Jun 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian: paris around the baby's name

Kim Kardashian gave birth that night. The little girl she had with Kanye West is the subject of paris online on his name, according to the New York Daily News.

Kim Kardashian has not yet revealed the name they would give their little girl with Kanye West. The star gave birth last night at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. This expectation has led to many paris online on the first future that will surely start with a'' K'' a tradition of the Kardashian family. Kim's mother called Kris and sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie. Kanye West, the father also contributes to the tradition.

Some websites have taken the phenomenon and therefore offer betting on the name of the child. According to the New York Daily News, the company publishes the Paddy Power odds. Kay is 20/1 to be chosen, as Kris, while Kim has a rating of 8/1. The nickname given to parents Kimye is 25/1. Other names like Mia and Lara shows 33/1. Another website provides Live Odds Krystal, Kristen, Kara and Kacey as the most popular. For now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West refuse any revelation, but earlier this year, the mother admitted that there was a good chance that his daughter's name begins with a'' K'' . "I think it would be really cute because Kanye and me, our names begin with a'' K'', but half of our names on the list does not begin with that letter. We still have time to decide what we look good, said the young woman in March Extra.

Kanye is the father, he wants something unique. "Kim Kardashian has subsequently been forced to deny that the couple had agreed on the name North West.

Miley Cyrys supports his mother

Miley Cyrus has decided to support her mother, facing her parents' divorce. She posted pictures of her with her mother and sister on Twitter. 

Miley Cyrus shows her full support to her mother, coping with divorce. This week the singer's mother, Tish, has completed its separation papers with Billy Ray Cyrus. After 19 years of marriage, the parents of Miley Cyrus decided to divorce according to TMZ. If the singer seems to overcome this ordeal, it has not yet officially responded. On Saturday, she was very clear on Twitter, it will be a pillar for his mom. "The most formidable tribes of the world @ @ noahcyrus tishcyrus" with Miley Cyrus posted a photo of herself, her mother and sister Noah, in the back of a car, smiling. Already on Friday, the singer wrote an indirect encouragement message. "Dinner with the best moms in the world @ tishcyrus," she tweeted. The singer is less likely to show his support for his father, it would be rather the opposite. "@ Billyraycyrus because your texting and your messages do not work you prefer to talk about it like that? "Miley Cyrus asked on Twitter this week. For now, she has not received a response from his father.

The singer is currently in full promotional shot for We Can not Stop, his latest single. This week she was interviewed by the Chicago-based Radio B96. According to the presenter Michelle Menaker, Miley Cyrus looked very well live with the divorce of his parents, but said concern for his little sister. "Oh I will, I'm fine. I am much more concerned about my sister [Noah]. She is 13 years old, "said the singer would. In his statements, Tish Cyrus refers to "irreconcilable differences" and requested full custody of the younger. Three years ago, the couple was already preparing to divorce. They decided to stay together and work on their problems. In addition to Noah and Miley Cyrus, they have three adult children.

Paris Jackson : harassed?

Paris Jackson can count on the support of his family after his suicide attempt. One of his cousins ​​is engaged in an anti-bullying campaign as he himself says E! News.

Aris Jackson was the victim of harassment, according to some accounts of his family. The daughter of Michael Jackson, 15, was taken on June 5 in the hospital after trying to end his life by cutting his wrists and making an ibuprofen overdose. According to reports, Paris Jackson felt very lonely without his father, the only one who could understand. It would also be felt cruel taunts from his entourage. Several days after his suicide attempt, his cousin Austin Brown spoke against harassment. "There are so many children who are harassed or that pressure is put, and they are not really able to express who they are, and to be truly themselves," he tells E! News. Austin feels close to people in this situation, which itself has been the victim of harassment. "Being a child in California, listening to different music, you dress differently, your family can do things differently, he said. Children will find something nasty and hard to say. So you just need to create a rhino skin and push the rest. "

Rebbie's son, the sister of Michael Jackson, is now part of Friends movement, The New F Word. The mission of the organization is to prevent harassment. "We try to educate people to be just nice people, really be able to express who you are, be who you want to be, and live life in the most honest way possible, and not have to s 'worry about the judgment of others, "says Austin. Paris Jackson is recovering from his suicide attempt. "She has a few weeks of intense therapy in front of it before anything else happens, according to a source. Everything depends on it. "

From E!, Paris Jackson regularly monitors his therapy to UCLA Medical Center.

