May 16, 2013

Top 10 favorites of the 66th Cannes Film Festival

Any projections are unreasonable, even on the last day of the festival, when all otsmotren and comprehended - as a rule, the jury is always the hare in the cylinder, which is the closing ceremony pulled a disapproving some hooting and joyous hum of others. Therefore, no predictions, only a strict unemotional list of things for which thousands of people have abandoned their case and, as always in the middle of May, flocked to the Cote d'Azur.

"Venus in Furs"

Original title: «La Vénus à la Fourrure»
Directed by: Roman Polanski
Running time: 90 minutes.
Country: France

Rumor has it that the actress Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski's wife, she chose a play by David Ives for a benefit performance - the husband promised to take his wife for a long time in the French film, but the script does not find. And now - Ives play, staged on Broadway and tells about the staging of the novel Sacher-Masoch's "Venus in Furs". Seigner plays an actress who should play the lead role in "Venus" and that the director of the play by all means hate. The film, like the recently coveted Polanski, chamber, designed for two actors. Polanski's wife chose a partner of one of the most sought after actors of French middle-aged Mathieu Amalric.

In the photo frame from the movie with lead actors Emmanuelle Seigner and Mathieu Amalric

"Only God forgives" 

Original title: «Only God Forgives»
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Running time: 90 minutes.
Country: France, Denmark

Refn of those about whom they say "a lot of promise," even though the guy in his forties. The real fame came to him two years ago when he unexpectedly left Cannes with "palm tree" for best director - the film "Drive" then struck at the heart of the jury, which, however, still can not clearly explain what exactly. By now the director increased attention that causes many a surprise and discontent: we also have not explained what it is good "Drive". About the new film say that it is one of the most radical films of the current Cannes Film Festival (it seems even the gayest band Soderbergh remains in the shade) and then again a brutal Ryan Gosling. This is alarming. However, people in the know say that the "Drive" Refn's new film does not look like. And it inspires hope. Gosling plays the owner of the gambling business, which serves as the cover of more serious offenses of his family. As a result, many criminal acts are killed one by one the members of the family of the protagonist. And he begins to seek revenge.

In the photo frame from the film starred Ryan Gosling

"For the candelabra"

Original title: «Behind the Candelabra»
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
Running time: 118 min.
Country: United States

Steven Soderbergh's "For the candelabra" promises to be perhaps the most controversial program in Cannes. And no wonder: was Michael Douglas, barely having recovered from treatment for throat cancer, has agreed to play the role of one of the most famous gay America - pianist Liberace. The role of his partner, friend, lover, played by Matt Damon, who had long since dropped out of the cage the hottest Hollywood actors. Maybe now would be there again. "For the candelabra" refused to fund a film studio in America, one after the other. "Too geysky Movie" - formulated the general opinion is one of the potential producers. As a result, with grief in half sponsor was found - in the form of one of the television. In the picture and the truth is a lot of same-sex love, feathers, sequins and very unusual Michael Douglas, who are trying to advance other "palm tree" for Best Actor.

In the photo frame from the movie with lead actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon

"The Past" 

Original title: «Le passé»
Director: Asghar Farhadi
Running time: 130 minutes.
Country: France

Farhadi by far the most fashionable Iranian director. Given that the general fashion on Iranian cinema has come to naught, Abbas Kiarostami takes off in Europe, and Jafar Panahi in prison does not eliminate altogether, Farhadi is now responsible for the entire Iranian cinema. Special piquancy in anticipation of his new work makes the fact that two years ago he took out of Berlin "Golden Bear" for the modern drama "Divorce Nader and Simin", and now carries in Cannes again about divorce. The main role in the film played Berenice Bejo, who became known to a wide audience after starring in the Oscar-winning "The Artist."

