Dec 8, 2013

Jessica Alba showed off her husband

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba says that she has "the best husband in the world.»

Without it, she said, would have been impossible her movie career, work on the eco-line for children, writing her book about life.

Husband Cash Warren, Jessica helps her also in educating their two daughters, five-year and two-year Honor Haven.

In an interview with the actress admits: "cache - the best husband in the world. I would not be able to continue to work on your company and write an autobiography, if he had not supported me and did not devote so much time to our family and daughters in particular. He is always very attentive and understand who I am and what my purpose. We complement each other ».

Despite the crowded work schedules, Jessica and Cash are always sure that they have exactly the night to revive their marriage.

In an interview with the British edition of OK! Jessica said: "We assure you that we have the time, when we are closed off from the world and remain alone»

actress also confessed that she is grateful to her parents, who often help them with their children. So the wife can afford a romantic date in a restaurant, or Alba can prepare itself for something special for them.

Jessica Alba with her husband and daughters