Adel was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire

The winner of nine awards "Grammy" awards five BRIT Awards, and the "Oscar", 25-year-old Adel today added to its treasury, another major achievement - the English singer was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

By tradition, the list of awardees Order was unveiled during the celebrations of the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Another celebrity, which has appeared in the "winners" of the year - a famous comedian Rowan Atkinsons, fear the world renown in the form of "Mr Bean" - he was awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - order of chivalry, created in 1917. He is the youngest in the system of awards, but (not surprisingly) the most numerous. Most of the members of the Order - the subjects of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Citizens of other countries may be awarded only as "honorary members".

In the treasury of the achievements of Adele - Order of the British Empire

2013th year for Adele rich in rewards and bonuses

Kate Hudson and her declaration of love to the liquid lip gloss

Kate Hudson recently rarely appeared in films and often - in advertising. The next project is an actress - promo lip glosses Almay, in which she reveals the full force of his charm.

Star "Bride Wars" recognizes that balms and glosses of all shades are "hidden" in each of her purse, in any of its pockets. Also - in her own words - it refreshes the product on your lips as often as men think about sex.

Without which did not imagine his life Kate Hudson?

Without my children, without Music and ... without lip balms!

What about Matt Bellamy? - resent us. However, our indignation can not be long - looking at the smile of an actress and listening to her infectious laugh, it's hard not to smile back.

Britney Spears: a more personal album ... and family?

Britney Spears speaks of love and family in the next installment. And according to the tweet of the songwriter Antony Preston, the singer could propose a duo with her sister Jamie Lynn.
Britney Spears prepares thoroughly his eighth studio album and it could book us some surprises.
On Twitter, the star is no shortage of water to the mouth of his fans by sharing the progress of this new album on which she worked alongside Will.i.am , songwriter Antony Preston, and maybe even his own family! Preston has indeed hinted on the microblogging site that Jamie Lynn Spears could work with her big sister ... "Two of doing ... Four more! My vocal coach will miss me :) @ jamielynnspears (sic), "he posted. When a confused fan tried to get more details, the musician replied with an even more mysterious tweet:. "@ IfUSeekGodney I know ;-)"

Like her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears also a talent for singing and music shows in the country. She has already performed some original songs at a concert in Nashville in 2011. However, it is rather an electro pop record that seems to settle the next album of Britney Spears once Will.i.am still around, even if the king of dance tracks previously told that this project would be much more personal. "I told him," Let's talk about things that excite you, "he explained to Digital Spy. Talk about things you've done in your career, what you're proud of. Let's talk about your relationship with your children, your breakups. "

Meanwhile successor Femme Fatale is in theaters we hear Britney Spears, who plays Ooh La La for the soundtrack of the Smurfs 2 scheduled for July 31.

Leona Lewis soon marriage?

Leona Lewis is looking forward to him going on the ring finger. According to the English edition of Closer, the same star would like her friend Adele sings her wedding day.

Leona Lewis would really want to go to the Mayor. The British singer has lived a turbulent relationship with Dennis Jauch since 2010. If her partner has not yet officially made its request, the star of 28 years dream already donning her wedding dress. She would have already started to make plans for the big day. "It tells us that Dennis is THE good, she is eager to get married and have children, a source tells the British edition of Closer. Leona is seduced by the idea, she started talking about bridesmaids and confessed she would love his girlfriend, singer Adele sings that day. "

This week, Leona Lewis and her partner of 24 years were seen trying to share a moment of relaxation and tenderness on a yacht in Ibiza. They have gone through difficult times (the couple separated in October before ending up a few months later), they are now happier than ever. The German dancer is madly in love with his beautiful and never misses an opportunity to compliment. According to relatives of the couple, Leona Lewis is so convinced that Dennis is the man he needs it would consider asking her to marry him if he did not turn to knee in the near future. "Dennis told her all the time she is super sexy and makes her feel beautiful. It really is ready to install and does not exclude him his request if he does not soon ahead, "says the source.
Before being in a relationship with Dennis Jauch, Leona Lewis had a love affair with ten years Lou Al-Chamaa.

