Jun 14, 2013

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill spend honeymoon in the Seychelles

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill

Luxury honeymoon - a worthy continuation of a beautiful wedding - so decided to Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill, who went to spend the first days of her marriage to the Seychelles.

Daughter of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and her now-husband, a successful American financier settled on a spacious villa, the price of which - according to rumors - about 8000 dollars per night.

the same place, by the way, the newlyweds and noted Birthday Madeleine - two days after the marriage of Princess 31st birthday.

Honeymoon held in secrecy - so willing to love themselves. In a facebook message they left the curious:

We continue to thank you all for the congratulations and kind words ... And the only thing we can wish for in these days, it's that our privacy is treated with uvazheniem.Chtoby did not disappoint his fans, the couple shared with readers a wonderful picture. Still, I would like to see a more detailed report on how to spend their vacation monarchs!

Princess Madeleine and her husband are asked to respect their right to privacy

Lindsay Lohan is still moved to another hospital

Lindsay Lohan, who by order of the court passes a three-month course of treatment in isolation from the media, fans, carpet tracks and parties, as well as dangerous and addiction, yet manages to become the heroine of media headlines. The latest news from the actress - LiLo miraculously managed to avoid a relapse after one of the patients Betty Ford, where there was an actress, carried the drugs into the clinic. Now happy actress moved to Malibu - to a clinic Cliffside.

Reported that because of the weak system of one of the patients managed to smuggle illegal drugs into the clinic, which he gladly gave to other patients. But according to sources, Lindsay refused:

She heard what was happening and was very upset by this, I wanted to get out.

Her detox has been very good, and she did not want to close were some temptations and the more drugs ... In addition, Lindsay wanted to move into the clinic, where it would be more sessions with the doctor one-on-one.

Words mysterious sources confirmed the mother of one of the patients - 20-year-old girl, who also refused to tablets:

She was afraid of recurrence. Many of those who took the drug, voluntarily left the clinic.

Representative Betty Ford declined to comment on the situation with drugs, but he noted that the only time that the clinic can carry something forbidden - this Sunday afternoon when patients visit their family (which, consequently, do not check for the presence of illicit drugs).

general, the official reason for the change clinic 's claims Lindsay to uniformity of treatment. Like, Betty Ford program is designed for 30 days and then begins to repeat itself. Well, it seems even his rehabilitation rest LiLo wants to spend boring - and not for us to judge her for it.

Penelope Cruz will not play a Bond girl

Penelope Cruz

The rumors in the 24th in a row James Bond film will be Penelope Cruz, who will play the role of a girl here 007, faded away as quickly as they came. Insiders from among the founders of the project said that the actress was not considered for this role, and is not negotiating with producers.

Recall - it was rumored that the Pe long-term discussions with the creators of the details of the project and at the same time they allegedly did not even bother Pregnancy Cruz Sr., who after delivery will take time to get in shape before the shooting. Now the wording is as follows:

This information is absolutely false.

So if Penelope does not, then who is the lucky lady who will be the successor to the post of honor, previously occupied and Halle Berry, and Denise Richards, and Olga Kurylenko, and many other stars of the screen?

sure, the new selection will be no less successful than the previous ones, and agree that the darling of the public while Penelope Cruz (or is it already?) not to the role of Bond girl - the wife and mother of Javier Bardem year-old son, Leo is now in anticipation of their second child and prepares to leave.

Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton: first frame of the movie Therese Raquin

Still from the film Therese Raquin

The trend on the film adaptation of the famous works of literature is still in force. The new - based on the book by Emile Zola "Therese Raquin" - starring Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton. We have already seen the footage from the shooting. Now the network has the first official image of the picture itself.

In the story, a young girl named Teresa, soon left without parents, grew up under the watchful eye of her domineering aunt and married her cousin Camille. Painful and selfish Camille never particularly attracted Teresa, and at the first opportunity she gets a whirlwind romance with one of his friends, Laurent.

Role of Theresa's younger sister, Olsen twins, and her husband - a grown-up Tom Felton (from famous Draco Malfoy from the "Harry Potter" has disappeared). In the first frame between them still have feelings for each other, but soon everything will change.

Released adaptation is still unknown, as there is no access to the other frames. So we estimate until the first shot of the costume drama.

Wolverine: The Immortal : new trailer

The fact that awaits us in the new film history of Wolverine with "clawed paw" played by Hugh Jackman, we already know almost everything familiar with the story (it was a place and a thrilling adventure, and bloody battles, and, of course, love drama) , assessed three shots and saw the trailer, followed by a new encounter.

This means that waiting the premiere of "Wolverine: The Immortal" is very long. It is known that the film comes out in theaters in July, when we are together we applaud the triumph of our compatriot Svetlana Khodchenkova, performing in a Hollywood blockbuster, one of the leading roles - the villain, the temptress named Viper, who from humble doctor turns into a murderous seductress.

 Who will win this battle spectacular - we learn in a month. In the meantime - admire the masterly fighting with swords, fantastic special effects and Asian landscapes, at the background of which are developing action film.

Duchess Catherine wants to give birth under hypnosis?

While Duchess Catherine and Prince William hold solemn silence regarding the details of his first child, the future event acquires all the new facts: the other day it was reported that the Duchess is going to give birth under hypnosis.

Reported that so Katherine hopes to give birth naturally but to avoid pain. Buckingham Palace said the news with exactly the same courtesy with which to react and to any previous "insider" information:
We appreciate the future happy event, but there are some issues that relate only to the Duchess.

