Nov 18, 2013

Miley Cyrus threw a sadomasochistic party in honor of his 21st birthday

A young American singer Miley Cyrus is once again going to shock the public. She is preparing for his birthday and is planning to throw a big party in the style of BDSM.

Five minutes to 21-year-old singer is preparing to perform at the American Music Awards on the very day of his birth, and then go to your party, which invited her famous friends.

Sources say that she is planning another "holiday disobedience" .

She gave the job directors party to create a kind of sex dungeon with cells and whips. Also at the festival will be dancers and dancers. The surroundings complement the lamp in the form of manhood.

As it became known, Miley invited to the birthday party of ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Sources close to the singer told Hollywodlife:

Liam Miley invited to his party. They discussed her 21st birthday in the days when we were together. So Miley hopes that he will come.

See if the ex-boyfriend Cyrus at this festival of debauchery