May 11, 2013

Beyonce, Blake Lively and other stars about their mothers

In Russia celebrates Mother's Day in November, and in the U.S. this holiday traditionally falls on the second Sunday of May. Right on Mother's Day came a new video of the charity project Chime For Change , in which Beyoncé , Blake Lively , Cameron Diaz , Olivia Wilde and other stars tell about his feelings for moms.

Blake Lively admitted:

She - the greatest celebrity that I met!

Cameron admired how her mother manages to juggle multiple responsibilities and "do not let any one ball," Beyonce paid tribute to the kind heart of his mother Tina Knowles, a Nigerian rights defender and fighter for democracy Hafsat Abiola thanked her mother for graft values.

Chime For Change - a charitable program, open Gucci brand in March this year. The main Ambassadors of the new movement aimed at supporting and protecting the rights of women throughout the world, began Salma Hayek . In addition, the project is supported by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, Julia Roberts , Zoe Saldana , Halle Berry and many other stars. A Russian ambassador Chime For Change is Miroslava Duma .


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Bird of play! Gwen Stefani watches sort of a hawk as son Zuma spins on carousel eagle

They were clearly having a very wild time.

But that didn't stop Gwen Stefani observance her son Zuma sort of a hawk as he went for a carousel ride in a very la zoological garden on Fri.

He seemed like he was having a good time as he went spherical and spherical in a circle as they enjoyed the Golden State's spectacular spring weather.

Bird of play: Gwen Stefani watched closely as her son Zuma sat on a plastic eagle as he went round a carousel in Los Angeles on Friday
They took full advantage of the day's spike in temperatures to relish the sights and sounds at the la menagerie and biological science Gardens.

Zuma, her youngest kid together with her Bush rocker husband Gavin Rossdale, wore a superhero outfit as he zoomed round the merry go spherical on a plastic eagle.

The fashion caressing little question singer looked effortlessly trendy in a very gray sleeveless shirt, torn jeans and a trilby.

Getting ready: The youngster looked like he could not wait for the ride to start at the city's zoo

Taking off: He looked excited as the fairground ride began to speed up

Having a laugh: Gwen was laughing with glee as she watched her excited son's facial expressions

The clever juvenile was given his treat simply days once he gave the 37-year-old and early day gift.

She was noticed with pride carrying a home made card from the four-year-old in Beverly Hills in Wed.

She rigorously carried the handwoven card, that featured a photograph him as a baby on the front.

The large card conjointly had paper flowers affixed thereto and 3 pink hearts with 'Mom' written on them.

What next: The dynamic duo were spoiled for choice as they explored the zoo and botanical gardens

Brolly sensible idea: cagey Gwen created certain she brought a lackey to push the stroller whereas she protected  herself from the sun

Would zoological garden believe it: The large trio appeared like they were having an excellent time staring at the caged life

Cheeky boy: Zuma tugged on his mother's belt once she bent over as they got able to come back

A bag of white powder, a mother nearly killed by opiate and therefore the fears that has to haunt Cara Delevinge's family

Most 20-year-old women caught in possession of a transparent bag of white powder would pray that their employers wouldn’t ascertain, keep an occasional profile and a minimum of build a good paw at showing contriteness.

But then Cara Delevingne isn’t most ladies. among days of dropping what seemed to be a bag of cocain in clear read of the paparazzi, she was partying into the tiny hours with singer Rihanna in an exceedingly strip club, enjoying a really public Sapphic smooch with earth color Miller and spouting to Singapore with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

There has been neither a proof nor Associate in Nursing apology, whereas the style business has responded with thunderous silence.

The gilded lifetime of the most well liked model to return out of england in years continues as before, whereas her growing army of spinnable young fans has learned a dangerous lesson: traditional rules don't apply if you're lovely, made and renowned.

But whilst the furore dies down somewhat, a deeper concern remains. For with each absurdly luxurious airmile she accumulates, Cara is traveling ever clear of reality.

Her family won't need her own mechanical phenomenon to mirror that of her equally lovely mother, Pandora, United Nations agency lost years of her life to substance abuse and rehab.

‘You cannot hyperbolize however straightforward it's for young models to be diode wide,’ says Imogen Edwards-Jones, the author of Fashion city and a long critic of the business.

‘They ar young, they need plenty of cash — or a minimum of they desire they are doing — and each night is party night. however everybody encompasses a period and there’ll come back every day once you’re out of fashion. The question is what happens then.’

Nobody is aware of what was within the bag of white powder Cara born on her Belgravia sill last weekend, tho' her desperation to cover it from read did very little to dampen speculation.

For with each absurdly luxurious airmile she accumulates,
 Cara is traveling ever away from reality

As she rummaged for her keys, the package spilled out of her purse onto the steps wherever she quickly lined it along with her shoe.

The humorous  episode (she eventually had to be let into the property by a lackey when failing to seek out the proper key) is known to possess sent her spinning with anxiety for twenty-four hours, however she was shortly back to her usual zany behaviour.

This isn’t the primary time the spectre of medication has forged a shadow over the Delevingnes.

When Cara’s older sisters, Chloe, 29, and Poppy, 27, were young, their mother mythical being spent long periods of your time far from the family home as she battled a heavy white plague.

It nearly killed her, that the family can naturally be distressed that the youngest of the tribe shouldn't make up similar habits.