In the meantime, the future of the unborn child is already dark clouds: the media wave swept alarm message that passed earlier act of succession has caused outrage in the Canadian province of Quebec (the news to share with us blogger bar_paly). The lawsuit Laval University professors argued that the Canadian government has signed an act to change the law of succession at the summit of the Commonwealth of Nations, violated the constitution of the country without obtaining the prior approval of each of the ten provinces of Canada.

If the Superior Court of Quebec to satisfy the claim, consideration of the case may take anywhere from six months to five years - so if it's a girl Monarchs, throne she will no longer guaranteed (although most confident that it will still be a boy).

While the court is considering a lawsuit in the UK is already in full swing preparing for the solemn event: Prince William returned to London from the service in England, Duchess Catherine made her last public exit before maternity leave, and Buckingham Palace announced that in honor of the birth of the baby across the country will be fireworks, which starts in Hyde Park and the Tower. By the way, if it's a girl, will be given 20 volleys, as if the boy - 41.

We look forward to the significant date!

Showbiz stars attended the ceremony music


Music - all of us. Yesterday in New York - in addition to a charity gala evening - the annual, 44th in a row, the ceremony Songwriters Hall of Fame, which was attended by Avril Lavigne with her fiance Chad Kruger, Billy Joel, Sting, Elton John and many other popular musicians.

Most of all received the award glad Elton John, who admitted emotion: the prize for him to some extent, is more important than the "Grammy" and Sting in response called it a real "hero".

Failed resist the musical event and boxer Evander Holyfield (that's who Mike Tyson bit off a piece of his left ear) - an athlete love to hear popular hits and personally expressed his admiration for Billy Joel, Sting, and other famous people in show business.

Chad Krueger and Avril Lavigne

Jordin Sparks

Billy Joel and Jordin Sparks
Steven Tayler and Joe Perri

Elton John

Paris Hilton in Sofia Coppola's lens

Paris Hilton in a photo shoot for the July issue of Elle

After the appearance of Paris Hilton in a cameo in Sofia Coppola's film "Elite Company" duet "blonde in chocolate" and the independent American film director continued his collaboration. The new project was shooting for the July issue of Elle, which took place in Paris mansion in Beverly Hills.

That this House audience sees on the screen in the film Coppola (recall that the plot of the picture five desperate teens "visit" the rich mansions near Hollywood, bringing out designer clothing, jewelry, and just money), and now again can appreciate its interiors magazine.

Filmmaker and photographer, he liked very much:

I saw here pillows decorated with the image of Paris faces, and decided that they absolutely must get into the picture - so I'll be able to demonstrate that the pop icon a great sense of humor, including, with respect to itself. Paris - probably the first who made his own name into a brand, so when the audience sees her home on the screen, they just may not want these podushki.Glavnaya heroine shooting also commented on its cooperation with Sofia:

no idea I have, what I would do if I had to deal with the robbers face to face. I generally do not conflict and people do not know how to get out of such situations. I probably would have just said, "Hey, you! Bring back my stuff back!" In fact, the situation in the frame in Sofia Coppola's very vital and instructive. This is a film about our values, desires and lust to own things that a person can have only as a result of hard work, not otherwise.

Elysium: Matt Damon in the second movie trailer

In the first trailer, sci-fi thriller "Elysium" with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, we were able to see the world after a half century - according to Neil Blomkamp (director and screenwriter paintings, also known for his film "District number 9"). In the new video creators reveal the details of the life of the protagonist and the motive of his reincarnated as the savior of the world.

So, the year 2159. The class division between the rich and the poor has reached its peak and has left the world: most of the people forced to survive on an overcrowded, dilapidated Earth, while the highest caste of rich people enjoying life on the space station, "Elysium", run by the ruthless Minister of Roads (Foster) introducing more stringent anti-immigration laws. And this time, hunky-Earthling Max is on the verge of death and agrees to become a super-man to return to the world of equality.

More dangerous mission Matt Damon's character in the space of paradise "Elysium" will know in August when will be the world premiere. In the meantime, watch the second entertaining trailer:

Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley will play in the new biopic

While we are waiting for the same film will be released in theaters on Julian Assange with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role (World Premiere - October 11), the British actor has already signed a contract for the new biopic "fake game" dedicated mathematician Alan Turing, who became "one of the the most famous victims of homophobia in the UK ".

Cumberbatch will play itself Turing - the father of computer science and artificial intelligence theory, which during the Second World War, developed a series of hacking techniques, significantly contributed to the Allied victory. But a decade later, Officer of the Order of the British Empire and a member of the Royal Society of London, Turing was convicted of homosexuality. Instead of going to prison, Turing chose chemical castration, which led first to a deep depression, and then to suicide.

Previously reported that with Cumberbatch will play in the film Keira Knightley - actress will appear on the screen in the form of Turing's colleagues, with whom he was engaged for a short time, but eventually revealed the truth about his sexual orientation.

A few days ago it was reported that a caste paintings were joined by another Briton - Matthew Goode, known for his roles in the films "Watchmen," "A Single Man" and "Stoker". In the "fake game" he will play Hugh Alexander, who worked with Turing on breaking the German encoder "Enigma", and after defending his colleague and friend of the court.

Benedict Cumberbatch will play mathematician Alan Turing

Find Cyrus will play a colleague and a bride character Benedict Cumberbatch

Matthew Goode will perform the role of a friend and colleague Alan Turing

Alan Turing