May 14, 2013

10 most eccentric millionaires and billionaires (11 photos)

Some of us are accused of noble ambition, they are called saints. Others simply want to be rich. This is what keeps us on our tables after a day that makes us spend money on investment fraud, blackjack tables and lottery tickets. We dream of sitting by the pool, having a Ferrari and penthouses. But what if you already have it all, what's next? Below is a list of individuals who prove that you can get a really strange things if you do not take care of the budget.

1. Jocelyn Vayldensten
Strikingly beautiful Swiss socialite, Jocelyn, married billionaire Alec Vayldenstena. During their marriage, she began a campaign of many millions of plastic surgery, turning his features into a cat to please her husband. Horrific result seems a little like Alec and Jocelyn found him in bed with a 19-year-old Russian model in 1997. Jocelyn has received one of the biggest compensation after a divorce in history: $ 2.5 billion, plus an allowance of $ 100 million a year for 13 years. Perhaps out of human compassion, the judge ruled that it could not use that money for the following operations. As the Duchess of Alba, she seems to have a weakness for young men, her current beau is 20 years her junior.

2. Robert Graham Clark
Graham was an optician who invented shatterproof lenses for eyeglasses. Instead of resting on their laurels, Graham decided to implement a mission to create a master race. In 1980, he opened the "Repository to select embryos," which was to become the sperm bank of Nobel Prize winners. Unfortunately, the Nobel Prize usually requires a lifetime of work, and the collection of semen seniors Graham forced to lower its standards to the less experienced men. The only donor to go public, it is William Shockley, who won the Nobel in physics in 1956, Shockley was 70 years old when opened Repository. In February 1997, at the age of 90 years, Graham slipped in the bathtub and drowned. The idea repository was closed shortly thereafter. It is estimated that about 217 children were conceived with the help of a sperm bank Graham, and these few seem marked intelligence.

3. Mark Zuckerberg
For a guy who became a billionaire before the age when he could drink alcohol, Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg is quite normal. He's a little awkward and casually dressed, but his life was not anything out of the ordinary. Prior to 2011, when he suddenly announced that he would no longer eat meat. If only he had not killed him with his own hands. Although he argued that "mostly vegetarian", he did not hesitate to send to friends (via Facebook, of course) in May 2011, "I just killed a pig and a goat." Since 2012, bloodthirsty billionaire returned to the acquisition of steaks in the old ... in the store

4. Jeff Bezos
Founder and CEO of, Bezos has earned more than $ 20 billion since the teenage years, he proved himself a brilliant mechanic with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Ten years later, he worked on the privatization of space travel through his company, Blue Origin. Last month, Bezos and the crew explore the ocean recovered from the historic Apollo 11 mission to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. He also financed the $ 42 million to build the Hours, which will run for 10,000 years, and will be buried deep in the Sierra Diablo in his country. By comparison, the Great Pyramid of Giza is less than 5,000 years.

5. Catejan Fitz-James Stuart
The 18th Duchess of Alba
In addition to the horrific plastic surgery Duchess is testament to the power of true love. When 85-year-old duchess, whose wealth is estimated at $ 5 billion, has decided to marry a 61-year-old Alfonso Diez Karabantesa in 2011, she received a huge outcry from the whole family, as well as the King of Spain Juan Carlos. To prove that wealth has nothing to do with their wedding, the Duchess gave her six children his vast fortune, including the estate, priceless works of art, and even the correspondence of Christopher Columbus, and completely renounced his wealth.

6. Howard Hughes
No list of the most eccentric millionaires and billionaires would not be complete without the King, Howard Hughes. Heir to the state in the field of oil drilling tools, Hughes first turned his wealth in the film, creating a blockbuster Hollywood starlets and touting in his own bed. He was also a pioneer of aviation, designer and test pilot, who suffered a terrible accident, smashing his experimental Hughes XF-11 in Beverly Hills. As a result of the accident, what might be called his "strange", too has increased: he spent several months in a darkened room without taking a bath, pouring himself out of bottles and eating chocolate, chicken and milk. The following year he bought RKO Studios, but had never been visited since dipped into madness. He became a recluse, locking himself in a hotel room. He suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and germofobii, and chronic pain as a result of the accident left him irresistible addiction to painkillers. He died in 1976, and only the fingerprints helped to uniquely identify the body.

7. Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel has participated in many projects. PayPal co-founder and investor of Facebook, Thiel seems to have a license to print money. But his true passion in philanthropy through the Thiel Foundation - Investment in strange revolutionary technology. Among his interests: development of artificial intelligence, human immortality and the construction of ocean-going floating cities, which he considers necessary for the continuation of our species.

8. Robert Durst
Robert Durst is living proof that when you have enough money you can get away with even murder. Son estate mogul Seymour Durst, Robert, was just 7 years old when he witnessed his mother committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the house. In 1982, his wife Kathleen was missing. Her body was never found. In 2000, the investigation was resumed when the girlfriend of Robert Susan Berman was found shot to death the killer in her home. It has been suggested that Berman might have found the information about the disappearance of Kathleen and Robert did not want to, she spoke. Shortly thereafter, he set off to the winds. In 2001, the body of his elderly neighbor were found floating in Galveston Bay, Texas, Robert was arrested, but posted bail and left town. He was arrested in Pennsylvania after trying to steal a chicken sandwich and a patch at the supermarket, even when it found $ 37,500 in cash. He hired a high-class lawyer Dick DeGuerina. Surprisingly, he was acquitted of murder and released on bail. He served a short prison sentence and now lives in a mansion in New York, where his neighbors are turning a blind eye to the horror of his presence.

9. Ingvar Kamprad
The richest man in the entire list, the founder of IKEA, known for their extreme frugality. It is reported that he drives a 20-year-old Volvo, recycles teabags steal the salt and pepper of the restaurants. His house is decorated with furniture from IKEA, which he collected himself, he uses public transport, and his modest house looks just like all the homes in any suburban neighborhood. In his youth, Kamprad linked to the pro-fascist movements across Europe in the early 1940s, but the darkest secret of his empire is the sum of what he owns. IKEA created a massive complex of tax evasion and charity that Kamprad "allegedly" controls. But can there really a person who is waiting for the sales after Christmas to buy wrapping paper actually be the richest in the world.

10. Clive Palmer
Australian businessman Clive Palmer gets lately in all the headlines. The owner of Mineralogy, the mining company that focuses on providing China's iron ore, Palmer is known for its strange and grandiose ideas. In 2012, he opposed the organization of environmental Greenpeace, claiming that they had conspired with the CIA to bring into disrepair Australian mining industry. For some time he had plans to clone dinosaurs to attract visitors to its 5-star resort Coolum Palmer. When the idea failed, he started the construction of more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs on the resort golf course. His latest plan: to build a copy of the cruise liner Titanic. Titanic II, which should appear in 2016, will meet script, passengers will be divided into classes, and they will not be allowed to mix, and modern amenities such as television, will be available.

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