halle Berry

Indeed, the American actress who is expecting her second child, a little boy who will soon join his eldest daughter Nahla has not doubled in size and can therefore afford to fly pretty soon that looks it wants! 

She has also been spotted this beautiful and radiant even Monday, July 8 on the side of Studio City, as she left a beauty salon where she had been pampered ! 

In a beige look at the top, made of loose trousers, a small top that hugged her slightly rounded belly well, with a beautiful accessory bib necklace and a pair of trendy sunglasses, Halle us has shown that expectant mothers can also have the look! 


Shakira: she won her battle against her ex!

In war against his ex Antonio de La Rua, who claimed him $ 250 million, Shakira won the battle. The Swiss courts finally decided in his favor.

Are known to be a damn relieved ... This is Shakira! Sued by his ex Antonio de La Rua, with whom she remained for 11 years, the Colombian singer won the war in which they were launched for months. Indeed, the Swiss justice vindicated Shakira face his former Argentine who claimed half of the assets of his bank account in Geneva, 50 million, and also asks him for money to have contributed to the career the artist and be his business partner, $ 100 million ... Just that! 

"The shameful actions of the parasite have been rejected," said Marc Bonnant Monday, counsel for Shakira satisfied with this victory in court. For his part, counsel for Mr. de la Rua, My-Linh Schifferli, said his client "did not appeal the decision" of the Civil Court of First Instance of Geneva. However, she regretted that the decision was "made in summary proceedings, without hearing the parties and on the basis of the principle of reasonableness." "So the decision was based primarily on the fact that no written contract existed between single company parties and on the basis of old prenuptial agreements, which provided for separation of property". 

A first victory and protected millions dollars for Shakira!

Rihanna has created a trend in fashion River Island

Rihanna continues her collaboration with the brand River Island. After a summer collection singer and started to create the autumn. The network has a video about how to work on a new line of star images.

For cloudy and cold season Rihanna has prepared all dandies dresses in different styles - sports, glamor, casual. Of course, ideally, they should be mixed with each other - just as she does and Rea. By the way, it is from his collection in delight:

I would wear everything.
Present the singer in the creation of its jackets, bombers, parks, sweaters, hats and boots is not difficult. She herself has made it easy, just defining what of his collection would go to the gala dinner, and what - for a walk.

Thus, creating the last collection for River Island Rihanna stated that tried to take into account the different types of shapes and tastes. Will it have to do the same this time, we learn when we see Lookbook her new fashion creations. 

Jason Statham wants to make an offer to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

While some Hollywood couples break up, others intend to get married: it is reported that Jason Statham wants to make a marriage proposal Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
This, traditionally, said one of the insiders:

I heard He wants to invite her to marry him. They did have a serious relationship.

Sure, the model said yes, because in his interviews it is not just a declaration of love to the actor, noting his excellent sense of humor and masculine charisma.

By the way, Rosie did not mind, that - to paraphrase a familiar expression - the young was young. The girl said that "she was not interested in boys," and Jason, she found everything she needs in a relationship (lovers together for three years).

What is there to add? We are waiting for an invitation to the wedding and, of course, the photo of the ring - do not doubt that it will be special.

Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler in the Capture of New York

Justin Theroux in the Capture of New York

Which man does not go severe form? But especially to the person she turned to Justin Theroux, who, according to the blogger Prosto_Nastya, now busy with filming of The Leftovers.

In the new project creators of Lost Justin got the main role - the actor will play an honest and principled police chief and part-time father of two children Kevin Hervey. Hero of the Theroux have hard times: the police need to establish order in the country after the apocalypse.

Shooting the series are now on the streets of New York, where the company was Justin Liv Tyler. The actress got the role of a woman named Meg, who is forced to get married, but is trying to avoid the hated marriage. Theroux on the set of every possible way Liv took care of until suddenly the site did not come by her father - a musician Steve Tyler. Star Dad was not afraid to stop filming - cuddles and kisses more important than any producer contracts!

Well, we go back to Justin - very brutal looks fiance Jennifer Aniston in a police jacket and cap. Hopefully, Justin will not be immediately after shooting off his form and right in such a gallant go home to Jen. You'll see, after such surprises lovers cease to postpone the wedding and still outstrip-Jolie-Pitt!

Steven and Liv Tayler

Selena Gomez: discreet arrival in Berlin before playing the charming muses for Adidas NEO!

The charming American actress and singer is currently in Berlin for the purpose of NEO brand which she is the ambassador ...

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez for Adidas NEO

Discrete arrival in Germany yesterday (Monday, 8 July) for the beautiful Selena Gomez, who was photographed at the airport in Berlin after a flight from Los Angeles ... 

In casual mode, dressed in skinny jeans and a black top, worn with a white fringed jacket off SW3 Bespoke and with biker boots Vince Camuto, a backpack and Stela 9 it-bag Viktor & Rolf hand, the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber (with whom she is still close eventually) simply did not escape the photographers! 

American starlet aged 20 is currently in the German capital in order to ensure its role as an ambassador for the brand Adidas NEO! In fact, this Tuesday, July 9, Selena will be passing through a NEO shops and will include the official launch of the new campaign!
A photo of Miss Gomez NEO has also been posted on the Twitter brand Adidas NEO Label to launch the countdown before it enters the store ... 

was already looking forward to seeing the pictures! And you?