PSY: the impostor has more bodyguards than him!

PSY is impressed by the talent of his impostor. This is especially shown in Cannes, drinking a lot of very expensive champagne, as says the singer (real) BBC Radio 1.

SY's not hold a grudge. The singer has even entertained the impostor performance at the Cannes Film Festival. The South Korean's made headlines when the fraud was revealed. An unknown like him so troubling was passed to him on the Croisette, deceiving a number of celebrities who took him to the true PSY. "My impostor, I heard he drank a lot of very expensive champagne, says the star in BBC Radio 1. The worst thing is that a lot of celebrities have taken pictures with him. He made a kind of performance is what I heard. He had three bodyguards, and I do that, it's crazy. "

PSY became known with his interplanetary tube Gangnam Style, in which he gave a successor with Gentleman. This fame has enabled him to meet his idols at high profile events. For the Met Gala Ball in New York, he even got to know Madonna. "I met Beyonce at the Met Ball, it's cool, he says. I'm a big fan of Queen, so I might be working with Brian May one day and make an old song by Queen. Queen is a true inspiration to me. "

PSY has a real reputation Breaker records. As he prepares to release his new album, the South Korean singer has received new honors. "I had my fifth record in the Guinness was for 100,000 people who were dancing horse. The largest number of people gathered in one place to make the horse dance. My fifth Guinness record, "says PSY, obviously very proud.

Colin Farrell: the sport, are passe-temps favors

Colin Farrell exercise to pass the time. According to the National Enquirer, the actor was seen doing his gym in the tail of a photocopy shop.

Colin Farrell benefit minute tail stores for exercise. The Irish actor is known for its attractive and has a reputation as a party animal warned physics. But according to the National Enquirer, last Saturday at midnight, the star was in a Kinkos copy shop in Los Angeles. "Mr Star Cinema killed time by doing exercises in the tail, stretching torso, lunges and squats," says the publication.

While watching the actor of 37 years to his gym could make some dream, the audience was not impressed for a penny. "Late customers store copy-fax raised his eyes to heaven," says the National Enquirer.

Colin Farrell had to fight addiction in the past, so it is reassuring to see him try to stay shaped. The Hollywood hunk has already mentioned the positive impact it had had on the judgment of the drugs and alcohol. "I have eight hours a day that I did not have before when I drank every day for 18 years ... It's honest, it's real. This is quite simply the coolest thing, "he said in a recent interview.

The actor has two son, James and Henry, to whom he attributes including the merits of this new way of life . Colin Farrell is now focusing on his career: he has recently lent her voice to a character in the animated movie Epic: Battle of the secret kingdom.

Robert Pattinson rejected again?

Robert Pattinson would be very saddened by the combination of Katy Perry and John Mayer. According to Star magazine, the actor count heavily on the support of her friend and feel rejected.
Robert Pattinson definitely has no luck with women. Katy Perry since seeing her ex John Mayer, actor Twilight would feel abandoned.

The pair spent a lot of time together lately, the singer appearing to have helped turn the Kristen Stewart page . It seems now that the pretty brunette has found the arms of John Mayer, Robert Pattinson leaving lonely. "Rob feels rejected again. Since leaving Kristen, he feels lost and allowed to rest on Katy helped him a lot, says a source in Star magazine. But now that John and think getting back together, he feels he can no longer look to it. There are few people he trusts and he trusts right now so it feels pretty discouraged. "

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's former girlfriend broke up following the infidelities of the actress with director Rupert Sanders. Katy Perry left the seducer John Mayer in March, but the couple was spotted together a few days ago. They try to give another chance to their history, but have decided not to rush things. "John did everything he can to prove that he still loves Katy, reveals a close. They did not put a label on their current relationship, even if they spend a lot of time together and do their best. "