In the photo frame from the film

"Survive Only Lovers"

Original title: «Only Lovers Left Alive»
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Running time: 122 min.
Country: Germany, USA, UK, France, Cyprus

The director-animator Jarmusch invented a genre description of his new film, "crypto-vampire love story." In the center of the story - a couple of noble vampires who refuse to suck the blood of human beings, but prefer to obtain it in hospitals. Character name is Adam and Eve, they live in the world since time immemorial, and play vampires Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. Back in the picture is Mia Wasikowska, who plays vampire sister - her complete opposite. Jarmusch, as always, is full of existentialism and the grim certainty that if anything will save the world, then certainly not humanity.

In the photo frame from the movie with lead actors Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton

"The great beauty"

Original title: «La grande bellezza»
Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Running time: 142 min.
Country: Italy

The ability to combine the transcendent misanthropy and delightful naivete, rigid rationality and children's delight paints the world - an extraordinary and unusual talent. Art successor Federico Fellini, Paolo Sorrentino made a film like skipping running for "the sweet life" on the go reinterpreting it and continuing to have on modern Italy. Tony Sorvillo as a senior writer and skeptic observes immediately for the whole of society and for every special individually, without finding the slightest justification for all malformations, which are the relations within the modern society.

In the photo frame from the film starred Tony Servillo

"Straw Shield" 

Original title: «Wara no tate»
Director: Takashi Miike
Running time: 124 min.
Country: Japan

Until recently, the Japanese Takashi Miike shot three films a year, and these films so rife with blood and seemed pointless horrors that reputation marginal-epatager did not seem to wash away even his own blood. But now Miike settled down a bit, and now the Cannes wished to see him in his contest. "Straw Shield" - a drama about an elderly well-known politician trying to avenge the death of her granddaughter. Seems Miike shouldered the entire responsibility for national samurai movies.

In the photo frame from the film starred Goro Kishitani

"Inside Davis Lewin"

Original title: «Inside Llewyn Davis»
Director: Ethan and Joel Coen
Running time: 105 minutes.
Country: United States

Coen brothers extraordinarily prolific - once a year, they will certainly shoot the new tape, which are necessarily at the Cannes Film Festival. Coen at Cannes - like a tradition with them somehow calm, familiar and cozy. Even if their new film - quite a bit of work-through "gentlemen's Games", you can be sure that the film will be the best of smart, sad and philosophical, the protagonist - the usual restless, criticism is itself benevolence. Oscar Isaac plays a musician 60s, which most of those for whom he wrote the music, obviously despises, considering his usual sonneteer and labuhom. The hero rushes and sings a lot by doing this, everyone is always doing in the Coen, very reliable.

In the photo frame from the film with the leading actor Oscar Isaac

Michael Douglas

Where was filmed: Singer starring in the film "For the chandeliers," directed by Steven Soderbergh

Mr. Douglas - known womanizer and heartbreaker. Was such, at least, until his marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Another of his many invited to the role of smart and charming - like the main character in "Basic Instinct." And he, according to his longtime own admission, wanted to play enfant terrible, to hell with sick from it. In Steven Soderbergh's film will not only sick fuck, but it is of the earth, the human species, not yet accustomed to the fact that there is light at a same-sex love. Douglas paired with Matt Damon portray her with all the passion and breadth of the American soul, without the slightest hint of doubt in the fact that the loyalty and passion do not have the privilege of habitual pairs' boy - girl. " Douglas plays the aged gay man, a famous pianist gay Vladzi Valentino Liberace, Damon - his partner Scott Thomson. For the filming of this picture Douglas seriously learned to play the piano - he took private lessons at home.

In the photo on the show Michael Douglas movie "side effect"

Marion Cotillard

Starring: leading role in the film "Immigrant" director James Gray

One of the most popular and beloved actresses of France, Oscar-winning Marion Cotillard plays in the competitive film by James Gray prostitute from Poland Eve. The search for a better life overseas are longer and more bitter than first thought. Cotillard has at last year's Cannes Film Festival was intended for "palm tree" for Best Actress ("Rust and Bone"), but it did not happen. Role in the new film by James Gray's "Immigrants" this year is seen by many as a new stage in her career.

In the photo Marion Cotillard at the premiere of the film "Rust and Bone"