Nov 14, 2013

Volochkova and Zverev: 'We are a couple!'

Anastasia was announced yesterday to part with Bakhtiyar Salimov with all her characteristic grandiloquence and love for MAT pauses that are in the printed text replaces the dots:

"With Bakhtiar ... we met exactly 9 months ago .. 14.02 Valentine's Day .. In the Far East 14 th has arrived .. During this time we were born larger than life-storm of passions, feelings and emotions, many unknown .. BUT ..... Anastasia wrote in Instagrame in one post and went in the other: Our "phone" romance came to an inevitable end. Time zones and distances kill any relationship .. I decided to finish them right now (not counting possible to continue on), and to this day .. To remain in the memory of the most light. But it was an exciting adventure of my life .. and ended it with dignity ... "

So, this is understandable, but then what? Nicholas - again twenty-five - Basque? No, Volochkova, according to domestic media reports, assured that they Coley very different kind of relationship.

As for the romance, the ballerina think up to save the world with twins beauty and because consorted with Sergey Zverev.