Tanya Tereshina gave birth to daughter Tereshina Aris

Singer Tanya Tereshina became a mother. She gave birth to a daughter. Newborn gave the original name Aris. About joyous event in the life of Tereshina reported "Twitter».

«Well, hello world, I - your new surprise. I was just born, my name is Aris! I waited nine months now this very moment, that I saw a new world finally heard a loud scream! I was just born, so let me freak: Congratulate Mom and Daddy with dochurochkoy Aris "- 34-year-old wrote in microblogging Tereshina.

About Tanya Tereshin pregnancy became known in June this year. With the child's father, 26-year-old DJ Slava Nikitin, by the time Tereshina met two years. However, the ratio of steam to register did not, despite the interesting position of Tatiana.

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