Dec 9, 2013

Sergey Zverev new song dedicated to Vera Brezhnev

That's really the irrepressible king outrageous. It ignites with vengeance Anastasia, then demonstrates a passionate kiss with Tatiana Bulanovoj and now Sergey Zverev switched to Ukrainian beauty Vera Brezhnev.

Sergey Zverev and Vera Brezhnev

Home phrase and a chorus of a new song Sergey Zverev reads: "Vera Brezhnev, want, will have you first? "In the verses of the song almost no sense, as in all other creations stylist. It seems like the main focus was always on the picture. Clip as usual full of glamorous image, leopard coats, expensive shoes from Chanel and bulging men in leather suits.

Song creators hope that it will become the new hit not only for fans of Sergey Zverev, but for fans of Vera Brezhnev. The singer has not commented on the new song King outrageous.

Sergey Zverev and Vera Brezhnev