For in distinction to the worldly image she presents, Cara is extremely abundant a toddler inside.
In her teens she suffered badly from sleep disorder and to the current day she struggles to sleep, a retardant worsened by constant transatlantic travel.

Visitors to her flat say she still lives sort of a typical stripling, with garments strewn all over. Off-duty she features a tomboyish love of tinkering on her drumkit (she once needed to be a pop star) and enjoying laptop games on her Xbox.

She features a rabid obsession with music sometimes related to teenagers (Cara has all of Jessie J’s records) and till recently unbroken her spare modification in a very Power Rangers notecase.

She describes her friends Rihanna and Rita Ora — 2 pop stars noted for his or her nervy lifestyles — as being a lot of consistent figures in her life than her actual family.

No sooner had the ‘cocaine Cara’ bombshell exploded than she was on a flight to ny to require in a very Rihanna concert and attend the star-studded Met Gala along with her showbusiness ‘family’.

While there she took the chance to satisfy up with the artist Terry Richardson and create for a series of images, within which she is seen usually enjoying the fool and assault for the camera.

Given Richardson’s polemic name (he has been suspect of sexually exploiting young models), it can be understood as the way of holding up 2 fingers to her critics. Not that those within the business square measure involved.

At the Met Gala she was feted by everybody she met, resplendent in a very adorned  raincoat robe slashed to the navel. Burberry’s Chief inventive Officer St. Christopher Bailey was photographed with

Cara, United Nations agency seems in Burberry’s summer drive, despite the white powder incident.

She was conjointly noticed chatting to Sir Prince Philip inexperienced, the retail top executive United Nations agency vie a significant role within the rehabilitation of Kate bryophyte when she was photographed taking cocain by a tabloid newspaper once he invited her to style her own vary of wear for Topshop.

For with each absurdly luxurious airmile she accumulates, Cara is travel ever clear of realityConcern: Cara Delavinge and her mother Pandora United Nations agency spent long periods of your time far from the family home as she battled a significant white plague
UK Vogue is also regretting golf stroke her on the duvet of Miss Vogue,  a current publication geared toward immature readers. Alexandra Shulman, the magazine’s editor, delineated  her in a writing as: ‘Miss Vogue created physical.’

Shulman was reluctant to comment once I contacted her in the week. Her representative told Pine Tree State she had been in ‘back-to-back conferences all day’, although her Twitter account indicated she was taking in associate degree exhibition at British people repository then visiting the hairdressers.

We shouldn’t be too stunned, provided that this month’s Vogue cowl star is Kate bryophyte. this is often the thirty third time she has achieved the deed.

As Imogen Edwards-Jones puts it: ‘Drug scandals don’t appear to have an effect on the careers of models within the same method as standard folks. Kate bryophyte saw her earnings go up in a very huge method.

‘The factor regarding Cara is that she’s not simply a model, she’s conjointly associate degree It-girl as a result of she’s swish and she or he goes to any or all the proper parties. however modelling isn't associate degree trade far-famed for its pastoral care. It’s jam-packed with young ladies living the dream.

‘If you were invited to seven parties on identical night, you’d notice it funny. however if you’re nineteen or twenty and have center automobile waiting outside to whisk you away, then why not select it?

‘It’s nice fun however it’s totally exhausting. That’s why they live on champagne and Haribos.’
Cara’s influence stretches way additional than the pages of Vogue.

Girls of a precise age hero-worship her — dozens of Twitter and Facebook pages area unit dedicated to her, with thousands of followers UN agency decision themselves Delevingners.

These susceptible children follow her each move. nevertheless in her own method Cara has barely fully grown out of this part herself. solely in her case the idol is Kate bryophyte.

The two ladies were each discovered by identical model scout — Sarah Doukas, the madam of Storm Models — however in terribly totally different circumstances.

Cara was noticed by model scout ¿ married woman Doukas, the lady of Storm Models, World Health Organization conjointly discovered Kate nonvascular plant

Doukas noticed Kate inadvertently in associate flying field once she was fourteen. Cara, against this, became best friends with Doukas’s girl, Genevieve, aged five.

And whereas Cara has best-known her idol for years, this has done nothing to uninteresting her worship. Friends ar aware of seeing Cara perusing moody black-and-white shots of Kate taken within the Nineties along with her then love Confederate soldier Depp.

Worringly, it had been throughout now that Kate was the poster child for ‘heroin chic’, whereas Depp was owner of a nightspot in LA, The snake area, wherever yankee actor stream Phoenix died of a drug o.d..

In distinction to the ferociously personal Kate, Cara is keen about social media, habitually sharing intimate details of her life on Twitter and Instagram daily.

Journalists and photographers love her as a result of she seems incapable of passing a camera no end to create and blunder out a stream of consciousness into the lens.

As Imogen Edwards-Jones says: ‘Everyone desires a chunk of Cara however it won’t invariably be like this. Kate nonvascular plant was sensible at keeping her air alive. She infrequently gave interviews, you ne'er detected her speak. Like associate recent Hollywood icon, the image was fastidiously controlled.

‘Cara is that the opposite. She’s terrifyingly open and you can’t facilitate however worry however she's going to cope once the bubble bursts.’

Only then can we discover out what quantity her ‘friends’ within the rag trade really care.