Nov 1, 2013

Old age is a joy: Heidi Klum costume on Halloween

Heidi Klum costume on Halloween

Heidi Klum loves Halloween - every year model is suitable for this holiday very seriously. Perhaps she's one of the few stars who spend so much time on choosing a holiday costume. This year we were pleased with the star again in an unusual way: Klum has evolved from a 40-year-old woman in beauty.

The process of reincarnation Heidi shared with his fans on the social network, which has posted a few pictures, which show the gradual application of arduous make-up:

Time fun! Happy Halloween!

Note that Bill Corso and Mike Marino, who helped Klum to age for decades, their best: dark spots and varicose veins have turned ultra realistic, but from the firm and taut skin models left and trace.

To complement its way star donned a rather modest skirt and top, and took the hand crutch.

In an interview, Klum announced that prepare fabulous costumes, it helps the whole team :

I'm starting to come up with the image of a few months before Halloween. I have an amazing team that makes the impossible possible. It takes months of preparation!

Model also wants other people as responsible for this holiday:

I want to encourage people to make the best of my suit. I want my guests to amaze me! It's so fun when you look at someone a few minutes and then you know who it is in fact!

Said, lovers of All Saints' Day, it is better to stay home than come out in a boring suit. View

Old age is a joy_Heidi Klum costume on Halloween