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry have recently reconciled and were even invited to a wedding preparations together. While the actor had many project with his new girlfriend, he is afraid of having to cancel if the interpreter Teenage Dream finds his ex. "Unfortunately, this puts Rob in an uncomfortable position, sighs the source. Rob had planned to take Katy to the Festival of the Isle of Wight to thank her for her support. But now that John is back, he feels he must take his distance. "

Dexter: Hollywood meets the eighth season

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpente
Very soon kick off the first episode of the eighth season of "Dexter." In this regard, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and the other actors show gathered in Hollywood - final mark in a big way.

Alas, we have to remind that the eighth season will be for a charismatic serial killer Dexter and his entire entourage last. How will the story, we do not know yet, but judging by the trailers show, the action promises to be interesting.

Will reveal whether the double life of Dexter Morgan, and as his "reward" for the acts? Behind all this can be traced starting from June 30. While it is possible to admire the smiling actors series, which took place on the Hollywood red carpet. After all, if the prime minister brought together not all, many of the staff.

Kristen and Robert Pattinson Stюart: a course of reconciliation?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the last couple of years, parted and came together more than once. In late May, beloved, like, finally broke up. Robert even moved from Kristen, but now they say sources - former lovers are taking steps towards reconciliation.

According to witnesses, the couple was spotted recently in Los Angeles. They were holding hands and talking. Insiders claim that even though they were behaving very cautiously, there were no hugs and kisses, it was still like a resumption of relations.

Maybe Rob and Kristen discussed Katy Perry - because the singer gave advice to his friend Robert no longer contact with his ex. Sources say, that Stewart is very upset:

It feels so depressed and betrayed. Kristen is in a constant state of doubt. She does not want to let go of Rob, like him back.

Oh, these emotional stellar pairs! It remains only to observe how once again the relationship will develop heroes "Twilight" saga.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Get off or just give up?

Calendar whisperer: David Beckham and 30 other star fathers

David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman and many other star dad regularly pleasing us with their co-shots kids today say "professional" holiday - Father's Day.

By the way, this holiday very bright history that dates back to 1910: Father's Day is credited with the creation of an American, Mrs. Dodd of Spokane Washington. It was she who initiated the holiday dedicated to all the fathers, thus expressing his gratitude to his father, brought up six children after his wife's death.

Today the third Sunday of June is dedicated to fathers in nearly three dozen countries, and we offer such a great occasion again look at the famous parents, spending time with their children.

David Beckham and his sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

Brad Pitt and son Knox Leon and daughter Zahara

Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn
Jude Law and his daughter Iris and son Rudy
Matt Damon and his daughter Gia

Hugh Jackman and his son Oscar and daughter Ava
Cash Warren with her daughters Honor and Haven
Ben Affleck with daughters Violet and Seraphina
Tom Cruise with Suri
Ryan Phillippe and daughter Ava Elizabeth and son Deacon
Owen Wilson with baby Robert Ford
Pete Vetnts with son Bronx
Russell Crowe and his sons Charles and Tennyson
Chris Hemsworth and baby India Rose
Gabrielь Aubrey and Nala dochka
Mark Wahlberg and Michael, Brendan and Ella
Keith Urban with daughters Sunday and Faith
Tobey Maguire and son Otis Tobias
Joel Madden and daughter Harlow and son Sparrow
Matthew McConaughey and his eldest son Livingston
Tom Brady and son Benjamin
Gavin Rosedale and his youngest son Zuma
Neil Patrick Harris and David Bartek with babies Harper Grace and Gideon Scott
Colin Farrell c youngest son of Henry
Will Smith and his close-knit family: Jane, Willow, Trey and wife Jada Pinkett-
Tom Sturridge and daughter Marlow
Ricky Martin with twins Valentino and Matteo

Adam Sandler with daughters Sadie and Sunny
Elton John and David Furnish with sons Elijah and Zachary
Usher and his sons Usher Raymond Fifth and invisible Ely Raymond
Jack Black and his sons Samuel and Thomas and his wife Tanya